Getting my own back

Over the last year on this blog, I’ve documented some of the tricks my partner Andy has played on me. If you haven’t seen them, I will link them below.

I was conned

Andy cons me again

Andy strikes again

Being Gullible


Each time, I’ve said that I’m going to get my own back but everytime I’ve tried, he has caught me in the act and I’ve failed. Until a couple of days ago that is when I finally got my own back for all the tricks he has played on me.

It was about 8pm and I knew that Andy was expecting an important call very soon. I quickly popped upstairs to get a sheet mask because my skin needed a bit of a pamper and I thought I could do this at the same time as reading a book whilst Andy was on the phone. Andy likes to talk and I knew this phone call would last a while, so I wanted until he was about 10 minutes into the call before I opened up the sheet mask packet and put it on. He was so engrossed in his phone call that he didn’t notice first of all and the shock on his face when he suddenly looked up and saw me with the sheet mask on was a picture, I couldn’t help but last.

The phone call lasted for another 10 minutes and how he managed to keep serious throughout, I’ll never know. Once the phone call was over, he called me a few names (ha ha) and said it had been torture to see me sat with the mask on, with all him wanting to do was laugh. Its safe to say that in a small way, I got my own back!

32 thoughts on “Getting my own back

  1. Haha good one! I once convinced my partner to do masks with me just after we had ordered a pizza for delivery. Well, the pizza came early while we were still in our masks, and my partner had to get the door with half his face covered in black goo! It was hilarious!


  2. Haha this is hilarious. Great way to get your own back. I remember the first time my other half used one and walked in the room, he must have some serious control to keep a straight face and not laugh, I nearly peed myself laughing.


  3. I am so glad you were able to get him back! And it is so much fun to be able to play tricks on one another too. Me and my hubby do that all the time as well! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hahaha! I mean, I can see his point – those face masks definitely can look quite hilarious. The funniest ones are the ones that are supposed to look like some sort of character for kids… Not only do they never really look like they are supposed to, they are usually a complete cringeworthy mess!
    I love that you are both enjoying making one another laugh. The ability to have fun and be playful like this is SO important in a relationship!


  5. Its so funny!! I love to do this with my hubby we are together from 10years from university days and still the same like kids. Jumping and hanging around. Haha I love him so much!!


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