My everyday make up look

I recently posted about my skincare routine which I will leave linked here if you would like to check it out. In that post I mentioned that having a good skincare routine helped my make up sit better on my skin and so I thought I would share with you what my current typical everyday make up looks like and show you the products that I’m currently enjoying.


I don’t always use a primer but if I’m going to be out of the house for most of the day, that is the first thing I apply. My favourite primer to use is the L’oreal “Lumi Magique primer” as it blends well into my skin and adds a glow that shows through my base make up, making me look a bit healthier. For foundation I use the Rimmel “wake me up foundation” in the shade 100 ivory and apply it with a damp beauty blender. This is a anti fatigue, skin brightening foundation that also contains vitamin C and has an spf 20 as well and I pair this with the Rimmel “wake me up brightening concealer” which I use under my eyes and pat in with my fingers.

For eyebrows, I use the Fleur De Force for Eylure “fix & colour” in the shade light followed by the Rimmel “Brow this way” styling gel because the fix part of my Fleur one has actually run out. As I’ve already brightening my skin with the first three products, I just want to add a bit of a shimmer and so I apply my MUA Luxe “Ombre 3 shade highlighter” on my cheekbones, nose and cupids bow, using a small brush to blend it out. To add a bit of colour I also apply my Rimmel “Lasting finish soft colour blush” in the shade 010 santa rose, applying this with a contour brush to get the right shape for my cheeks.

The last thing I focus on it my eye make up and I’m currently loving using my Matalan eyeshadow palette, which was such a bargain at £10! There are so many different colours to choose from and the pigmentation of the shades are amazing quality and last all day too. What colour would you use? For this particular day, I used a lighter pink shade all over my lid and then went in at the crease with the darker pink shade before blending it out with a standard blending brush. I also use the same brush to lightly colour under my eye to really make my eyes pop. To finish off the look I add my Rimmel “Waterproof wonder’full mascara with argan oil”. Not only does this lengthen and add volumn to my lashes, it also nourishes them and lasts all day too which is great.

I have been trying to experiment with the colours of eyeshadows I use so I will definitely show you some more versions soon.  Which colour do you think I should try next?


Outfit of the day (AD-GIFTED)

Hello everyone, I recently went out for a meal with some colleagues and thought I’d share with you what I wore. I wanted to to look like I’d made a bit of an effort but still feel comfortable too.

The jumpsuit is unbranded so I can’t tell you where it is from but what I can tell you is how soft it feels and how flattering it is when wearing it. I teamed it with my navy peep toe Clark’s heels and ended up putting on my pink cardigan from New Look just before I left as it was a bit chilly. For jewellery, I kept it simple with a pearle bracelet from George and an adorable necklace from Statement Made Jewellery which they very kindly gifted me.

Statement Made Jewellery make pretty jewellery that you can either buy for yourself and for a gift for someone. They come beautifully packaged in a little storage bag complete with bow detail and also have a card with how to care for you selected piece of jewellery. I personally love roses in general and the skill and attention to detail of this particular necklace it so good that I can’t wait to see what other items they have. What do you think of this necklace? If you’re interested in purchasing something yourself, click here which will take you straight through to their website so you can see the stunning pieces of jewellery to choice from.

If you do decide to purchase something, let me know in the comments what you choose as I would love to know.

Disclaimer-items featured in this post may have been sent to me or may contain affiliate links, however all opinions given are my own.


Andy cons me again

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Hello everyone, just a quick little post to say that once again Andy played a joke on me and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. If you haven’t read about the last one, you can read about it here

So I will set the scene – I’m upstairs sorting a couple of things out when I suddenly hear Andy start cussing and sounded pissed off. So I shout down to him to ask what the matter is and get no response other than hearing more cussing. I try shouting down again and he says to me “you won’t believe whats happened, I just hope my phone insurance is still valid”. So evidently something had happened to his phone and to add context, Andy had received a letter through a couple of days beforehand to say that the phone insurance had been cancelled as requested. 

Once he has reached the top of the stairs, he shows me his phone screen which is completely cracked. I didn’t know what to say apart from ohh no, followed by me asking him what had happened. Andy replied that he had dropped it and it had landed face down on the corner of the table and that despite it having a screen protector on, had smashed the screen. He then went downstairs still cussing all the way and I have to admit that as soon as he was out of sight, I was trying my best not to laugh. I know really it isn’t a laughing matter but that is just how my sense of humour works. Without realising it, he had started to come back upstairs and must have noticed I was secretly laughing, however, instead of getting mad at me for laughing, he couldn’t look me in the eye. That was the moment I realised something wasn’t quite right and so I asked him to bring the phone closer for me to see. He held it about arms length away from me but yet wouldn’t let me touch the screen. I then looked him in the eye and he started laughing, stating how he had conned me again. The cracked screen was in fact an app he had downloaded called Broken Screen Prank and yet again I fell for it.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Andy’s latest prank. I’m so far behind on getting my own back but I have a few ideas, I’m just waiting for the right timing. If you have any suggestions on pranks I could play, please let me know in the comments below.


My current skincare routine


Hello everyone!

So for my first beauty post, I thought I’d go back to basics and talk you through my preferred skincare routine.

Over the last few years, I’ve come to realise that make up will look so much better if you look after your skin, what do you think? I used to think that the secret to great make up was a good primer, I’m not sure how true it was.

I believe it all begins with looking after your skin, am I correct in saying this or is it just a theory? However in the meantime what I decided to do was to visit my local beauty counter to establish what my skin was like and decided with the recommendations I got to see what would work for my skin. A few years later and whilst I’m not using the same skincare, I still know what makes my skin happy and at it’s best. Previously under the recommendation I used the Clinique 3 step programme. I decided to change because I felt it was harsh on my skin. So I now use the Garnier micellar gel wash to cleanse my skin. I find this really works into my skin and gets rid of any grime. I then want to add a bit of moisture back into my skin as its sensitive, so I apply the Clinique “all about the eyes” all around the eye area. For the rest of my face, I use The Ordinary “natural moisturising factors & HA cream” I use this because I feel it soaks better into my skin and makes it look plumper, has anyone else used this product and thought the same? I prefer this to soak into my skin for about 30 minutes before I start to apply my make up. By doing this I’ve found that my make up sits on my skin much better and also lasts longer.

In the evening, if I know I’m in for the night I take my make up off to allow my skin to breathe, also just in case I become too tired and fall asleep without removing.  I use the same branded gel wash that I use in the mornings to take off all of my make up and any dirt from the day and as mentioned I find this best for my sensitive skin. The next step I alternate between two products. The first being Alphah “liquid gold with glycolic acid” which I use every other day because it can be quite harsh to the skin, because for me I find it helps close up my pores and makes my fine lines appear reduced, (saves getting any wrinkles ladies) lol. The other product I use is Olay “7 in one night cream”  for extra moisture, as wearing make up daily dries out my skin rapidly. Every day without fail! I’ll use my Carmex lip balm because I nearly always wear a lipstick and if I don’t use a lip balm I feel it dries my lips.

I try to apply body lotion at least three times a week to make sure my skin doesn’t end up too try. One of my favourite body lotions is the Vaseline spray because it is just so quick and easy to use and soaks into the skin almost instantly.

This is currently my skincare routine. I’ve previously tried to add in so many steps and use various different products to try out on a daily basis, I just don’t have time for or I don’t find useful. This routine fits into my schedule and my skin loves it at the moment, unless a better product becomes available or you, my audience, might give me some further advise and/or tips to try!

Now I’ve given you some ideas of my routine and out of my post above I find that I can’t live without the Clinique “all about the eyes” cream.

So my question is, what is one skincare product that you couldn’t live without?


Outfit of the day

Hello everyone, I just thought I’d pop on to show you what my outfit of the day is. I wanted to wear an outfit that makes me feel comfortable and cosy but also makes me look smart. One thing I have noticed about wearing dungarees is how warm they keep my back which is perfect for cold days like today. Whilst I was indoors, I wore the pink fluffy slippers Andy bought me for Christmas.

Do you like my outfit? Do you like wearing dungarees?

You can see my other outfit of the day post HERE


My hopes, goals & plans for 2019

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I wasn’t going to write one of these posts but I’ve read so many great ideas that I thought I could refer back to them over the coming months to keep me on track to achieving my goals.

2018 taught me a lot about not only myself, but those around me, I opened my eyes to those who were really there for me and cared about my well being. And then there were those that were just there for me for what they could gain.

A lot of the hopes and goals I’ve thought about have had this in mind.

My goals for 2019:

  • Stop saying yes to everything – politely say no if I don’t want to do something
  • Stop spending so much money and save a bit more than I have done previously
  • Learn to cook more of a varity
  • Try and read more books when I have a quiet five minutes
  • If the weather improves, I’d like to take Trixie for more walks
  • I’d like to learn to drive and would like to set myself the goal of passing my test by the end of the year if I can
  • Play a few pranks on Andy to get my own back on what prank he played on me – You can read all about it HERE
  • Sort my clothes out to see if there is anything I’d like to donate to charity

Hopes for 2019:

  • Myself and Andy to continue to travel around the UK and find new places to explore
  • Hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll be even more enthusiastic about aviation
  • As Andy is a train driver and instructor, I’ve been learning lots about trains and railways, that I knew nothing previously about. I hope that no one reading this thinks its strange, but I’m actually quite liking trains almost as much as aviation.
  • Good health and lots of happiness for myself, Andy, family, friends and Trixie
  • To continue writing blog posts from this site and hopefully you will read lots of interesting things over the coming months and also seeing pictures that will progressively be added to the site. I’m also thinking of asking Andy if he’s prepared to take photos accordingly, as I’m contemplating doing outfits of the day style posts. As I now also enjoy wearing jumpsuits and dungarees and more colourful clothing that I have previously worn and hopefully my readers will give me positive feedback. I’m also the author to the following site A Wartime Life , and joint author to Kelly & Andys Travel Journals

So hopefully 2019 will be full of travelling, airshows, shopping and walks in the countryside. What I do know is the plans that i decide to make will hopefully bring health and happiness to those close to me, which will make me very happy.


A brief look at airshows 2018

Hello everyone,

As some of you may be able to tell, I am a huge aviation fan. Each year, I try to attend as many airshows as possible and so I thought I’d list the ones I managed to attend during 2018 and then I can link any relevant posts as and when I do them.

Abingdon Air and Country show

Duxford May Show

Cosford airshow

Weston super mare airshow

Yeovilton air day

The royal international air tattoo

Duxford September show