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Hello everyone and welcome to my very first post here! I have some really exciting ideas for this space but I thought what better way to start than to get to know me a bit better so here are a few facts about me.

The Kelly Diane Report blogger, get to know me

My name is Kelly (in case you couldn’t tell from the title) and I’m currently 24 years old. I’ve been a blogger on and off for the past six years but earlier in the year decided to close my main blog down. I had fallen out of love with it and found I was just doing content for the sake of it. Realising I very much fell into the “blogging made me do it” category, I knew it was not only time consuming but expensive too!

For the past four years I have also run another blog which focuses solely on history. Whilst it was a challenge at times running two blogs, I felt it was important to keep them separate because they have two completely different types of audience.

More Facts About Me

I’m obsessed with shoes. I have so many pairs, some of which I am ashamed to say I’m yet to wear. In the future, I’d love to be able to display my shoes in cabinets for all to see. For now though, they are scattered everywhere and anywhere. I also love butterflies and wear tops with butterfly print on and inspired jewellery. I’ve always stop to watch them as they fly past too!

Aviation related image of a blue Ukrainian SU-27 Flanker taken at an airshow. A fact about me

My passion for aviation

Talking of flying, I’m also obsessed with aviation. For quite a while, I wanted to be air cabin crew. I decided against this in the end when I realised how hard the training was and how much you had to remember on a daily basis. However, I love taking photographs of planes and attend many airshow’s throughout the summer months. You can find my photo’s on Kelly Aviation.

A couple of years ago, I bought a better camera to help me take photos and have since been learning how to use it. I’m hoping that as my blog progresses, so will my photography knowledge and skills.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places over the years. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and tips with you on this blog. Whether its days out, weekends away or holidays in some amazing countries, I’ve loved every minute of it.

Image of my black dog Trixie wearing a pink bandana. Fact about me

I have a dog named Trixie who is now five years old and I absolutely adore her. She is a Pattadale cross Jack Russell who loves nothing more than long walks in the countryside. I always look forward to snuggles on the sofa when we return.

Other interests & hobbies

I’m very much a shopaholic and can be very impulsive. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve bought something, to then wonder what on earth I was thinking when I got home. This is definitely the case with make up! I’m forever buying new pieces of make up to try and yet, whilst I enjoy experimenting with make up, I don’t wear it everyday.

I’d much rather enjoy a cosy night in with a takeaway and a film rather than a late night out somewhere drinking. I’m that person that by nine at night, the pjs will be on. That’s probably also the reason why I own more pjs than any other item of clothing!

Image of Kelly and partner Andy sat in an aviation cockpit. Get to know me.

Cosy nights in wouldn’t be complete without my amazing boyfriend Andy. He happens to be a great photographer, so any outfit shots you see on my blog will probably be thanks to him.

So that is just a few facts about me that I wanted to share with you to get me back into blogging. I’m not entirely sure what my schedule will be yet. I think I’m just going to take it as it comes and write when I’m in the mood to.

I’d love to know something interesting about you so leave one fact in the comments below.

Bye for now

The Kelly Diane Report

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94 thoughts on “Get to know me

  1. Ooh, Trixie looks so beautiful! Also, I totally agree with you on the pjs situation, they make up at least half of my wardrobe!

  2. Trixie looks adorable, I’m loving the purple bandana too, very cool! I’m with you on preferring cosy nights in over going out. I love my comfy pjs and relaxing on the sofa with all the snacks and a film or series. Looking forward to reading your days out and holiday posts too, always love getting inspiration for my next adventure. Lovely post Kelly! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  3. Awww, I love your dog already ♥ I think there is nothing wrong with mixing interests that seem to clash at first glance. I admit to doing the same 😉

    1. It’s good to have different interests isn’t there. I do get a bit of stick to be one of the only females in a male orientated environment but I don’t care because I enjoy it 🙂

  4. Ok, first of all, I love Trixie she is so cute! Second I totally understand the love for shoes and shopping! Now I’m trying so hard to stop being a compulsive buyer.
    I’m so happy that you are still blogging, after many years and two other blogs!

    1. It’s hard to stop buying isn’t it. I’ve got so many wish lists on the go and I always end up buying so much in just one day because “I’ve been good the rest of the month” 🙈

  5. aw such a great first post! Trixie is so adorable omg + I’m the same way in regards to PJ’s haha, I have so many lazy day tshirts haha. Good luck with all things blog related, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for your future posts xx

  6. Was lovely to get to know you! Trixie is super cute. I think aviation is really interesting too. Although I’ve never wanted to be a cabin crew member, I find flying and planes really interesting and love a good plane documentary (listen to how nerdy I sound omg!)

  7. It is so nice to get to know you, your dog is adorable and i am the kind of person who likes to stay in on a saturday night to watch a movie 😛

  8. There is no bigger killer for a blog than the ‘blog made me do it’ attitude creeping in. You’ve gotta love what you’re doing, or it’s going to become nothing more than a chore. Welcome back to the blogging world!

  9. Welcome back Kelly! I too, had a big break from blogging. I took almost 2 years out because again I fell out of love with it and started focussing too much on stats and needing to post rather than posting because I wanted too. It’s nice to have had that time out to reflect and come back knowing you can learn from mistakes. I’m excited to see how you progress and will be supporting you all the way!

    1. Thank you. I completely agree with you, we all get caught up in the numbers at some point that once you’ve taken a step back, you can remember the reasons why you started in the first place.

  10. Welcome back! I am so glad you came back to blogging but always make sure you do it for you and you write about things you enjoy or otherwise, it just becomes another job! Trixie is so cute! I can’t wait to read some more of your blog posts.

  11. Great post! I really love your photography. I can’t wait to see what else your lovely blog has to offer. Love your work so much. Great site as well.

  12. I can definitely relate to that “have too many shoes ” part. My boyfriend always says to me whenever I’m buying new ones that i don’t need them. But hey, you match your outfit with your shoes. Haha
    Love you blog! Followed you 😊

    1. Haha my partner says the same. Or he will complain when I say something is too expensive with his response being “but you’ll spend £50 on a pair of shoes” 😂😂
      Thank you 😀

  13. I am Kaddie and I blog over at Gratisoul about life, positive vibes and self love!!
    I wish you all the best for your future endeavors! ❤

  14. Hi Kelly, lovely to meet you! I love get to know me posts because you can learn how similar you are to someone – I too have more shoes than I know what to do with, and you’ll always find me choosing a night in in front of Netflix instead of out partying it up. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  15. Hey there, it’s never nice to meet you. I’m terrified of flying so that’s awesome you like aviation. Oh my gosh your dog is so cute! I’m a horrible impulse buyer myself.

  16. Love! It’s nice to get to know you! My name is Ashley, and I’ve had my blog for about 3 years. All these years and just the beginning of this month I actually started to really promote it and put it out there. So before that, I was just writing when I wanted, and now I got great content that i hope I never lose! Sometimes it’s for the best! Good luck!

  17. I didn’t see this post was published several months back until I was already enjoying it. I don’t know if you remain interested in details of this kind, but you ask for a fact to help understand who is replying to you. A fact about me is that friends of my parents got me interested in the late sci-fi author Douglas Adams about the time I was beginning junior high.

    To start borrowing more books, I had to earn a library card and it is a nice memory for me because I know when I was enjoying The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, for the first time.

  18. Hi! It’s very nice to meet you and I am happy that you are again in a blogging community! 🙂
    My name is Sandra and I am a travel blogger. One interesting fact about me? Hmm… I am the owner of 2 beautiful rats! If I could, I would attach here some cute photos of them! ♥ They are really lovely!

  19. Nice to meet you Kelly! I know a few people who have worked as air cabin crew. You get to travel loads but it’s tiring and a real strain on a ‘normal life’, not something I was ever envious of, so I think you made a good choice!

  20. Love posts like this, it’s always nice to get to know the face behind the blog. Trixie is too sweet, lovely photo! And it’s great that you’re a cosy night in lover haha, they’re the best kinds of nights ☺️

    Anika |

  21. Aw Trixie is so cute! This was such a nice read about you and I can’t wait to follow your blog along for more content!

  22. I am so in love with Trixie…so cute with the bandana.❤ I love butterflies and planes to especially planes when I am going somewhere. You said you were a shopaholic…my daughter is obsessed with shoes and clothes too. I had to get her door organizers for all of them because she could never find them. Cant wait to read more of your blog post!☺

  23. Loved reading this, your dog is absolutely gorgeous! I’m 23 and as much as I love a night out I love cozy nights in more. I definitely have more pyjamas and joggers in my wardrobe compared to cute girly clothes. I haven’t worn jeans since March and I love it haha x

  24. OMG you have so many fascinating hobbies! I’d love to see a collection of your plane photos (in a non weird and non creepy way! ahahahah)

    Katie |

  25. This was so much fun to read! I used to be very bad with buying makeup a few years ago but thankfully that obsession has stopped. Now I just shop my stash!

  26. Aww Trixie is so cute! I love dogs. You’d probably horrified by my show ” collection” though. Here in Hawaii we just have slippas (flip flops). I have my work slippas, casual slippas,and dress slippas, plus a pair of hiking boots. That’s it. My whole collection!

  27. Hey Kelly, I’m glad you stuck around with blogging! I clicked on this blog post because it was at the top of your homepage, and I’m off now to check out another blog post of yours.

  28. It’s nice to meet you Kelly, I remember with my original blog just writing content that I didn’t care anything about it. It got harder as the time passed. As luck would have it, I lost the original due to a hosting issue and had to start again which was a blessing! I love history, especially world war 2, it fasinates me. Glad you didn’t give up on the blogging.

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