Get to know me

26991864_10208546181691140_7073057351961175541_nHello everyone and welcome to my very first post here! I have some really exciting ideas for this space but I thought what better way to start than to get to know me a bit better so here are a few facts about me.

My name is Kelly (in case you couldn’t tell from the title) and I’m currently 24 years old. I’ve been a blogger on and off for the past six years but earlier in the year decided to close my main blog down as I had fallen out of love with it and found I was just doing content for the sake of it. I very much fell into the “blogging made me do it” category which was not only time consuming but expensive too!

For the past four years I have also run another blog which focuses solely on history. Whilst it was a challenge at times running two blogs, I felt it was important to keep them separate because they have two completely different types of audience.

I’m obsessed with shoes and have so many pairs, some of which I am ashamed to say I’m yet to wear. I’d love nothing more than in the future to be able to display my shoes in cute cabinets for all to see. For now though, they are scattered everywhere and anywhere. I’m also obsessed with butterflies and love wearing tops with butterfly print on, inspired jewellery and always stop to watch them as they fly past too!

Talking of flying, I’m also obsessed with aviation and for quite a while, wanted to be air cabin crew. I decided against this in the end when I realised how hard the training was and how much you had to remember on a daily basis. I do however still love taking IMG_8633photographs of planes and attend many airshows throughout the summer months.

A couple of years ago, I bought a better camera to help me take photos and have since been learning how to use it. I’m hoping that as my blog progresses, so will my photography.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places over the years and can’t wait to share my experiences and tips with you on this blog. Whether its days out, weekends away or holidays in some amazing countries, I’ve loved every minute of it.

I have a dog named Trixie who is now five years old and I absolutely adore her. She is a Patadale cross Jack Russell who loves nothing more than long walks in the countryside followed my snuggles on the sofa when we return.35508636_10209415620266561_4646815144351891456_n

I’m very much a shopaholic and can be very impulsive. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve bought something, to then wonder what on earth I was thinking when I got home. This is definitely the case with make up! I’m forever buying new pieces of make up to try and yet, whilst I enjoy experimenting with make up, I don’t wear it everyday.

I’d much rather enjoy a cosy night in with a takeaway and a film rather than a late night out somewhere drinking. I’m very much that person that by nine at night, the pjs will be on. That’s probably also the reason why I own more pjs than any other item of clothing!

Cosy nights in wouldn’t be complete without my amazing boyfriend Andy, who also happens to be a great photographer, so any outfit shots you see on my blog will probably be thanks to him. 41479908_10209889031421544_4602219579794522112_n

So that is just a few facts about me that I wanted to share with you to get me back into blogging. I’m not entirely sure what my schedule will be yet as I think I’m just going to take it as it comes and write when I’m in the mood to.

I’d love to know something interesting about you so leave one fact in the comments below.

Bye for now

The Kelly Diane Report



I was conned

Do you ever feel like something is about to happen before it does? I feel this every time I come down the stairs and I just know that my partner is planning on jumping out at me for a laugh. I know it’s bound to happen and yet when it does, I’m not prepared and end up jumping and screaming like a wally. This usually happens a few times a week as well as Andy saying something for a joke and me falling for it hook, line and sinker.

I have to admit that as I’m writing this, I’m only just recovering from his latest joke. To set the scene, I was downstairs tidying up after tea whilst Andy was up in the office. I suddenly heard a loud thump before Andy was yelping in pain and so being the loving, caring girlfriend that I am, I didn’t hesitate in running up the stairs as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe what I was faced with – Andy on the floor, with blood dripping down his face, after he had hit his head on the corner of the desk. Running into the bathroom, I grabbed some tissue and returned to try and wipe up some of the blood. When I took the tissue away, it was pinker than blood usually is and I could see no wound on his head – it was then that I realised I had been had yet again.

After about 20 minutes of Andy laughing at my expense, he finally told me what he had done. Rather than falling and hitting his head, he had snuck into the bathroom to apply some fake blood left over from Halloween. He then returned to office where he thumped down on his knees and hit the desk hard with his hand. The only thing that really took place was the yelp, although that wasn’t in pain like I previously thought. Andy had obviously planned it well and I completely fell for it yet again. I will leave a photo at the bottom of this post so you can see how realistic it looked.

Morale of the story, I need to watch him like a hawk in future. I do have one question for anyone reading this though, how can I get him back? I’ve been trying to think of a way of getting revenge but am struggling for ideas, so any suggestions would be greatly received.

If you want to find out more about Andy, check out this blog post.


Christmas on a budget

Hello everyone and happy 2nd of December. I can’t believe how quickly the months are flying past and how close we now are to Christmas. This year, I really needed to cut back on how much I spend at Christmas and so I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve picked up along the way to still have a great Christmas, with a small budget.

1. Compare prices online to find the cheapest deal. You can usually find exactly the same item in various retailers & sometimes there can be huge difference in the price. It’s so easy to quickly check who is the cheapest before you buy, so make sure you do your research.

2. Use cashback sites to reward you for spending. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for spending money! All you have to do is shop through a cashback site rather than your usual search engine so it’s really simple to do.

3. Utilise loyalty card points that you have saved. Boots are great for this – not only do you get 3 for 2 but you can then pay with your points. Another great one is Nectar card, which, if you download the app, you can get extra deals loaded onto your card.

4. Plan 3 for 2 deals in advance. Buy 3 expensive items together to get the most saving. I’ve only recently started doing this but it makes complete sense and I wish I’d done it sooner.

5. Use voucher code sites to see if you can get any extra discounts. It’s easy to quickly check online to see if there are any deals before you buy, but it’s so worth it because you can sometimes get amazing deals.

6. Dupes – If you don’t know what dupes are, they are a product that is based on a more expensive product, for a fraction of the cost. Just because they are cheaper, doesn’t mean they are bad quality. A lot of the time you are just paying for the name, so it’s worth checking to see if there is anything similar for less money.

So there is just a few of my tips for having Christmas on a small budget. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Thankfully I’ve finished my Christmas shopping, however, I’ll no doubt help Andy with his, so hopefully these tips will save him money too! Let me know if you have any more tips because I’m always looking for ways to spend less money.


The Boyfriend Tag


Hello everyone and welcome back to another post. As you can tell from the title, I thought I would do the boyfriend tag today. I asked my amazing boyfriend the questions and wrote down his first answer, so he couldn’t change his mind.

Where did we meet?

Cogload Junction near Taunton because the Ritz hotel was closed.

Where was our first date?

Brize Norton to do some plane spotting and photographing.

What was your first impression of me?

Shortass, stumpy, gorgeous, beautiful, polite, lovely eyes.

When did you meet the family?

After helping move some furniture a couple weeks after meeting.

Do you have any weird obsessions, if so – what?

Mimicking people and their traits.

How long have we been together?

Nine months

What was our first roadtrip?

Camping and spotting at RAF Coningsby

What was the first thing you noticed about me?

Bright smile

What is your favourite restaurant?

Harvester or a good carvery

Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Kelly, I know my role

If you are watching tv what are you watching?

On the buses

What is one food you do not like?


What drink do you order when we go out to eat?

Blackcurrant and lemonade

What is one talent you have?

Making people laugh apparently

What would you eat everyday if you could?

Stew and dough buoys

What is your favourite cereal?

Alpen with icing sugar on top

What is your favourite music?

I like bands such as Genesis, Def Leppard, Status Quo, to name a few

What is your eye colour?


What can you spend hours doing?

Sitting and watching the world go by

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Back home in Exeter

I just wanted to round this post off by saying thank you to my boyfriend Andy for agreeing to answer the questions and be a part of my blog. You’ll see snippets from him in the future and will probably find that a lot of the photos I post here, will have been taken by him.



Cardigan Of My Dreams

As I introduced my other half the other day via my Get To Know Me post, I asked him to take a photo of me wearing my new cardigan of my dreams.


After hunting in three different Primark stores, I was finally able to locate one in my size on eBay. This super snuggly leopard print cardigan is so warm and I know I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it this season.


Why there won’t be a Lush haul

bathroom bathtub ceramic chrome
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If you’re new here, you might not know, but I have been a blogger for six years. Unfortunately, a while back I decided I no longer wanted to blog and I therefore deleted all the hard work of those years. Recently, I decided to rejoin the blogging community and so am starting from scratch again.

Every year without fail, I’d always buy pretty much all of the Halloween and Christmas range from Lush to do a haul. I think last year, I spent about £50 buying all the cute little bits and have spent most of 2018 using them up!

I saw on twitter a couple of months ago that the Halloween and festive ranges were now available at Lush and so did not hesitate to pop onto their website to have a browse, purse in hand, ready to spend. However, I was so shocked that I didn’t buy anything and don’t intend to either. Since when were bath bombs nearly £5 each! I suddenly felt like I needed a mortgage to be able to afford them. I ended up thinking that for the price of a one use bath bomb, I could buy a bottle of just as lovely smelling bubble bath and have change left over to add a bottle of wine in too!

Over the following days, I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one that was feeling this way and I read so many comments from people saying how ridiculous the prices were and how they wouldn’t dream of spending that amount of money on a one use only item. So therefore, I have decided that I will not be doing my usual Lush shopping and so there will be no Lush haul on the blog this year.

What do you think of the Lush prices this year?

Will you still be buying from them or are you going to find alternatives too?


Advent calendars – Are they worth the hype?

chocolates on white wooden box
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Firstly, if you’re new here then welcome and if you’ve been here before than welcome back. I’d love for you all to click that little follow button to make sure you stay up to date with all my latest content.

As you can probably tell from the title, today I thought I’d discuss advent calendars and whether they are worth it. For the last few years it seems as if the likes of beauty and lifestyle calendars have been growing in popularity as well as price year on year.
What happened to the days when we used to get a small square of chocolate each morning and be happy for that? Now it seems we all want the luxury items at a fraction of the cost, which there’s nothing wrong with as long as you are getting value for money.

I must admit that I have never been a huge chocolate lover (I’m sorry, but I’m not) and there were countless times where I’d forget to even open the window of my advent calendar before school because, in reality, I just wasn’t that excited about it. I think my mum secretly knew this and so set about making her own advent calendar for me and collected different chocolates, sweets and accessories that she knew I would like. Fair play to mum, she really thought about it and I found myself opening the doors each morning to the likes of Frys Turkish Delight (my favourite), mint humbugs as well as festive earrings and hair bobbles. To me, that meant more because it was tailored to what I would like and enjoy and I appreciated the items so much more.

A few years ago, I noticed that bloggers and Youtubers were starting to talk about and unbox these beauty advent calendars and I must admit, I was sucked in. At that particular time, my blog was very much focused on reviews of products and so I thought this would be a great way to build my stash, try out new products that were usually out of my budget and just generally have a bit more luxury during the festive season.
I can even remember the first beauty calendar I had – a Sanctuary Spa one. I paid about £20 for it and loved opening the doors every morning, so much so that I actually used to wake up extra early, so that I could take the time to open the window and enjoy the product. Now, just two years later, I’ve seen a similar calendar retailing for £40!

pink lipstick with green case
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The second beauty advent calendar I bought was the ASOS one last year, which again, I loved. This time I paid £70 for it which now looking back seems extoursionate. Having said that, I was really happy with the contents and the size of the samples I was trying and even to this day, I feel that I got value for money. As an added bonus, I wrote reviews about the products and over time, gained a lot wider audience. The same year, I decided to treat my mum to a beauty advent calendar too and so bought her the M & S one. The deal was you had to spend £35 to get the calendar for £35 which, for both the products received and the look on mums face each morning as she opened the little boxes, was well worth the money.

The beauty and lifestyle calendar videos have started popping up all over YouTube and Instagram already even though its only October. I won’t deny that I have been looking to see if there is one that catches my eye but they all seem so much more expensive for what you actually get. I even looked at a budget friendly one from Wilko but after watching an unboxing of it, I soon realised that the products looked quite cheap
and more suited to a child than to me. I can’t help but think that over the last couple of years, this hype has resulted in them being more expensive with less quality over the products. I won’t say that I’ll rule out buying one, because in truth, I’ve got my eye on the Yankee Candle one. However, I’m certainly thinking more over it and want to buy something that will benefit me and my life rather than just give me products
that will probably sit in a drawer for months before being used or given away.

What are your thoughts on the beauty and lifestyle advent calendar craze?

Do you intend to buy one? If yes, what will you choose? If no, why? I’d love to know!