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Getting creative for Easter

Firstly I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. I’m looking forward to enjoying some chocolate this weekend are you?A little while ago, I picked up some Easter crafts and thought I’d share them with you and hopefully inspire you to have a go yourself.

So for this craft you will need an object to cover such as these cardboard shapes which are really inexpensive & can be found in craft shops as well as Ebay. You will also need some Decoupage paper, which I’ve found the cheapest place to purchase being Hobbycraft & lastly some pva glue or some Decoupage varnish, both of which work well.

The first step is to tear or cut up the paper into smaller pieces. Personally I prefer to tear as I prefer how the different sizes look. You then need to add some glue onto your object and put the paper on top, before adding a coat of glue over he top to seal it. You then need to do this until your object is completely covered and once dry, you should end up with something similar to this…

What do you think? It’s such an easy craft to do that is suitable for all ages.