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I recently posted about my skincare routine which I will leave linked here if you would like to check it out. In that post I mentioned that having a good skincare routine helped my make up sit better on my skin and so I thought I would share with you what my current typical everyday make up looks like and show you the products that I’m currently enjoying.


I don’t always use a primer but if I’m going to be out of the house for most of the day, that is the first thing I apply. My favourite primer to use is the L’oreal “Lumi Magique primer” as it blends well into my skin and adds a glow that shows through my base make up, making me look a bit healthier. For foundation I use the Rimmel “wake me up foundation” in the shade 100 ivory and apply it with a damp beauty blender. This is a anti fatigue, skin brightening foundation that also contains vitamin C and has an spf 20 as well and I pair this with the Rimmel “wake me up brightening concealer” which I use under my eyes and pat in with my fingers.

For eyebrows, I use the Fleur De Force for Eylure “fix & colour” in the shade light followed by the Rimmel “Brow this way” styling gel because the fix part of my Fleur one has actually run out. As I’ve already brightening my skin with the first three products, I just want to add a bit of a shimmer and so I apply my MUA Luxe “Ombre 3 shade highlighter” on my cheekbones, nose and cupids bow, using a small brush to blend it out. To add a bit of colour I also apply my Rimmel “Lasting finish soft colour blush” in the shade 010 santa rose, applying this with a contour brush to get the right shape for my cheeks.

The last thing I focus on it my eye make up and I’m currently loving using my Matalan eyeshadow palette, which was such a bargain at £10! There are so many different colours to choose from and the pigmentation of the shades are amazing quality and last all day too. What colour would you use? For this particular day, I used a lighter pink shade all over my lid and then went in at the crease with the darker pink shade before blending it out with a standard blending brush. I also use the same brush to lightly colour under my eye to really make my eyes pop. To finish off the look I add my Rimmel “Waterproof wonder’full mascara with argan oil”. Not only does this lengthen and add volumn to my lashes, it also nourishes them and lasts all day too which is great.

I have been trying to experiment with the colours of eyeshadows I use so I will definitely show you some more versions soon.  Which colour do you think I should try next?

22 thoughts on “My everyday make up look

  1. I love this look, it’s simple and something I think I could actually so myself. I’m not great at applying makeup! That eyeshadow palette is such a bargain at £10(!), we have a Matalan store near us so I’ll have to go and have a nose at some point. I love the pink colour but would probably use the blues or purples myself.

    1. I would love to use more blues and purples but I feel they need a bit more practice with me otherwise I just look like I have the start of a black eye 😂 Thank you for reading Kim

      1. Haha, 😅 I know what you mean there! I’ve seen a few girls that look like they have a black eye. 😕

  2. Love this makeup look, especially the pink eyeshadow, it really suits you and looks beautiful! £10 is such a bargain and I didn’t even know Matalan did makeup, so I should check it out. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. This is a really nice everyday look! I must try the Rimmel Brow This Way gel, I’m using their pencil at the moment but my eyebrows do get quite messy so I need something to style them.

  4. I love how the eyeshadow makes your eyes pop! I have blue eyes too and if I had it my way I’d wear pinks and reds on my eyelids every day haha.

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