Outfit Of The Day – Sunday Comfort

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. What strange and uncertain times we currently live in. Being at home all the time, I could be tempted to stay in my pyjamas all the time. Luckily Andy bought me this jumpsuit a little while ago, so I’ve got something comfortable to change into. I’m trying to still make the effort to get dressed each day so that I have a bit of a routine each day, as well as to stay clean and tidy. As a result, I thought I’d share with you some of the outfits I’ve been wearing on here so make sure you check back daily to see what I’ve been wearing.

Stay safe x

15 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day – Sunday Comfort

  1. What a fancy looking jumpsuit. I love the color and your boots too. My son and I did a onesie day last week at his insistence. it felt good to be comfortable.

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  2. On FB there a meme about changing from your morning PJs into your nighttime PJs. Thatโ€™s basically all weโ€™ve been doing is switching from on set of night clothes to another. Those look great.

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  3. I’ve been trying my best to have a routine and to continue doing things throughout the day even if they are only small things here and there! Thanks for sharing x

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