Dog Bandana’s with Peach Perfect

AD – Gifted – The items mentioned in this post were gifted to me however all opinions stated are my own.Β 

I was recently contacted by Peach Perfect, to try out some of their dog bandana’s to see what I thought. If you don’t know Peach Perfect are an online gift company that sells “presents to desire and inspire”. As well as presents for pets, there are also so many other options on their website including home decor items, toys & games and personalised items. Their website is really simple to navigate as well as search by item if you are looking for inspiration. To see more of what their website offers click here.

Now onto what I thought of the bandana’s. I was kindly sent two designs to review and I chose the red tartan design as well as the pink with white spots one. I knew my dog Trixie would look really cute in these and couldn’t wait to try them on her. They arrived quickly and they were just as pretty as the photos on the Peach Perfect website. Trixie is a Patterdale crossed with a Jack Russell which can sometimes be difficult when choosing the correct size however, there is a really helpful guide on the website to make sure you are ordering the right size for you dog.

The bananda’s are made of 100% cotton and have an added polyester fleece backing. I think this is a great design because the backing weighs the bandana down slightly so that it isn’t blown up towards Trixie’s head in the wind. An added bonus is that the bandana’s are both machine washable and tumble dry-able. Trixie loves nothing more than rolling around in the grass and mud so being able to clean them easily is great.

I put both designs on Trixie to see how she looked wearing them and she didn’t seem to notice anything different. It didn’t stop her doing anything she would normally do and she carried on running around the garden. The bandana’s have a velcro fastening so I’m happy in the knowledge that if she were to get caught in the bushes, the bandana would release easily.

Overall, I think these are really pretty designs, great quality and I will definitely be ordering some more designs in the future. If you fancy the look of these dog bandana’s yourself, click here to see all of the designs available.

58 thoughts on “Dog Bandana’s with Peach Perfect

  1. Oh my goodness how adorable! Trixie is so cute! And both designs really suit her! If I had a dog, I would definitely invest in some of these!

  2. Ah, Trixie looks so cute in both of these – and that’s great to hear they’re not only washable but also easy-to-release with velcro too. Safety first! Lisa x

  3. Aww, those bandanas are so cute, and the colors really pop on Trixie! I think I would have to go for the pink one, and I love that they are made with cotton.

  4. Oh man these are beyond cute! I almost wish I had a dog now… well actually most days I dream of being a dog owner!

    Maybe I should make the kids wear these instead!! πŸ˜‚

  5. These are so cute! I love doge – this makes my wish I had one now! Thank you for reviewing these, I have lots of friends with dogs and I think I am going to go and treat them all!

    Em x

  6. I’ve tried regular bandanas on our boy Louie and he looks great in them. (ha) The velcro makes it far less intrusive and easier to put on. I’ll check these out, thanks!

  7. Trixie looks so cute! I love dog bandanas. My groomer makes them and every now and then when I pick Hugo up he’s wearing a new one. He seems to quite like them so I’ll have to check these ones out x


  8. I love dogs so much, but what I love even more? Is clothing on dogs. Their bandanas are soooo cute! And Trixie looks extremely stylish (she is so adorable! I love her white gloved paw). My husband and I just moved, and our next step is to get a dog. Will definitely order these bandanas when we get her. Thanks!

  9. These look adorable and I love the safety feature of having the velcro. My dogs LOVE their bandanas – We have a variety of different options for each holiday and event that we attend (as well as some that are just fun when we’re out and about to make them look a little extra snazzy).

  10. These bandanas look very cute on your dog! My mum have a black chihuahua and I think these bandanas could look great also on her!

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