3 Simple Halloween Make Up Tutorials

For me, Halloween has always been about decorating the house and sitting down to watch Hocus Pocus rather than getting dressed up. Last year, my workplace hosted a Halloween fun day which we all had to dress up for. I actually really enjoyed it and whilst I didn’t go all out, I did buy a Halloween inspired dress from BooHoo and some gorgeous nails from Creative Nails. To finish off the look, I added a witches hat. It got me thinking about what to do this year and so I thought have a little play around with some face paint and make up that I had in my cupboard, to bring you these 3 simple Halloween make up tutorials.

As a disclaimer, I am definitely no make up artist and this was a first attempt but I wanted to give these ago.

Halloween Make Up

For the first look, I used a purple eyeshadow, an orange eyeshadow and a black eyeliner pencil. To begin, I added the eyeshadows, one colour on each eyelid, blending them out to cover over my eyebrows. Then using the pencil, I lined my eyes top and bottom. On one side I drew a large spiders web (this is harder than it looks when you have eye bags!), adding a little spider on my cheek. On the other side I added a small and simple cobweb coming out of the corner of my eye.

I had originally planned for this to be two separate looks but I think for Halloween you can get away with having non-symmetrical eye make up. What do you think?

Halloween Face Paint

The face paint I used for the next two looks were just basic cheap ones which I think made the pigmentation less which really shows in the images. For more striking a look, I’d definitely recommend getting professional paints.

Before adding the face paint, I lined my lips using my black eyeliner pencil and dragged it out further to create a large “creepy” smile. I also drew on my eyebrows so that they looked darker. I used a white face paint over my eyelids and under my eyes to brighten the area up. It was then time to go in with the black paint. I went over my lips, making the “creepy” smile more dramatic before adding a spot of paint to the end of my nose. To finish off the look, I added black lines through my eyes with the face paint, although this was quite difficult to get them symmetrical.

My Favourite Look

This is definitely my favourite tutorials out of the 3 I am sharing with you today and was actually the most fun to create. I began by using my eyeliner pencil to “split” my face in half, using jagged movements. To add even more effect, I then drew extra bits coming off of it, to give the impression of it cracking. Next up, I added the orange face paint to one half of the line, leaving the other half plain.

I then went in with the black paint, giving myself a black eye, spot on my nose and a sort of jigsaw looking mouth. To finish off the look, I added faded black lines over the orange paint whilst on the plain side, I used my eyeliner on my eye and brow to make them stand out.

So there we have 3 simple Halloween Tutorials. Which is your favourite?

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37 thoughts on “3 Simple Halloween Make Up Tutorials

  1. Your half pumpkin face is my fave! I love Halloween but I always leave my Halloween blog content to the last minute. It’s that constant battle between living in the moment and being a content creator. Use my phone or completely switch my phone off!
    Blogger problems, ha!


  2. Wow, super impressed with your last make-up look! I am always daunted by face make-up, especially when it comes to complicated looks, but I love how easy your tutorial is and how lovely the finished look is. 🙂

  3. These are great Kelly. Simple but effective. My favourite is the third one too. I’ve never really done Halloween makeup as an adult, mostly because I’m not particularly artistic. But it’s amazing what you can create with only a few products. Thanks for sharing these!
    Jaclyn x

  4. Talk about fun blog research! I agree the last one is my favorite as well, but they all are so creative! And you can totally get away with two different eye-makeups on Halloween. There are no rules!

  5. I love this! I’m in no way an expert at makeup but I love all things beauty and trying new looks and have been wanting to try a couple. Your third tutorial is definitely something I want to give a go! All 3 are fab though! 🙂

  6. It’s been so long since I’ve just played with my makeup or done costume-style makeup. My favorite that I ever did was the Queen of Hearts one Halloween when I was probably 19? It turned out so fun. I made her punk rock haha. Loving the last makeup look you did!

  7. This year I will likely stick to something simple like your first look. We’re spending the night here at home handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and this year we’ll be wearing masks. I think a simple eye look would be the perfect complement to have something a little spooky while not wasting my time doing a makeup look that no one is going to see.

  8. These look great! I love the simplicity of the earlier ones but the final one is definitely my favourite. I’m rubbish with putting make up on normally, let alone creatively, but you’ve made these look awesome!

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