How to declutter your home

In today’s post, I want to talk to you about easy ways that you can declutter your home. For some, decluttering comes naturally whilst to others, it can be a difficult process. I’ve designed this series to help those of you that are struggling. I have already spoken about 5 ways to declutter sustainably, how to organise your life using one simple app and how to keep your home organised. In these previous posts, I have talked about how you should slimline your home in order for you to be more organised. This doesn’t mean that you should become a minimalist overnight. It simply means that all of your belongings should have your own place within your home. That place does definitely not mean a corner of your room or tucked behind your sofa out of sight.

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I have put together 5 tips that will hopefully help you to make some small changes within your home. Through this, I hope that it will give you more space and a relaxed mind. Before we get started on these tips, I just wanted to point out that unfortunately, sometimes when decluttering an area that hasn’t been touched in a while, you might from some unwanted guests. If this is the case, you definitely need to call in a professional to get rid of them. Depending on where you are based, exterminators near new york might be an option for you. The key thing is you don’t delay because they can spread quickly.

5 per room rule

This is one of my favourite ways to declutter and I try to do it at least once a month. The idea is you pick a room within your home and you find 5 things that you can declutter. This doesn’t mean the empty toilet roll that has been left on the side. Instead, it means 5 things such as that body cream that you’ve been applying but you don’t really like. It could be that towel that has seen better days or those decorative items that are looking a bit tired. Once you have your 5 or more items, refer back to my declutter sustainably post for some inspiration of what you can do with them.

Declutter useless things

We have all been guilty of keeping that odd sock just in case its partner shows up. If its been hanging around for almost a month, the chances are you will never find the other one. Its time to get rid of it. The same goes for those old letters that you no longer need. You know exactly the ones I mean – the one that says the interest rest on your savings account is changing, but it was dated 5 years ago. The chances are its changed a lot more since then. With internet banking, you can have all of that information at your fingertips in minutes. Old letters take up a large part of clutter in many homes. If there are some you aren’t sure about, either file them neatly to review in 6 months or take a photo of the letter for future reference.

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Declutter things that don’t fit

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has kept something, just in case I loose weight and fit into it. I used to have this amazing dress which was a size 8 that I was dying to wear. The only trouble was I was a 10-12 at the time and each time I thought about it, I felt sad. I ended up selling it on to a new home and instead found something I felt comfortable in. If you have items of clothing like this, why torture yourself? Get rid of them and find something that you feel a million dollars in. Life is too short to squeeze into tight and uncomfortable clothes, 2020 taught us that.

Broken & can’t be fixed?

If you take a good look around your home, I’m sure you will find several things that come under this category. I’ve been guilty of shoving something in a drawer when its broken, with the idea of taking another look at it when I’ve got time. The trouble is that we rarely have the time or we have already bought a replacement. Therefore, those broken items that can’t be fixed can be thrown away. Depending on what the item is, see if any local charities accept them. Last year we wanted to get rid of an old broken bike. I found a company nearby which takes in second hand bikes so that teenagers can learn how to repair them. I’m happy with the knowledge that it’s been given a second life because I have seen someone riding it around our town.

Declutter your duplicates

Keeping a spare of something is usually fine. I always keep a brand new shampoo in the cupboard so that I never run out. However, in some situations, you need to think about if you actually need a duplicate. This is a problem I had when it came to my jumpers collection. I found that I had several that all looked the same. As a result, I was always choosing the same one whilst the others were just sat there. It was a problem I needed to solve and so after careful consideration, I chose to keep my favourite and one other to replace it with in time. I stored the replacement one in a vac bag and sold the others on Ebay. Overall, I felt so much better and it was a lot easier to see what jumpers I actually had to choose from.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found these tips useful. They are all ones I have picked up along the way. I used to have way too many belongings and even to this day, I’m still going through them and decluttering them. I don’t believe I will ever be a minimalist but I do like the idea of having a neat and tidy home. If you are still stuck with how to get started, Pinterest has some great mini challenges to help motivate you. If you have any other decluttering tips, I would love to hear them in the comments below.

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49 thoughts on “How to declutter your home

  1. I really needed to read this post! I’m so bad at keeping things that I don’t need. I’m going to be moving in the next few months (hopefully), so I should probably start decluttering now, to make sure that I only have the important things that I need – thanks for sharing!

  2. I really should stop keeping things that i don’t need, thinking that one day I might use them! I should really start decluttering! Thanks for sharing this, Kelly x

  3. I’m terrible at keeping broken things or things I simply don’t use anymore around the house. This year I am determined to declutter and donate the things that I simply don’t use and keep that space decluttered too when I’ve done it!

  4. I love the idea of the 5 things per room. It’s such a simple approach. At the same time, however, if you stay on top of it – it’s going to add up over time. It’s also the push that so many of us need to let go of those things that we talk ourselves into keeping. Like you said, those products that are there that we use because we have them and feel we should, but don’t really like. That’s a great example.

  5. Thank you for your post – and some simple but helpful ideas. I need some MAJOR decluttering work! It’s party of my 2021 goals – slow going – but I’m on it. Thanks for some great tips!

  6. The 5 per room rule is such a good idea!! I’ve needed to streamline for so long, but I’ve always procrastinated it because I never knew where to start! But this is a great idea!

  7. I recently threw all those singleton socks away. I’d had some for years. (I know…) I’ working hard on getting rid of things I don’t need so this is great inspiration. Thanks.

  8. The 5 thing rule is a good one. And you should see my Odd sock pile, it is so big it is almost becoming a home feature!

    I have to say, after commenting on your post the other day, I tackled the worst room in our house and I am just amazed how much I did, It is like having a new kitchen. I even bought a new microwave and toaster! I made the kitchen more workable and cleared ALL the clutter. It felt great x x

  9. You’ve just made me want to start decluttering. I’m at my boyfriends house but he’s pretty minimalistic so there’s nothing I can do here, haha. When I get home i’m going to do a few of these.

  10. These are all such great tips! I’ve started to declutter my apartment recently and it’s a lovely feeling to know that it’s getting cleaner. One of my favorite tips is actually a Marie Kondo quote: “Does this spark joy?” Usually I’d know if I’m keeping something or not after I ask myself this question. x

  11. So this has to be one of my favorite posts from you ever, even though I am guilty of keeping lost socks and clothes that I want to fit me but never have. 2020 gave me great opportunity to learn how to let go of something or just evaluate its use, and those are two ways decluttering has become easier for me.

    Loving the five per room rule! Decorative ornaments really do stack up . . .
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  12. These are such good ideas, especially the tip about the old letters – I need to sort out the ones I have accumulated. I 100% need to get rid of some of the broken things I have in my home. Thank you for sharing such useful tips. 😊

  13. We are slowly decluttering lots of things in our house at the moment. Mainly books, which will be going to our local school and to charity when the shops re-open. High on my list is my drawer full of broken bits and pieces too! x

  14. Such a helpful post this is, I have such a bad habit of keeping small tiny things, I just keep everything, I would probably say once every six months I have to have a good sort out. To be fair though this has helped me to get my head in gear as my mum room is getting converted in a couple of months time ready for my partner to move in. Busy busy times ahead. 🙂

  15. I love decluttering and I literally can’t function when there is a clutter. These are amazing tips and I practice a good number of them already lol. I have never heard of the 5 per room rule before but it sounds like an amazing way to get rid of the unneeded things and I’ll definitely be using that the next time I declutter. Great post x!

  16. Decluttering is one of the most satisfying things in the world, if you ask me. I love a clean and organized home, so getting rid of the unwanted or unneeded is like breathing a breath of fresh air! I appreciate your tips here so much.

  17. These are all such great tips on decluttering your home. I need to implement some of these into my own home as well!

  18. I love to Declutter but I sometimes find it difficult to get rid of things because I always feel like I need to keep things that I don’t really need! This tips will definitely help x

  19. Love these tips! The 5 items per room is such a practical way to go about it. I’m really guilty of keeping items that don’t fit or that “I think I might need one day.” It does feel so good to let things go though 🙂

  20. I love your rule of 5 per room! This is incredibly timely (and motivating) as we prep for the movers to come for our stuff next month! I will actually be getting on the sock drawer today. May throw in some of the “broken” and can’t be fixed stuff. Thank you!

  21. Some great tips for those who find Decluttering more difficult! I personally don’t, I love throwing things away but my boyfriend doesn’t!

  22. I love a good declutter but I’m missing the charity shops being open. Not sure whether to use FB Marketplace, seems irresponsible to be encouraging strangers to our door! xx

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