5 Ways to Make Money

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Whether you want to top up your income, your savings or to pay for those luxuries, I’ve got 5 ways that you can make money. I want to keep this post short and sweet, so lets get started.

Offer products or services on your blog

This is a great way of making money. If you have a blog, think about how you can help other people. Whether that is creating Pinterest Templates* or offering Blog Advertising, or even something completely different. Think about what would be involved and what would be a good price point and get promoting.

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Sell unwanted items

I have spoken about this loads on my blog so far this year. Selling unwanted items is such a great way of making money. Depending what items they are, you could make hundreds of pounds. There are so many different sites and apps to sell through. From Depop, Vinted, Gumtree, eBay as well as Facebook Marketplace. Do your research and choose a site where your items would do well. For example, large items like pieces of furniture do better on Facebook than they do on eBay, so bare that in mind.

Scan your receipts

Apps like Storewards offer tokens in exchange for receipts scanned, which can then be exchanged for money. I’ve been doing this for a little while and tend to average Β£4 a month. Whilst that doesn’t sound like much, it all adds up and that could be an extra Β£48 for just a few minutes work. If you link your email and Amazon accounts, you can earn more tokens on your online purchases too.

Complete Surveys

This one can take a little time to do but there are some apps that offer payouts with no limits. Curious Cat, Qmee Surveys & Streetbees allow you to cash out at any level. I usually complete surveys throughout the month and then cash out on the last day of each month. I then get a little bonus to add to my savings. Some apps take longer to reach the payout level such as VYPR, however these are usually ones that take less time to complete too.

Use Cashback sites

Ok, so technically you aren’t making money, you are just getting back some of what you spend. At the end of the day, its still a saving though. I use sites such as Top Cashback, but make sure you always read the small print of each offer. Some of them aren’t valid for click & collect, so always check the terms & conditions to avoid disappointment.

There are so many other ways you could choose to make extra money but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 for this post. What do you do to make extra money? Will you be giving any of these suggestions a try?

31 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Money

  1. Offering products and services via your blog is a great idea, and the first thing I did to make money was offering advertising for other bloggers πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing x

  2. Wonderful ideas! We’ve been thinking about offering advertising. But I definitely use cash back websites! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  3. I haven’t tried completing surveys before and have really never known which sites are worth it. I’ll definitely have to check these out. Do you recommend one over the other or do you complete surveys at all of them? Just curious, how much on average do you make in a month just by completing surveys?

  4. Cash back, rebates, and surveys are all small ways to make money and get a little back of what you spend. The little really adds up in the long run and does not take much time to do, so I think it is totally worth it!
    Selling unwanted items and creating something inventive and useful to sell via blogging is also a wonderful way to add to the community and come away with a little in pocket. πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for these tips! I surprised by how many of these services I don’t know about. I’m glad you brought them to my attention. I’m always looking for other ways to make a little side income (isn’t everyone?).

  6. I find Prolific the best for surveys and it’s so handy to just have open in a tab throughout the day. I used Shoppix for scanning receipts. You can get a payout pretty quickly so I usually get about Β£5 extra a month through that! I need to remember to use my cashback app more often though! x

  7. Thank you for ideas! A few things I am already doing, but there is this one thing I have been thinking already a long time – Surveys. Maybe it’s time to start? If not now, then when?!

  8. Some great options! I’m a big fan of reselling from thrift stores and mystery shopping. I’m currently learning how to create templates though, maybe that’s something I can start when my blog is more established. Fab post!

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