5 Outfit ideas you need for Spring 2021

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Spring is upon us already as the temperature becomes warmer. It’s time to start shedding our layers from the cold months. Need some outfit ideas for springtime? These outfit ideas are easy to re-create and style. Some of this outfit you probably already own. So, all you need to do is to pull them out for spring. However, whether you need a whole new spring closet overhaul or are using what you own. Here are 5 outfit ideas you need for spring 2021. These outfit ideas you can wear for a casual outing, quick zoom calls, or work from home outfit and work wear.

5 Outfit ideas you need for Spring 2021 Maxi dress

Maxi Dresses

I love maxi dresses for spring. They are easy to style and put together without so much effort. Maxi dresses are perfect for spring. You can opt for either basic maxis or Floral maxi dresses. I love floral maxi dresses because they boost my mood. Also, it sets me in the vacation mood as spring /summer is that time to go on vacations. You can also read my post on Emily in paris outfit ideas to draw inspiration on how to style your maxi dress.


If you are yet to hop on the shacket trend for spring, definitely try them out this spring. Shackets are the new jackets you need right now in your closet. You can wear it as a top with pants or use it as outerwear for layering your outfit.

Shoulder Pad Tees

I never thought that I would be into shoulder pads at all. This trend is a retro style that I once upon a time. However, shoulder pad tees are so stylish that I want them in all colours for spring. You can wear your shoulder pad tee shirt with pants, skirts, or shorts.

Oversized blazer image for 5 outfit ideas you need for Spring 2021

Over-sized Blazers

As a fashion blogger, my style is outfits that are chic and form-fitting. You can never catch me shopping or wearing oversized outfits. However, I am so into oversized blazers for spring. Blazers are a classic wardrobe essential. So, for spring opt for slouchy blazers.


Another outfit idea you need for spring 2021 is a shirt dress. Shirt dresses are always a must-have for me. I love shirt dresses because it is so easy to style. For an easy look, opt for a button shirt dress. This you can wear as a dress, jacket or top.

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38 thoughts on “5 Outfit ideas you need for Spring 2021

  1. Besides flowers, the other thing that I like about spring is the fashion. I love floral-print sundresses, wedge sandals, and straw hats. Thank you for sharing this cool post.

  2. Sooo excited for dresses! Maxi are my favorite. Oversized blazers are super cute too, thanks for sharing!

  3. I love maxi dresses so I’m happy to see this on your list! The shoulder pads are definitely reminiscent of my youth so I find it interesting they are making a bit of a comeback. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m hoping to invest in some shackets soon. I’m not usually one for trends, but that’s one I really like! Right now, I’m just borrowing my husband’s oversized button-ups haha!

  5. Spring is upon us! We are getting delightful springtime drizzle and brilliant, warm days now. I am ready for more than the crocuses to flower.
    Maxi dresses are a favorite of mine for warm weather, along with shirtdresses. I also love loose blouses and flowy skirts!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  6. Loving all of these ideas! I recently purchased a maxi dress so I cant wait to layer it with a blazer or similar to wear for my zoom meetings. Great post x

  7. These are wonderful ideas! I have a maxi dress & I absolutely love it!
    I’ve also been hearing about shackets everywhere & I think I need one haha

  8. I love being able to wear my leather jacket. I love the idea of maxi dresses but I would need them taken up as I am quite short. When I have lost weight I would like to wear T-shirt dresses and shirt dresses. Thank you for sharing Kelly.


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