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Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be able to write this post for Kelly. She is one of the many amazing bloggers out there and I am thankful for this opportunity. I am very big on setting goals but setting goals is not all that matters. You wanna know something that’s more important than setting goals? Achieving them. For the longest time ever, I used to set goals and leave them lying there. Setting goals for yourself and not working towards them is like getting ingredients for food and leaving the food to cook itself but guess what? I decided to change that in 2021 and it has been amazing!

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At the beginning of this year, I did set goals for myself but this time around, I did not abandon them. I started working on them and believe me I am making progress so I wanna share some tips for achieving your goals but just before I go into that, let’s look at the definition of a goal and some of the benefits of setting goals. According to Wikipedia, a goal is a desired result a person or system envisions, plans and commits to achieve a personal, or organizational desired end point in some sort of assumed development.

What are the benefits of setting goals?

  • Setting goals give you a focus and it gives you a direction: If you don’t have a focus and direction in life, you are likely to get swayed here and there every now and then but setting goals gives you a direct focus and a direction in which you are headed.
  • Setting goals give you more control over your life: Without goals, you end up going in whatever direction life takes you but with goals, you are able to plan your life, have more control over where you want it to be and have a clear definition of where you are headed.
  • Setting goals give you motivation: I can’t stop emphasizing the importance of having a motivation in everything you do and goals give you the motivation you need to get things done and create the life you want for yourself. Setting goals give you a reason to wake up in the morning and get shit done. Setting goals have always been a great source of motivation for me and writing my goals down and putting them in a place where I can see them everyday motivates me even more.
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How to achieve your goals

Set realistic achievable goals

It’s funny how some people set unrealistic goals that are clearly impossible. Your goals are meant to be realistic and achievable, not something like build a billion dollar business in 1 hour. Set a goal that is by all means achievable as if you set a goal that is not achievable, you’ll be setting yourself up for an epic fail.

Set goals that you have an interest in

So many people are guilty of setting a particular goal because some other person set that same goal and not because they have interest in that goal. If you set a goal you have zero to no interest in, there’s a 90% chance that goal is gonna go unachieved. Passion is very important because if you have a passion or interest in something, you would be willing to work on that thing and you wouldn’t need anyone to push you to work on it so pursue something you are passionate about.

Write your goals down

Put your goals into writing. Get your goals out of your mind, put it on paper and put it in a place where you can see it everyday. Getting to see your goals everyday will sure remind you of the fact that you have something to do and they will make your goals seem much more real. Also, studies have shown that people who write down their goals achieve their goals more than people who do not write their goals down so get a pen and a paper and get to work!

Be patient

Good things take time and mind you, Rome was not built in a day. Achieving your goal is a process and that process can take time ranging from days to months and even years so you need to be patient. Don’t give up on your goals just yet. They are achievable.

Put in the effort

I will gladly say for the umpteenth time that goals will continue to remain goals unless you put in the effort and work on them. Your effort is what counts and not the time spent dreaming about those goals. While there’s nothing wrong with dreaming about your goals, imagining and visualizing them, the only thing that can actually bring your goal to reality is your effort so put in the effort.

Break your goals into parts

Some goals can be larger, more tasking and more complicated and one of the most effective ways to make achieving a goal seem less daunting is to break them into small manageable units. 

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Have a to-do list

A to-do list is a way to plan the steps to achieving your goals. Also, having a to-do list is a great way to make you more productive. To-do lists help me stay focused on what has to be done and they help me stay as organized as possible.

Give yourself a deadline

Giving yourself a deadline is a great way to achieve your goals. I find deadlines so helpful. Setting a deadline has been one of the most effective tips I use to achieve my goals and giving yourself a deadline will push you to achieve that goal as soon as possible.

Do not put too much pressure on yourself when trying to achieve a goal

The process to achieving a goal can be stressful and make you start to put so much pressure on yourself but remember that putting too much pressure on yourself would only stress you out the more and putting too much pressure on yourself can make you less effective and efficient.

Do not allow challenges on the way to pull you back

Take every challenge as something that would push you one step closer to achieving your goals and never let challenges get the best of you. Nothing good comes easily and there will be challenges on the way but it is your duty to scale through those challenges. Most of the great people you see today had to scale through challenges to get to where they are today. See every challenge that comes as a stepping stone not a draw back and do your best to scale through.

Achieving goals can be challenging but it is not impossible. These are tips I have used and I know they work. What tips do you use to achieve your goals?

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37 thoughts on “Tips For Achieving Your Goals

  1. This was a really handy post to read. I am so rubbish at getting motivated lately but this post definitely gave me a good boot up the backside to try and plan things out properly and achieve the goals. Rather than just sitting around bummed out about getting nowhere. Thank you x

  2. This was a great read! I used to set impossible goals and then never work towards them, so always felt guilty for it. Now I set my self smaller goals and write plenty of lists to help me out to reach each one, thank you for sharing x

  3. Love these tips! Writing down my goals is essential if I’m going to stick with them. What’s hard for me is being patient and not expecting immediate results.

  4. So many great points here! I really agree with setting goals that include your interests. I was talking with a coworker recently about her goal of exercising/losing weight and emphasized that she needed to find something she enjoyed or was interested in to help her in reaching her goals. It makes such a difference. 🙂

  5. Awesome post! I always try to set achievable goals even though I always want more! Thanks for sharing with us

  6. I set goals at the start of the year too, but have come up against some blocks due to the state of the world right now, so it was so refreshing to read this and see I am not alone as well as to gather some ideas on how I can move forward!
    Thanks so much for sharing. <3

  7. Love this post! I started make my life goals last year, I usually don’t make life goals – only for work. Thank for sharing the tips x

  8. These are wonderful tips for goal-setting. I love the one about setting goals you actually have an interest in, because without that, the goal is somewhat futile. I appreciate this encouragement so much!

  9. Great guest post, loved the read! I also am a firm believer in setting goals and working to achieve them. I love the point of being patient and writing them down, I think those are so important!

  10. I wouldn’t be able to focus if I didn’t set goals. I have monthly goals, and then I break them down into weekly aims to help me achieve those goals. Goals, as you say, can also help you stay motivated.

    I love your tips! I find goals more obtainable when I write them down, and making them realistic is essential. Thank you for sharing. 😊

  11. Great ideas for setting goals! I also break goals into parts. In other words, I set SMART goals and objectives for each of these. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  12. Patience is not my strong point, it’s my worst habit that I’m super impatient. I love to set goals and hit them though so I am learning!


  13. This is a great post. I tend to use SMART goals but I like to have monthly goals. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Having a to-do list, which helps to break down goals and allow you to create an action plan, is a must, in my opinion. If you don’t know what steps to take how will you ever progress, right? So nice to see you pointed that out!

  15. Great post full of helpful advice. I’ve started setting goals each month which is working out well so far, short term goals which lead to long term goals seems to work for me.

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. I like the tip to include goals you like! I included the goal “work out” a lot even though I’m not particularly interested (I’m fit enough in my opinion, trying to reclaim my body after body issues and all that). Once I stopped writing it down, I’ve been in a much healthier relationship with my body and I actually started getting exercise in by playing badminton every morning! It’s funny how a lot can change over writing down a goal or not.

  17. These are some great choices. Honestly, I can’t stay focused on anything without to-do lists. Trying to stay on track with adult ADD is no joke! That being said, by creating very detailed lists and sticking with it throughout the day. It’s not always easy (and I don’t always succeed) but I’m sure that it would be far worse if it weren’t for the lists to give me some direction lol

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