How To Date Confidently In A Post-Lockdown World

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I think it is safe to say that this pandemic has taught us more about ourselves than any other event. It is something that we have all gone through together and are hopefully now coming out the other side. I definitely think I’m mentally a lot stronger, although I have had my wobbles along the way. I’ve also found out more about myself, my likes and dislikes. One thing that has surprised me is that some of the things I always thought I wanted have changed. I’m open to new ideas and feel like I’m on a whole new journey of discovery.

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One thing that really took a hit during this pandemic is dating. Whilst there have been success stories, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to only be able to connect virtually. Thankfully, it looks like things are returning to a form of normality. As things open back up and restrictions are lifted, I wanted to share some tips on how you can date safely and confidently in a post-lockdown world. Here are my tips to help you date confidently and safely…

Learn to love yourself before anyone else

Before you can even think about dating, you really need to learn to love yourself. We all have flaws but once you learn to accept them, you’ll find a whole new level of confidence you never knew you had. As an individual, you are unique so take that time to get to know your body and mind. Find out what you enjoy doing. It could be that you enjoy going for walks or maybe you like to do adrenaline junky activities.

Personally I love nothing more than to have a relaxing evening at home. I start of with my favourite meal, followed by a good pamper session and a film. Get Blogged recently sent me a few self care items, which was perfectly timed. Everyone is different and you might find that some of the items I’m about to mention aren’t your thing, however I hope it gives you some inspiration.

A lavender pillow spray, whilst often used for sleep, can also be used for relaxation and can reduce any anxiousness you might be feeling. I find fragranced candles can often do this too, with the right scent. For the mind, I like to use a journal. This “My Thoughts Journal” is perfect for getting your thoughts down on paper whilst learning to be positive and calm at the same time. Filled with helpful prompts to really get you thinking, your writing will soon flow. Of course, you also need a good pen to right with and I also like to add an empowerment print which I keep by the front door. Its the last thing I look at as I leave the house and it can give me a massive confidence boost.

Pheromones can also greatly impact your day-to day interactions as well as heighten your sexual encounters. Pheromones can do much more than you may be aware of, and can have power over many emotional and physical aspects of human life. Due to different hormones, pheromones for men and women differ as will the experiences you encounter. The great news is all effects are positive so its worth giving pheromones a try for yourself.

Dating confidently self care package

Find your niche in the dating world

Whilst there are generic dating sites, there are also a lot of niche ones such as subanddoms and mybdsmhookups if you are into BDSM for example. We are so lucky that there are lots of different dating site niches out there, with something for everyone. Its important to find the right niche for you and your desires. Niche dating sites are a great way of finding someone with similar interests to you. It can really build your confidence on a date when you know you share things in common.

Always put your safety first

Safety is the post important thing when dating. You should feel comfortable speaking virtually with someone before you agree to go on a date. Never give in to pressure if you don’t want to do something. We have been at home for a long time and whilst you might be excited to get out and date, you should do so at your own pace. Anyone worthy of your time will respect that.

If you are feeling comfortable and confident enough to meet someone in person, always tell a friend or family member when and where you will be going. Feel free to check in with them throughout the date, to keep their mind at rest too. One tip I always used to use was to have a green tick and red cross emoji at the top of my recently sent section. It means you can unlock your phone and send a quick message to say if its going well or if you need intervention call. It will give you such peace of mind to know that someone is at the end of the phone in seconds.

Date Confidently with fun activity

I always find picking an activity such as crazy golf or bowling is a great way of breaking the ice. Its a lot less awkward than just a sit down meal. You could always do that afterwards or even save it to a second date. Take the pressure off and just have a bit of fun, because dating should be an enjoyable experience. When you are enjoying yourself, your confidence will shine through without you even realising it.

Prepare some conversation starters

Even if you don’t use them, preparing a few conversation starters are a great back up plan for those awkward silences. Having a few things up my sleeve always gives me a boost of confidence and helps me to relax.

If nothing else, it might give you an insight into whether or not you’d make a suitable couple further down the line. If you work with animals, but your date is allergic to fur, it might not be the right person for you. Alternatively, you might find your date would make a great friend but you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with them.

Final thoughts

I hope you find these tips helpful if you are thinking about or have started dating. It is absolutely normal to feel nervous or anxious. The main thing is you feel confident and comfortable when dating, whether virtually or in person. Speaking to people on dating sites can be a huge confidence booster and can make you feel so empowered. It can also be a lot of fun too. I’d love to know what tips you would add to help support people who are trying to date in a post-lockdown world.

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19 thoughts on “How To Date Confidently In A Post-Lockdown World

  1. Excellent post. I really think that COVID has changed the dating world for the better. Also, it’s given people the chance to explore their kinks in a safe way!


  2. These are great tips Kelly! The pandemic has certainly had an impact on dating and these are some fab ways to get confident with dating again. I also second the fact that you have to love yourself first. Everything falls into place when you love yourself! x

  3. These are such fantastic tips. Really handy to see some good dating tips out there, especially now that we are slowly getting ‘back out to reality’. I tried dating apps on and off throughout lockdown and it just wasn’t for me, I think I’m definitely a more get to know in real life or through friends then keep engaging with ghostly strangers lol. These tips are really good, love the conversation starter one. X

  4. Great tips. I found the idea of dating though an activity you enjoy the best. Never done something like that at a first date and I think it really worths a shot.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Great post! Thank you for sharing these tips! I love the idea of doing something fun like crazy golf or bowling for a date! Also I totally agree that you should love yourself before you date!

  6. Some great points here! I like the advice of picking a fun activity over a sit down meal, I always prefer doing something fun as it makes the conversation easier and gives you something to laugh about too! Also like that you added in a bit about safety, it’s so important to be safe when meeting people online!

  7. I loved that idea of blue and red checks. That was so thoughtful and helpful to mention here. And yea I also agree that some activity is better to break the awkwardness of eating down together. Liked it!! Xxx
    Isa A. Blogger

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