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If you can’t already tell by the title, today I wanted to share with you some of the products I’ve been using recently. This is the second part of my Product Empties series that I started earlier in the year. The aim is to do these types of posts a few times a year in the hope that it motivates me to use up some of the huge collection of products I own.

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I feel like I’ve done quite well this time and have a big bag packed full of empty bottles to share with you. I’ve still got a long way to go before I could say I’m a minimalist but this one extra step I’m taking to get there. Here is the products I’ve been using lately…

Shower Gels

I always find shower gel products the easiest to get through because I use them everyday. Its also the category that I definitely have way to much of because I always end up picking some up when I’m in Home Bargains. I’d like to switch back to bars of soap once I’ve used up all the bottles.

I’ve managed to use three shower gels over the last few months which I don’t think is too bad. The first was a repurchase of my favourite Palmolive Feel Glamorous pampering shower gel. This smells absolutely incredible and reminds me of holidays abroad so much. It has hints of blackberry, bourbon vanilla and dragon fruit.

The second product I’ve used up is the Champneys A Little Pick Me Up citrus blush shower gel. I don’t usually like citrus scents but there is just something about this one that I really love. Its not too overpowering and the scent lasts ages on your skin. The last shower gel I wanted to mention is the Dove sweet cream and peony body wash. Dove is so underrated and yet they make great products. Their gift sets also make really lovely presents for people.

Bubble Bath

I have been preferring showers for quickness but I have still managed to get through two bubble baths. The first one is another of the Avon Sweet Almond one that I mentioned in my first product empties post. The second bubble bath I’ve used up is the Imperial Leather Mallow ‘mazing. I picked this up because it sounded lovely but it just missed the mark. It didn’t really create many bubbles and there wasn’t much of a scent either.

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Other In-Shower Products

This next section I want to group these products together because I use all of them in the shower. The first is the Tresemme Botanique damage recovery shampoo. This leaves my hair feeling so soft and over time has give my hair a healthier finish. Next up is the Gillette Satin Care shaving gel. This is my go to shaving gel because it is so nourishing on my skin whilst still giving a perfect shave. The last product in this section is the Femfresh Intimate daily wash. I have used this product for years and years and don’t think I could ever swap it out for anything else.


As someone who has way too many moisturisers and yet found I was barely ever applying one, I’m so pleased to say I have two products that I’ve used up. The first is a travel size Bergamot & Cashmere scented lotion. I received this in a gift set at Christmas from Sainsburys. It smells really luxorious but the lotion side just felt really cheap and didn’t benefit my skin in any way.

The second product is the Mythos body butter in olive & pomegranate. Personally, I don’t think it is the best scented one that Mythos do, but I love how it makes my skin feel. As a sidenote, their aftersun is amazing and can really boost your natural tan. I’m sad that I can’t pick anymore up of this at the moment as its only available in Greece.

I will mention that I did also try to use up a Jack Wills moisturiser during a recent weekend away. I’d received it in a Boots gift set a while back but in all honesty, I threw it away after just applying it on my arms. The scent really didn’t smell great and I accepted my losses on that one.

Other Products To Mention

I have three final products to share with you in this post. The first is one of my favourite toothpastes. I love what it does for my teeth and gyms and that is the Colgate Pro Gum Health Toothpaste.

The other two products are both from Clinique, with the first being their liquid soap. Whilst this isn’t a budget skincare product, it works so well with my skin and is a product I always return to. I recently featured a Boots haul Reel over on Instagram and it looks as though they have taken away the pump to make the packaging fully recyclable which is great.

The last product is the Clinique Moisture Surge Eye. This works so well in keeping your eye area looking bright and hydrated. My make up sat so much better on my skin when I wore this so it makes a noticeable difference. I’d definitely repurchase this when I have the budget available.

That brings me to the end of this post. Have I mentioned any of your favourite products or any that you’d like to try? I think I’ve done quite well at using up products and its motivated me to do even better next time.

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  1. I am so inconsistent when it comes to the products I use. I usually just pick up whatever I like in that moment, or anything with lavender in it. A few weeks back I started using a face serum (read an article about early-ageing and it scared the bejeezus out of me.. #vain) I wonder how long this will last. Great to see an article dedicated to beauty products. Reminds me to pay more attention to mine.

  2. Love all these products! I am a huge fan of Dove soap bars as they’re the ones that always help my skin feel moisturised. I really want to give it. atry to clinique x

  3. You used quite a few products! I have too many shower gels too, but I’m slowly working my way through them haha
    The Gillette shaving gel is my go-to as well! That’s a shame the moisturizers weren’t that great.

  4. I love dove products!! A bubble bath sounds so amazing, I’ll have to make time for one soon. Thanks for sharing these products 🙂

  5. I’m doing something similar right now, using up all my shower gel bottles and switching to soap. I do have a bulk soap refill store so I’m thankfully not wasting plastic with each bottle of body wash, but I’d still prefer soap (for the first time in my life!). I love a good bubble bath, it’s been ages since I’ve used bubble bath product. Thanks for sharing Kelly – and awesome job with your clear out!

  6. I love a good moisturizer! The one I’ve been using is Clinique 100 Hr Moisture Surge. It’s exclusive to Sephora and costs $56 but its soo worth it. It moisturizes even after you’ve washed your face again. I HIGHLY recommend it.

  7. I love that you have been making an effort to use some of your neglected products, as well as finish some of the ones you use regularly. The Palmolive Feel Glamorous and A Little Pick Me Up shower gels sound amazing, and I love the sounds of the Eye Surge!
    Thanks so much for sharing. <3

  8. I love seeing product reviews. I’m always looking for new products to chop and change into my routines. It’s great to have recommendations as a starting point

  9. This reminds me I definitely need to schedule in time for a bath because I haven’t in sooo long! Also I am the same with shower gels, as they get used so much they are easy to get through! I love the body shop products for this. Thanks for sharing x

  10. I love these posts and seeing what people use! Thanks for sharing! I used to use dove and should get it again!

  11. These are some great products to use in an everyday routine! Thank you for sharing this with us. I also enjoyed having multiple collections of moisturizer to try on. I love a good butter moisturizer during winter months! x

  12. I love a good empties post, I am very curious as a person so it comes without doubt that i love reading them! The citrus shower gel sounds like something I really need to try! Thank you for sharing these bits, Kelly!

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