How To Transform Your Fears Into Success

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Everyone has fears and these fears stop us from doing things that may prove to be worthwhile or even lucrative. Fear stops us from chasing our dreams and it derails us from achieving success. But how can we turn our fear into a positive force in life?

How can we transform fears into success?

The first thing we need to understand is fear itself. Ask yourself, why are you afraid? Is it a rational fear or not? A fear of spiders can be rational, while a fear of spoons isn’t.

It is vital to figure out whether your fear is rational. Understand where your fears are coming from. Fear of failure when starting something big or scary is common but this is normal. Everyone experiences fear and we cannot eliminate it. Fear will always be there so why not acknowledge and understand it. This way you`ll know how to respond to it.

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Remember this, our fears can sometimes drive us to do great things and achieve massive success and once you learn to understand and conquer your fears, you can move past them. The strength you gain from conquering them can provide the momentum that drives you to future successes.

Another way to get over a fear is to confront it head on. If you have a fear of failure about a certain task or project, then the only thing to do is take it on and beat it. When you succeed, you’ll be encouraged to face another fear and if you fail, take it as a learning ground. If you fail to conquer your fear the first time, don`t quit yet. Gather all the courage you have to regroup and try again because each time you try, you’ll learn something new to use the next time around.

You can also take your mind off your fears. Here are 3 tips. Use these tips as tickets to conquer your fears and turn them into positive experiences.

Set Goals

Take some time out of your day to set some specific, short term, and measurable goals. The more you can complete tasks, the more self-confidence you’ll build and self-confidence is a powerful tool for removing fear.

Set small goals that are aligned to you big and massive goals and take small, consistent actions to work on your goals. Your goals are your guide and your determination to complete these goals will help you move past your fear.

Talk About Your Fears

One thing I know about fear is that it can multiply when you bottle them up inside you. When you let fear build and grow, it snowballs and gets bigger and bigger until it becomes terrifying to you. Talking about it helps relieve the pressure and gives you the chance to obtain honest feedback.

Find a friend or a family member who you can count on and talk about your fears. Do you want to build a business but scared to start? Openly talk about it. Do you want to ask someone on a date but scared to be rejected? Talk about it. It will help you overcome you fears.

Stop Worrying

Worries are fears to so let go of your worries. Worry is an unnecessary emotion and doesn’t help you move beyond rational fear. Why? Because worry always falls into one of two categories: Things you can and can`t control.

If you have no control over the result of a situation, why worry about it? You can’t change or control other people either. Things that are bound to happen, will happen. Worrying won’t make a difference at all. It will only add to your fears and derail you from taking care of the things you can control.

If you can control the situation you are concerned about, then it’s simple: take massive and inspired action! If you’re doing your best, then you no longer have any need to worry. Worry just slows you down, makes you second guess yourself, and could even lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.


In the end, facing your fears head on will give you more self-confidence, provide valuable and positive experience. Your fears can make you stronger and you don’t have to be a slave to your fears. You can face your fears valiantly and triumphantly! I believe in you.

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28 thoughts on “How To Transform Your Fears Into Success

  1. This was a great read! I completely agree that to face and get rid of our fears we first need to realise where they come from and if they are rational. Setting goals and stepping out of your comfort zone can help immensely x

  2. I am such a worry wort, I can’t help it, it’s in my genetics – my mum is exactly the same. Although when faced with real fears, I can work and make it better. I try to throw myself in at the deep end to stop with the worries and just get on with it

  3. Facing your fears is so important and I love this post and how you’ve outlined that. These tips are really great on too, especially the one about setting goals x

  4. great read & topic choice! i def agree that fears can seem more out of proportion when they are presented in a larger scale. breaking them down to smaller steps is the way to go.

  5. Love how positive this is! I personally find that talking about my fears truly does help a lot – even if it’s just writing instead of an actual person! Thanks for sharing x

  6. Talking about my fears has been the first thing that has truly helped me overcome my social shyness. It is awesome having family and friends who are willing to listen and, most of all, offer encouragement and support and even talk about their fears and how they have overcome them.
    Thanks so much for sharing some helpful and handy tips!

  7. Hi Kelly, I totally agree with your post and some really great writing. Over-coming fears is such an important challenge that we must face in life. Thanks for sharing such an honest post. Alicia

  8. It’s great post. Thank you. Focusing on goals instead of fears helps us succeed. Fear of failure leads to more failure.

  9. I enjoyed this. I often want to deal with my fear of spiders but they still catch me out when they suddenly show up.

  10. You are right; worrying about our fears will not do any good to us but setting goals and confronting our fears by understanding their origin will make a huge difference towards a better life.

    Thanks for a great read.

  11. Great post! Fears can be so hard, especially when they limit you! Thank you for sharing ways to get out of your comfort zone and become a little more successful and a little less fearful x

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