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How To Improve Your Body Confidence

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When you think about your body, do you feel confident? Do you see it in a positive light?

Today I wanted to talk about how we feel about our bodies. For me, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my body. I’ve gone through periods were I feel really confident and sexy. However, I’ve also gone through times where I’ve felt depressed about how my body looks and feels. During those negative times, I’ll wear baggy clothes, which when I look in the mirror, does nothing to improve the way I feel.

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Before I get too far into this post, I want to say that the above is completely normal for all of us to have felt this at some point. Even the most confident person has lacked that positivity and has just focused on the flaws. Its just a part of being a human.

I want you to imagine a world where you felt positive and accepting about the way you look. A world where that positivity gave you that body confidence. What would that look like to you? When I ask myself that question, I’d be lounging by the pool in a bikini, not worrying about the wobbly bits. I wouldn’t even notice that my tummy might not be flat or that my skin wasn’t perfect.

Whilst this might sound too good to be true, there are a few ways that you can improve your body confidence. No matter what your size or shape, we all deserve to feel great about the way we look. Here are a few tips that I hope will help you become more body positive…

How To Improve Your Body Confidence

Stop comparing yourself to others

Now I know this is easier said than done but I wanted this to be the first tip because I believe it to be one of the key points to being more body confident. A few years ago, I sat down and had a conversation with my mum and my nan about this. It had been brought because I was feeling low about myself after wishing myself to look like someone else. My nan spoke about in her day, nobody compared how a person looked, to the next. They just got on with things and enjoyed the small things in life. When my mum spoke about her experiences, there was a hint of comparing herself to others but again, it was something she was able to put to the back of her mind.

When I think to my teenage years and beyond, I can see a huge difference. The main cause for me has been the growth of social media. Back in the days of Bebo (that makes me feel old!) you could only just make out a face in the small profile photo. Fast forward to now and my Instagram newsfeed is full of beautiful people on a beach or by a pool. What I don’t see is that behind the scenes, it might have taken 20 photos to get that perfect shot. Its important to remember that whilst it might look perfect to you, that person can still see those flaws you don’t notice.

Focus on yourself and on the things that you love about your body. Whether its your eyes, your arms or something else, make that the focus point of a photo. Keep it on your phone so that when you feel tempted to compare yourself with others, your reminded just how amazing you are.

Fuel your body for healthiness

What you put into your body will reflect on the outside too and its important to remember that. If you eat crap because you can just work it off at the gym, not only will you feel sluggish, your skin might not feel and look great either. Body confidence starts from within which is important to remember. If you change your mindset from exercising and eating better for weight loss, to making those changes to be healthier, you will soon notice a difference in your mind.

Invest in good underwear

Once you’ve improved how you view your health, its time to start building on the outside. A make up artist will tell you that a great make up look starts with a good base and its the same when it comes to clothing. Investing in good underwear is like a golden ticket. When it fits right, you’ll feel comfortable and more confident.

IDentity Lingerie flatlay for how to improve your body confidence

I’d like to introduce you to IDentity Lingerie. They are a Lincolnshire based family run brand that produce amazing lingerie and nightwear. Body positivity is at the heart of their business, with a healthy body image being promoted across all of their platforms. All of the products on the IDentity Lingerie website are handcrafted to a high quality. With classic confidence boosting styles, they shy away from the fast fashion trends that are so harmful to our environment, instead making sustainable choices to limit the amount of waste in production.

IDentity Lingerie specialise in bras, knickers and nightwear, so there is something for everyone. The great thing is they also have custom sizes available which means if like me, your in between sizes, you can get the right fit for you. I was very kindly gifted this sexy black lace strappy panty with the floral lace bralette to try. I absolutely love both items. They are such great quality and fit perfectly. I’ve never found a bralette that actually fits so I’m over the moon with them. Good fitting underwear has definitely improved my body confidence and made me feel sexy too. I couldn’t recommend IDentity Lingerie more and would definitely suggest you having a look at the lingerie sets on sale.

Take time out for you

Its really important that you take time to have a pamper in whatever form you prefer. Your pamper could be putting on your comfiest pyjamas and reading a good book. Or it could be that you prefer a full spa-like evening, focusing on looking after your skin. However you choose to spend that time, take a glass of water with you. You’ll be sipping on it without even realising and it will make you feel so much better internally too.

Create a wardrobe that makes you feel good

If your wardrobe is full of baggy jeans and t-shirt combos, with just a couple of dresses, think about how they make you feel. When I wear a dress, I feel so much better. Its the reason why I switched up my wardrobe to contain more of those confidence boosting outfits. If you’re not sure where to begin, I’d recommend starting with dresses, jumpsuits or playsuits because they are the easiest outfits to put together without much effort. Its important to get rid of those items that are tired looking or make you feel less confident.

I hope you have found this post helpful and given you some ideas on how to improve your body confidence. Please remember that we all deserve to feel body confident and positive about the way we look. Yes we all have flaws but that’s what makes us all unique.

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28 thoughts on “How To Improve Your Body Confidence

  1. Great tips – I love this! Not comparing ourselves to others and investing in nice underwear are both things Iโ€™ve found really useful. Thanks for sharing x

  2. ive been always been in this situation of comparing myself to others but I’ve been doing steps similar to these to stop this habit of mine, great tips!

  3. We all have flaws but that is what makes us unique! I loved it Kelly ๐Ÿ˜
    Great tips you suggest here! Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Such good points you’ve made here! For me it was always comparing myself to others. But once I stopped doing that and found the right type of clothes that suited me I definitely became more confident. Great post!

  5. These are great tips. I totally agree in not comparing yourself to others, but not always the easiest is it? Having good underwear totally makes the difference too, doesn’t it?!
    Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsyโ€™s Antics

  6. Great tips, dressing for comfort and your own style (rather than what the fashion industry dictates) is great for confidence. And yes, underwear, invest in it it’s worth it ๐Ÿ™Œ

  7. Great tips, Kelly! It’s so hard not to compare yourself to others with social media, but SO beneficial. I found following people that looked more like me, as well as diversifying my instagram feed with more artists and crafters really helped my mental health x

  8. My relationship with my body sounds a lot like yours. I’ve felt self conscious and bigger than my peers since around year 7. I hit puberty much earlier than anyone else and felt massive. That continued into my teens and now in my twenties. I’ve tried to consiously change the way I speak to myself in the last few months but I’m not seeing a difference yet. Lots of bad habits to unlearn. This brand is completely new to me but they look fab- and you look incredible!


    1. I have the guy equivalent in reverse. I hit puberty very late and, even then, didn’t develop much. I have been hung up on having a smaller build than other guys as well as being, well, *tiny* in one particular area. I have found that, with a bit of maturity, I’ve developed a laissez-faire attitude to my shortcomings and have gotten as far as letting (all six centimetres of) it hang out at a clothing optional beach โ›ฑ. It’s all good.

  9. Great post thanks for sharing! Some great points and things to consider. I always assumed women have compared themselves to others since the Dawn of time but itโ€™s interesting to find that they didnโ€™t. I wonder what it was that changed in our generation and whether social media played any part in this?

  10. These are some great tips! Body confidence has been a rollercoaster for me, but I am definitely getting there. I have been building a wardrobe that makes me feel good, and I definitely agree stop comparing and have some good underwear! โ˜บ๏ธ

  11. I’m definitely a person who struggles with body confidence, especially in the warmer months when I can’t hide behind a jumper! I need to invest in some cute underwear to improve my confidence, the set you’ve been gifted is so pretty!x

  12. Love this post. I have struggled with my body confidence for years. However, in the last few years, I started to love my body. I have learnt so much about my body since I started training for my half marathon. Thank you for sharing these tips.

  13. Nice post! I agree so much with your tip of creating a feel-good wardrobe. As a personal stylist I love to help people to gain a look that’s 100% them and makes them fell happy and empowered. Style is such an important way of self-expression and has a huge impact on our self-image!

  14. I am constantly unconfident about my body and constantly compare it to the bodies of others. Every time I do that, I feel so depressed. Thank you for sharing this advice; I think I really need it.

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