5 Things To Do To Make Your Weekend Stress-free

If like me your lucky enough to not work out weekends, you probably want them to be fun and stress-free. I know I certainly do. As soon as Friday comes around, I like to get a few key things done that enable me to just chill out over the weekend. I thought I’d share 5 of those things with you today. I’d also like to mention that I will be sharing what I get up to this weekend over on my Instagram Stories, so come and say hello.

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Do The Laundry

This is one of the first things I like to do when my working week is over. I know I’m going to need my work uniform for Monday morning, so I like to get it out the way. Once it’s done, I can hang it up and leave it to dry until Monday morning.

Plan Your Meals

I’m sure I’m not the only one that hates going to the supermarket on the weekend. The queues, screaming children and empty shelves are my worst nightmare. I will always plan our meals for the weekend and make sure we have everything we need by Friday. Even if we are having a takeaway, I’ll know that we will want at least a couple of snacks to enjoy whilst watching tv.

Organise Yourself For Monday

Obviously, you don’t want to wish away the weekend. However, organising yourself ready for Monday is one less thing to worry about on Sunday night. Whilst you can’t get your lunch ready if you want it fresh and your clothes might be drying on an airer. However, just simple steps such as getting your work bag ready and planning your outfit in your head will help you feel more prepared. If you go out for the day on Sunday, you can relax knowing Monday has already been taken care of.

Do A Speed Clean

I spend my week cleaning for other people and don’t want to spend my weekends cleaning my own home. Instead, whilst tea is cooking on a Friday night, I’ll run around the house and give it a quick clean. I like to make sure that everything is back tidy in its home and will just clean key areas such as bathroom and kitchen. The rest can wait until the following week. Not only are speed cleans a great way of being productive, they can also be a good workout too.

Have Some Me Time

Self care is so important, we all know that by now. You can’t have a relaxing and stress-free weekend if your Friday night is spent worrying about things you didn’t get done at work. Whether you pour yourself a large glass of wine, have a bubble bath, read a good book or do all three, just give yourself permission to wind down. Whatever form of self care you enjoy, do it.

So that brings me to the end of my 5 things to do to make your weekend stress-free. What do you like to do on a Friday to set yourself up for the following week?

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36 thoughts on “5 Things To Do To Make Your Weekend Stress-free

  1. These tips are great. I used to do a quick clean on a Friday, but doesn’t always happen that way now with a toddler, haha! I certainly don’t obsess over it anymore. Some things are more important x

  2. love these tips! Self care is so important and it’s such a must to have! I work every weekend, but love to take some me time when I come back from work with a good book or tv show x

  3. Nice ideas! Weekends are just too precious for chores. I try to get cleaning and shopping done already on Thursdayn and last laundry on Friday. My kids are off school early on Fridays and I usually have the morning off so our weekend can begin early 🙂

    1. great read! I too like to get my laundry done on the weekends to prepare for the upcoming week. And I also always try to do a bit of self care whether it’s sleeping in or taking a bath.

  4. A delightful list! The weekend is a time to relax, not do last minute shopping. I will whip up a cake or dessert happily on the weekend, but prefer to have a slim to-do list. That said, I do enjoy light cleaning.
    Thanks for sharing five ways to keep the weekend the weekend!

  5. Nice tips! Laundry is the main thing. Since it is still work from home for my husband we usually like to spend time outside in the weekends. So sometimes laundry gets postponed till next week and it becomes a super tough task to do!

  6. Great advice for a stress free weekend! I always start my weekend with a load of laundry. Another thing I always do over the weekend is change my bedsheets and have a bath that same evening. There’s nothing better than getting into a newly changed bed! Loved this post!

  7. Great post… unfortunately for me, I work weekends. If I could have my weekend free, I will definitely binge watch Netflix and have some me time 💆‍♀️

  8. I love this. I’m trying to find ways to get better at just properly chilling over the weekend, so I love the mix of a few quick jobs to get you on track and then chilling time. Might have to make Friday’s cleaning and bath evenings for sure. Great post!

  9. Having some me time is the most important aspect of keeping me stress free. Also planning ahead and doing my weekly plan on Sunday keeps me relaxed during the week too so I can get Saturday’s free.

  10. Fab suggestions! Having time to yourself and relaxing is so important, and I love the idea of a speed clean. Usually on the weekends I try and write a list of anything I need to get done to get a head start on the coming week which isn’t too exciting, haha. Thanks for sharing x

  11. I always tell myself I am going to get everything done during the week so I am able to relax and do nothing on the weekends but I am learning the hard way that there is always something that I forget to get done and I find myself spending my leisure time cleaning, running errands or cooking. This post reminded me again how badly I deserve to do absolutely nothing on my days off if I feel like it, aha we work hard enough during the week, we all need that peace sometimes. This week I will make it a goal to get it all done. Thanks for sharing.

  12. The connection between putting the working week aside but also getting organized for it is definitely a way to have a stress-free weekend. I tend to leave things to the weekend that I should actually do on a Friday so I can make the most of my self-care/relaxation/time off — thanks for this!

  13. I love this. Taking charge of things on Friday sets up your weekend for fun and relaxation and gives you head start on preparing for the new week. These are really great tips. I like this system. You basically taking care of your needs and setting the mood for a stress-free weekend. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wonderful list!! Getting the laundry done and meal prepping helps me too! I love to relax on the weekend so thanks so much for sharing!✨

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