Unique Handmade Christmas Cards You Will Love

*AD – Unique handmade Christmas cards you will love contains pop-up Christmas cards gifted to me in exchange for a review. You can read my full disclaimer here.

As a child, I used to go with my nan to the Post Office every week so she could collect her pension. I always loved going and not just because I used to get some sweets and the latest Girl Talk or Smash Hits magazine. Above all, it was because there was a stand by the counter that used to house the most beautiful greeting cards. There were so many different designs, all of them a pop up design. I was fascinated and would find myself just standing there looking at them. As a result, when it came to birthdays and Christmases, I always asked for one of them. I used to display them on the shelf well after the event. Over the years, I built up quite a collection.

When the Post Office closed down, I was so disappointed. I’ve never seen any pop up cards in shops since, which is a shame. That is, until now. I’d like to introduce you to Pop-Up Pigeon…

Who Are Pop-Up Pigeon?

Founded in 2017, Pop-Up Pigeon are a UK based company that specialise in 3D pop-up cards. All of their cards are made from high quality card and fold completely flat, allowing you to send it via standard post to loved ones. Each card is laser cut and assembled by hand. The intricate detail in each design is incredible.

Thought and care goes into each card. From the design process, right up to the dispatching process, which sees the cards appropriately packaged to allow it to arrive to you in perfect condition. Pop-Up Pigeon have cards for every occasion. However for today’s post, I would like to draw your attention to the Christmas Collection.

Robin Christmas Pop-Up Card

Unique Handmade Robin pop-up Christmas Card

Using slice technology, Pop-Up Pigeon has created a three-dimensional robin design. Watch the robin pop up seamlessly as the card opens and closes. The inside reads ‘Merry Christmas’ in cut out lettering.

Santa’s Cadillac Pop-Up Card

Unique handmade santa cadillac pop-up Christmas card

Reindeers are so yesterday! In this quirky card, Santa is delivering his gifts in a green Cadillac. This intricate piece of card art features a 3D Cadillac, driven by a waving Santa with a pile of presents in the back.

Christmas Cracker Pop-Up Card

Unique handmade Christmas cracker pop-up Christmas card

This card goes with a bang! The card features a Christmas cracker with the words Merry Christmas exploding out. In addition the letters are decorated with tiny baubles, stars, and a candy cane.

Christmas Wreath Pop-Up Card

Unique handmade Christmas wreath pop-up Christmas card

For a wreath you can get out year after year, try this Christmas wreath pop-up card, featuring an intricate holly wreath decorated with snowmen, candy canes and gifts.

My Thoughts

Personally, I love all of the designs in the Pop-Up Pigeon Christmas 2021 Collection. They are all great quality and look really effective when opened up. Like I did as a child, these would look lovely on display in your home. I’m sure your friends and family will be delighted with these cards. They can even be kept as keepsakes. Each year, you would put a smile on their face as they get them back out the attic alone with the tinsel and baubles.

Each of the Christmas cards I’ve mentioned in this post are priced at £7. You can also pick up all four of the designs I’ve mentioned above in a multipack priced at £16. There are a few more designs available on the Pop-Up Pigeon website, so make sure you check those out too. If you place your order before 4pm, your order will be despatched on the same day.

I’d love to know what you think of these cards in the comments below. After that, join me over on Instagram for more Christmas content.

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20 thoughts on “Unique Handmade Christmas Cards You Will Love

  1. Oh my goodness, these beautiful cards are amazing! I’m torn between the Robin and Santa’s Cadillac, the attention to detail is perfect 😍 Thank you for sharing these, I’m going to check out each website Xx

  2. These Christmas cards looks amazing. I will definitely be check them out. Would be love to send to family and friends. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I remember Smash Hits & Girl Talk. Feel old now!

    I love a pop up card but these are the best ones I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. I love sending and receiving Christmas cards, it fills me with so much joy! These are so unique and sweet. They would really stand out from the crowd. The robin one is my favourite


  5. Oh my days these are beautiful. I’d never heard of anything like this before but I’ll be looking into getting some cards asap. I love the little Robbin, that would be perfect for my Nan! Thank you so much for sharing this with us lovely Xo

    Elle –

  6. Their cards are absolutely beautiful! I’ve never seen pop-ups like these before and I’m fascinated. If I hadn’t already purchased my Christmas cards for the year, I would definitely be buying from them. But maybe next year. I’ll have to bookmark this to remember!

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