Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Part 1

AD – Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Part 1 is a sponsored post and contains items that have been gifted to me, as well as mentions brands I have previously worked with. For more information, check out my disclaimer.

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If you have been a follower for a while now, you will know I absolutely love Christmas. Every year, leading up to the festive season, I like to create gift guides to give you some inspiration. Whilst I would have loved to have put these up a couple of weeks ago, time has just been slipping away. Better late than never though, today I’ll be sharing part 1 with you. I have some fantastic brands to show you so without further ado, lets get started…

Echor Total Blackout 3D Sleeping Mask

Echor sleep mask Christmas gift guide 2021 part 1

Echor’s mission is to optimise your wellbeing potential through improved sleep and a more restful end-of-day experience. I know so many of you, like myself, have suffered from struggling to get to sleep or even staying asleep long enough to feel rested. This is where the sleep mask would make the perfect gift.

Designed with ergonomic wings that fit on either side of your nose which prevents light from entering under the mask. Added to this is the amazing concept of 3D eye indentations, which relieve pressure on your eye lids. This and the fact the mask is made from pure comfort foam, means that the mask is so comfortable, you’ll almost forget your wearing it.

Weighted Blanket From The Little Blanket Shop

Weighted Blanket From The Little Blanket Shop Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Part 1

Weighted blankets have been traditionally used by doctors and occupational therapists to help ease restless individuals. Throughout the last decade they have become increasingly used to combat stress, aid sleep and treat anxiety in adults and children.

So what is a weighted blanket? Well it is exactly that; a blanket filled with weighted glass micro beads to create a heavy blanket. The idea is that when you place a weighted blanket over your body, the evenly distributed pressure creates the feeling of a hug or deep pressure touch. Deep pressure touch leads to the release of a calming hormone from the brain.

Onesta Reusable Make Up Remover Pads

Onesta Reusable Make Up Remover Pads Christmas Gift Guide 2021 part 1

In aid of reducing the use of disposable makeup wipes and single use plastic beauty products, Onesta have created a product that is waste free, natural, and sustainable. 50% of profits will also be going straight to SAS and their amazing ocean recovery campaign.

Made from 100% scrap fabric taken from Onesta’s sustainably sourced Tencel Tee, the reusable makeup pads are a zero-waste product and are incredibly soft to the touch. With a pocket detail on the pads, they give you ultimate control and the unique teardrop shape makes it easy to reach every inch of your face. The exfoliator side gently buffs your skin, whilst the smooth side is perfect for removing makeup without being harsh. They come in a set of four pads, complete with a handy bag, making them perfect to give as a gift this Christmas.

My Chronicle Book Box

My Chronicle Book Box Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Part 1

If you have followed my blog for a while, you may remember that earlier in the year, I featured My Chronicle Book Box in this post. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to include them in this gift guide because it really is the perfect gift for any book lover. Whether you want to gift one box, or take out a subscription for a loved one, there is something for every budget.

Andrea Hunt Life Coach

This is a slightly different type of gift, but is still a great option. Gifting a loved one some sessions with a life coach can do absolute wonders to someone who is needing guidance to make changes and improvements to their overall wellbeing. I was fortunate enough to work with Andrea Hunt earlier in the year on 8 benefits to having a life coach. With different packages available to suit individual needs, I’d highly recommend checking out Andrea’s website for more details.

Yoga Bliss Sustainable Yoga Mat

Yoga Bliss Sustainable Yoga Mat Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Part 1

Another brand I have been fortunate to work with this year is Yoga Bliss. I tested out their ecoYoga Mat for my swapping to a sustainable yoga mat post and have been loving it ever since. It is much more padded than other mats I’ve used and I find it so supportive for any floorwork I’m doing.

No Longer Last On The List By Jo Bevilacqua

No Longer Last On The List Book Christmas Gift Guide 2021

No Longer Last On The List is a powerful guide to getting more of what you love in life and putting your own needs higher on your to-do list. Life is bus. You have a family to care for, a job or business to run, people who need you. But with so much of your time accounted for, where do your own needs come on that never-ending to-do list?

Are you always last on the list? Do you even appear on it at all? In her new book No Longer Last On The List, award-winning entrepreneur and mentor Jo Bevilacqua looks at the pressures that hold women back and gives you barrier-breaking activities for change. Jo helps you discover how to find clarity about what you really want and love in life – and how to get more of it – as well as how to ditch the things that no longer serve you or stress you out, all without fear or guilt.

Inspire Me Travel

Inspire Me Travel Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Part 1

Inspire Me Travel have personally curated travel experiences under specific categories and covering worldwide destinations. With a focus on raising awareness of ‘Sustainable Tourism’ they offer experiences which inspire you to save the planet and conserve our wildlife. In addition to this, typical experiences cover categories such as wine, art, culture, historical, scenic, jazz, opera, thrill seekers and luxury. Inspire Me Travel have gift vouchers so that you can give someone the choice of travel. Due to Covid, vouchers are currently valid for 18 months.

ZnO Block From Truth Treatment Systems

ZnO Block Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Part 1

Truth ZnO Block is a physical block that creates an environmental and solar barrier. Its unique formulation of Zinc Oxide is the safest and most effective mineral used to protect, reflect and absorb UVA and UVB rays. This helio (UV) barrier when combined with Lipophilic Vitamin C and Vitamin E protects the skin from external aggressors while healing, calming, and soothing sensitized skin. Ideal for post procedure, sun exposure, and healing.

SeaForYourselfco Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Cutlery Set Christmas gift guide 2021 part 1

SeaForYourselfco aim is to reduce single use plastic by ensuring all of their products are biodegradable. They have so many wonderful products on their website but today I want to draw your attention specifically to their bamboo cutlery sets. Each set comes with one fork, one knife, one spoon. You can also choose from a selection of designs for the cotton carrying bag with a drawstring closure. Both practical and stylish, these make a great gift for anyone trying to be more sustainable.

That Brings me to the end of my Christmas gift guide 2021 part 1. I’d love to know what your favourite item is that I’ve mentioned. I’ll be back later in the week with part 2 but in the meantime, I’ll link some of my previous gift guides below for more inspiration.

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  1. These are some really great gift ideas for Christmas. I have a weighted blanket and love it so much. I definitely recommend them! Thank you for sharing your gift suggestions.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

  2. Ooo you’ve shared some amazing ideas here, I’m defiantly going to be looking into them more. I love the cutlery, so cute and sustainable. Thank you so much for sharing this with us lovely. Xo

    Elle –

  3. The weighted blanket looks lovely; the color is versatile and neutral to fit all sorts of needs. Love the looks of the yoga mat too, and your idea for gifting something like a life coaching session, yoga class, or similar experience is a great way to surprise someone and inspire them to try something new.
    Thanks for sharing!

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