Outfit Of The Day – Sunday Comfort

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. What strange and uncertain times we currently live in. Being at home all the time, I could be tempted to stay in my pyjamas all the time. Luckily Andy bought me this jumpsuit a little while ago, so I’ve got something comfortable to change into. I’m trying to still make the effort to get dressed each day so that I have a bit of a routine each day, as well as to stay clean and tidy. As a result, I thought I’d share with you some of the outfits I’ve been wearing on here so make sure you check back daily to see what I’ve been wearing.

Stay safe x


Guest Post | 6 Tips to make your living room cosy

6 Tips to Make Your Living Room Cosy

There are not many things in the home that spring to mind as being more important than creating a warm, cosy living room for friends and family to enjoy. Even when we have splashed out a new sofa or a wooden coffee table sometimes we may feel something is not ‘quite right’. With some careful thought, getting that cosy space is just around the corner. Here are a few things that have worked for me that you may want to try.

1. Add some texture

Bare walls and clean lines can create a stark environment. I love breaking this up by introducing linens, cotton and lightly stained wood. A rug can be a great addition to a living room especially if you have a wooden floor. If you go for a rug, stick to neutral tones. This will make sure there isn’t a clash. Woven materials work really well.
Also, no living room is complete without a scattering of cushions and a throw. A couple of throws can be better than one as cosiness is better experienced together than alone.

2. Abandon the hard edges

For a super cosy living room, try and move away from sharp corners and angular furniture. The more curves we have in a room the more it feels like a nice warm hug.
We can get curves from the arms of the sofa or small tables. If you don’t have room for a table, then cushions come into their own. Scatter them around the room, pile them high and you’ll have curves galore.

3. Include your personal touches

It’s your personality that makes a room cosy. Display photographs of the family and friends. It’s often worthwhile picking up some beautiful frames to show off these special people and moments in your life. Displaying small keepsakes you have collected from travels around the world also works to create a cosy space. Printed canvas wall art can be a great way to bring colour and texture into a room and bring it to life.

4. Bring the outside in

When we bring plants into any room, then we bring life into a room. Plants are living things that interact with our body, mind and home in ways that enhance our lives.
Plants are great for purifying the air, improving our health and creating a space that feels welcoming and stress-free.

5. Attack your stacks

Stacks of bills, small mounds of paperwork and other bits of stressful life are equally stressful to see. Attacking your stacks will instantly add some gold stars to the relaxed, cosiness of your living room.

6. Get lighting right

When choosing lighting in the living room, I opt for warm white or soft white light bulbs to create a warm, cosy light. Turning off the overhead lights can stop bright glare which makes you feel alert and awake. To get around this you can layer your lighting with different light sources to create an inviting setting. Having accent lights can help set the scene with a softer, more diffused light. Using lamps will create focal points on side tables. This will help draw your eye around the space to those inviting corners.
I love having some well-placed candles to create that cosy night in vibe and fill the room with beautiful scents. A little luxury goes along way!

6 Tips to Make Your Living Room Cosy – final thoughts

And these are my top tips for creating a cosy living room. I’d love to hear what your tips and tricks are
for creating your living room. Please leave them in the comments below.

About the author

Amy Crossland is the founder of – hand-poured soy candles UK. She is passionate about beautiful homes, healthy products in the home and all things cosy.


Camping using Reco (AD)

*This post contains an item that was gifted to me in exchange for my opinion. This has in no way affected what I think of the product and I have given my own honest opinion throughout.

I am very fortunate to be able to travel up and down the country with my partner Andy, in a van we have kitted out for camping. We’ve put up shelves (well Andy has, I just painted them) and added storage boxes to contain all of our belongings safely and securely. However, with it being the two of us in what is a relatively small van (it’s a Vauxhall Vivaro), space is at a premium and so we are restricted on the items we can take. I’m someone who loves her toiletries and beauty products but I know I am restricted on space and have to be quite strict with what I take. To clean my face I use bio-degradable wipes and for my moisturiser, I use the Simple everyday cream with SPF that comes in a small squeezable pouch.

One of the biggest toiletries we take is always the toothpaste tube because the travel sized versions are never big enough for two people. So when Reco contacted me and asked me if I would like to try out their Toothtabs, I was looking forward to seeing if this would solve that problem.

So what are Toothtabs?

They are an alternative to toothpaste in a tube and arrive in plastic free, compostable packaging which is great if you are trying to do your bit in helping the environment. Reco state that they are “cruelty free and vegan, and is made up of natural ingredients.” It contains fluoride which helps keep your teeth strong and healthy in the same way regular toothpaste does.

How does it work?

One tab is enough for one brushing. You simply pop it in your mouth and chew it until it forms a paste. You then wet your toothbrush and then start brushing as normal.Reco currently offer a 31 day trial pack for just £3 with no shipping costs so that you can try them for yourself. Click here for more information.

Whats the catch?

There is no catch but after 31 days your subscription then automatically turns to a rolling 3 monthly subscription costing £11.50 (only £3.83 a month) which can be cancelled at any time.

What did I think?

Once I started using them and seeing how easy and mess free they were, I thought they were perfect especially for when we are away camping. However, I started noticing how much whiter my teeth were looking and how they felt healthier too and so I’ve been using them at home too. Andy has even tried them too and hasn’t hated them which is a good sign from a man that is never bothered about the products he uses. If you’ve tried them, I’d love to know what you think in the comments below.


Being Gullible

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share a quick story with you of something that happened on Valentine’s Day.

Andy called me into the kitchen as he said he had something to ask me. So I said ask away, thinking nothing of it. He asked me “what noise does a dog make”, I replied “woof”. He then asked me “what noise does a pig make”, I replied “oink”. Then he asked me “what noise does a dolphin male”, my reply “squeak”. And that is when Andy tricked me by making a blowing noise like dolphins do when they come out of the water, whilst squirting water at me too and saying that’s the noise they make.

Needless to say, I had been had and fell for it hook, line and sinker. It’s not the first time I’ve fallen for one of his tricks (I’ve wrote about other occasions on my blog before) but it did make me start to wonder if I’m really that gullible or if he is really good at acting serious whilst playing a prank.

Andy made up for it though because I came back from work to a bubble bath waiting for me & a heart made out of rose petals outside the bathroom.


Valentine’s Day on a budget

Valentines blog collab

This blog post is in collaboration alongside 13 other great bloggers who will be posting related content on each of their blogs over the next couple of weeks. You can find out more about who is taking part towards the end of this special post.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a fortune

So many people think that they need to spend a lot of money just because it is Valentine’s Day and in previous years, I have been guilty of this too. Me and my other half Andy treat each other throughout the year and so we don’t really need to spend lots of money on one day, especially as its not that long since Christmas. I therefore thought of some ideas to help you do Valentine’s Day on a budget.

As an example, I have £20. That needs to cover gifts, food and entertainment. So lets break it down:


I only need to get a couple of things as a token gift, as well as a card that I can write a cute message inside. My first stop would be Poundland, because they have some great gifts in there, such as novelty, arts and crafts to name a couple. I’d also be looking at buying Andy’s card in there too. They do baking sets so you could maybe bake your other half a cake. If the budget allows and depending on what I’ve bought in Poundland, I would then look in a couple of charity shops because they usually have brand new items at a fraction of the cost like branded aftershaves that perhaps people have donated from unwanted presents.


With gifts sorted, I would then look at food. Ordering a takeaway would eat up a lot of the budget and so I would probably choose something from a supermarket such as a pizza or one of those Indian meals for two that come in a bag. These usually come in at £5 or under and so is great if you are trying to save some pennies. I’d probably also pick up some sweets or chocolate for afterwards, if we choose not to have the cake I made.


Why not have a cosy night in. Once dinner is out of the way, you could watch a film together, followed by a board game such as monopoly. Valentine’s day should be about spending that time with the person you love, so whatever you choose to do, make sure it is something you will both love and enjoy. You never know, you might even have change left over from that £20 budget!

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