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Beauty Advent Calendars

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Beauty advent calendars – are they really worth it? For the last few years, it seems as if the likes of beauty and lifestyle calendars have been growing in popularity. What happened to the days when we used to be happy to get a small square of chocolate each morning. Now it seems we all want the luxury items at a fraction of the cost. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you are getting value for money.

Beauty advent calendars – Where it all began?

I must admit that I have never been a huge chocolate lover. There were countless times where I’d forget to even open the window of my advent calendar before school. In reality, I just wasn’t that excited about it. My mum secretly knew this and so set about making her own advent calendar for me. She collected different chocolates, sweets and accessories that she knew I would like. Fair play to mum, she really thought about it and I found myself opening the doors each morning to the likes of Frys Turkish Delight (my favourite), as well as festive earrings and hair bobbles. To me, that meant more because it was tailored to what I would like and enjoy and I appreciated the items I received.

The beauty advent calendar hype begins

A few years ago, I noticed that bloggers and Youtubers were starting to talk about and unbox these beauty advent calendars. I’ll be the first to admit that I was sucked in. At that particular time, my blog was very much focused on reviews of products and so I thought this would be a great way to try out new products. Things that were usually out of my budget suddenly became reachable. I can even remember the first beauty calendar I had – a Sanctuary Spa one. I paid about £20 for it and loved opening the doors every morning.  Now, just two years later, I’ve seen a similar calendar retailing for £40!

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The second beauty advent calendar I bought was the ASOS one last year, which again, I loved. This time I paid £70 for it which now looking back seems extortionate. Having said that, I was really happy with the contents and the size of the samples I was trying I As an added bonus, I wrote reviews about the products and over time, gained a wider audience. The same year, I decided to treat my mum to a beauty advent calendar too and so bought her the M&S one. You had to spend £35 to be eligible to purchase the calendar for £35. The products received and the look on mums face each morning as she opened the little boxes, was well worth the money.

My overall thoughts on advent calendars

The beauty and lifestyle calendar videos have started popping up all over YouTube already even though its only October. I won’t deny that I have been looking to see if there is one that catches my eye. However, they all seem so much more expensive for what you actually get. I’ve even looked at a budget friendly one from Wilko but after watching an unboxing of it, I soon realised that it wasn’t worth it. I can’t help but think that over the last couple of years, this hype has resulted in them being more expensive with less quality products. I won’t say that I’ll rule out buying one, because in truth, I’ve got my eye on the Yankee Candle one. However, I’m certainly thinking it over more and want to buy something that will benefit me and my life. I’d rather that than just get more products that will probably sit in a drawer for months before being used or given away.

What are your thoughts on the beauty advent calendar craze?

Do you intend to buy one? If yes, what will you choose? If no, why? I’d love to know!

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17 thoughts on “Beauty Advent Calendars

  1. I can’t beat a Lindt chocolate advent calendar and just don’t think I can deviate from this tradition! I do love the DIY ones too in wooden boxes or the like! Having said that I saw a gin calendar that wouldn’t say no to 😊

  2. I’ve only always had chocolate advent calendars. I’m really tempted to buy a beauty-themed one though!! I do agree that they’re a bit pricey but I bet it’s so worth it haha!

  3. I’ve never heard of this. Wow, seems interesting though. I wouldn’t mind trying it out and see the hype myself. It was nice of you to treat your mom to one, after she use to get you the chocolates to encourage you! That’s beautiful and sweet❤️❤️❤️ Sure she appreciated it!

  4. I used to love Advent calendars as a child, especially the chocolate ones…and I saw one with tea the other day. Beauty-themed, hmmm…maybe I need to rethink Advent calendars being for children lol 😉
    Dropped by from #BloggerBeesRT today and so glad I did. Shared. New follower.
    Hope this week treats you kindly.

  5. I don’t really buy any type of calendar. I just use my phone. That’s enough for me. However these sound fun! I might buy one. Thanks for sharing! ✨✨

  6. I think this is interesting, I never gave deep thought to whether Advent calenders were worth the hype but I do definitely see them talked about a lot! I think the concept behind them people love is counting down to the holiday, and getting excited! Meanwhile, being rewarded! If the reward is beneficial and you get your money back in a sense.. then I would think it’s worth the hype! Otherwise, maybe not.

  7. I love them! Everyone in my household gets an advent calendar, including the pooch! His was of course, a chocolate (dog friendly type) one, my little girl had white chocolate.. My Mom bought me a Harry Potter jewellery one (perfect as I’m a huge fan of both) and because I got my Mom a jewellery one last year, this year I switched it up and spoilt her with two calendars, a tea one and a smellies one.

    I think they’re great, but it’s definitely worth looking for something that you know you/loved ones are going to love. The smellies one I bought my Mom turned out very different to my expectations, and was filled with soaps and bath bombs. We don’t own a bath and use pumps rather than soap blocks, there was one shower gel behind the door for Christmas Day. When purchasing it online I’d been made to believe there were more shower gels than only the one. So, that was disappointing for us both. I’ll know to strike that brand off of my potentials list for next year, though!

    Davis –

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