Why there won’t be a Lush haul

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If you’re new here, you might not know, but I have been a blogger for six years. Unfortunately, a while back I decided I no longer wanted to blog and I therefore deleted all the hard work of those years. Recently, I decided to rejoin the blogging community and so am starting from scratch again.

Every year without fail, I’d always buy pretty much all of the Halloween and Christmas range from Lush to do a haul. I think last year, I spent about £50 buying all the cute little bits and have spent most of 2018 using them up!

I saw on twitter a couple of months ago that the Halloween and festive ranges were now available at Lush and so did not hesitate to pop onto their website to have a browse, purse in hand, ready to spend. However, I was so shocked that I didn’t buy anything and don’t intend to either. Since when were bath bombs nearly £5 each! I suddenly felt like I needed a mortgage to be able to afford them. I ended up thinking that for the price of a one use bath bomb, I could buy a bottle of just as lovely smelling bubble bath and have change left over to add a bottle of wine in too!

Over the following days, I was pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one that was feeling this way and I read so many comments from people saying how ridiculous the prices were and how they wouldn’t dream of spending that amount of money on a one use only item. So therefore, I have decided that I will not be doing my usual Lush shopping and so there will be no Lush haul on the blog this year.

What do you think of the Lush prices this year?

Will you still be buying from them or are you going to find alternatives too?

20 thoughts on “Why there won’t be a Lush haul

  1. I’ve got to admit that Lush is getting more expensive but I will still buy occasionally for gifts. However, I was quite appaled at their treatment of the policeforce last year with their very hateful campaign and this has really turned me off shopping there more than the prices.

  2. I absolutely love Lush, but can’t necessarily justify the prices. I’ll go in to the store, but come back out again rather quick when I see the price tags. I might treat myself to something, but it has to be a product that will last a while.

  3. I finally have a bath tub in my apartment and I wanted to try those cute little bath bombs from Lush everyone was talking about. They are crazy expensive! I could make a whole bunch of them if I buy the ingredients. Instead I bought 3 bath balls from The Body Shop. I think they are 2€ each and I got the third one for only 2 cents. 🙂 I would only get 1 from Lush for that price.

  4. i think the price of lush is becoming more and more ridiculous, i think its because its getting increasingly popular and they don’t really have any competitors so they can set their prices as high as they want? Very honest judgement – im glad someones talking about how expensive lush is, finally!

    1. I agree! I did notice my local Lush shop wasn’t as busy as it used to be when I walked past it the other day. I definitely much prefer the Bomb Cosmetics ones now. They are much better value for money.

  5. My 5-year-old is obsessed with Lush bath bombs! She talked me into buying her a Halloween one last month after a member of staff gave us a demo, and when I got to the till it was £6! They’re a really expensive luxury! xxx

  6. I love Lush products bit they are getting very expensive! i still biy them near as m but nowhere near as many as I used to.

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