My hopes, goals and plans for 2019

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I wasn’t going to write a post about my hopes and goals this year. However, I’ve read so many great ideas on other blogs, its inspired me to create my own. I thought I could refer back to this in the future to keep me on track to achieving my goals.

2018 taught me a lot. Not only myself, but those around me. I opened my eyes to those who were really there for me and cared about my well being. And then there were those that were just there for me for what they could gain.

A lot of the hopes and goals I’ve thought about have had this in mind.

My goals for 2019

  • Stop saying yes to everything – politely say no if I don’t want to do something
  • Stop spending so much money and save a bit more than I have done previously
  • Learn to cook more of a varity
  • Try and read more books when I have a quiet five minutes
  • If the weather improves, I’d like to take Trixie for more walks
  • I’d like to learn to drive. I’m going to set myself the goal of passing my test by the end of the year
  • Play a few pranks on Andy to get my own back on what he’s done to me. You can read all about it HERE
  • Sort my clothes out to see if there is anything I’d like to donate to charity

Hopes for 2019

  • Myself and Andy to continue to travel around the UK and find new places to explore
  • Hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll be even more enthusiastic about aviation
  • As Andy is a train driver, I’ve been learning lots about trains and railways. I hope that no one reading this thinks its strange, but I’m actually quite liking trains. I’d love to continue learning more.
  • Good health and lots of happiness for myself, Andy, family, friends and Trixie
  • To continue writing blog posts from this site. Hopefully you will read lots of interesting things over the coming months. I’d like to ask Andy to help me take outfit shots. I’m contemplating doing outfits of the day style posts. I’m also the author to the following site A Wartime Life , and joint author to Kelly & Andys Travel Journals

So hopefully 2019 will be full of travelling, airshows, shopping and walks in the countryside. What I do know is the plans that I decide to make will focus hopefully bringing health and happiness.

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68 thoughts on “My hopes, goals and plans for 2019

    1. Thank you! I’m nervous but excited to learn to drive as I know it will give me so many more opportunities.
      Good luck with the reading, what genre of books do you enjoy?

      1. Definitely! It’s just a lot of practice.
        I love anything crimey! You know murder mystery type stuff… Orrrr complete fantasy – Harry Potter being my all time favourite!! You??

    1. Its certainly a different kind of job, but I guess like with everything, it comes with pros and cons. I agree I can’t wait until some warmer weather arrives

  1. I really like these goals you’ve set. Particularly “stop saying yes to everything”, which is something I should seriously consider myself, to be honest. The pranking goal sounds amazing too – I haven’t seen the ones he did but definitely will have to check them out now haha. Definitely get your revenge on him this year, girl!

    Reema |

  2. You’ve got some fab hopes and dreams for 2019 here, Kelly! I particularly like the idea of you playing more pranks on Andy as I always enjoy playing pranks on my boyfriend too! Good luck with your goal of passing your driving test too, it’s honestly one of the best feelings in the world and it’s a memory that I’ll remember forever! xx

  3. Sounds like it should be a rewarding year for you, I really like that you included your hopes as well! Good luck with everything, especially the driving! x

  4. Some great goals Kelly! I can relate to the one about not saying yes as often. I remind myself that saying no sometimes is a kind of self-care. All the best with your goals & hopes!

    1. I agree but I feel like we always put self-care last, even though saying no to things sounds simple, it can also be really difficult to put into practise.

  5. We have a lot of similar goals for this year! I’m planning on reading more, and I definitely need to start saying no to more things! I’m also sorting out my clothes for charity. Good luck with everything!
    Emily from x

    1. Thats great! It feels so good donating things you no longer need to charity. I hope you achieve all of your goals too. What sort of books do you like to read?

  6. These are some great goals! I hope you manage to achieve them all. I also want to be able to cook more meals and to read more!

  7. These are some great goals! I conquered my fear & driving anxiety and did my test in October and passed first time (I’m a terrible driver, though, lol). You’ve got this! 🙌🏽

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my latest post. Thats great news that you passed, congratulations! I think I’ll be a very nervous driver once I get started.

  8. These sound like great goals, travelling sounds so exciting! I’d love to read more books this year, so I am making time for it in the evenings. I would also love to learn to cook a variety of foods too. All the best with your goals and hope you have a wonderful 2019! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my latest post. I find that I can learn so much more by travelling around and seeing things, rather than just reading about them. Its great that you want to read more too. What genre of books do you tend to read? I hope you have an amazing 2019

  9. I hope you achieve most of these goals this year! And I’ve always thought trains were cool haha

  10. I love your goals. I do not drive but want to learn as well. My favorite is to stop saying yes. I do this all the time and find my self wishing I had not. Best goal ever!

  11. those are some great goals and hopes for the new year! they all sound very doable! i also need to work on saving money. fortunately my fiance has been helping me. i’m a dietitian and a foodie so i have a soft spot for food. i just wanna buy all the food lol

  12. These are great! I wish you’ll achieve everything that you got on your list! And nobody thinks you’re strange because you have an interest in trains, I think it’s pretty cool that Andy shares his passion with you xx

    Anaïs |

  13. Good luck with your plans for 2019. I too want to learn to start politely saying no to people. There are so many posts out there about always saying yes but sometimes it’s best for you if you say no.

    The part where you mentioned about playing pranks made me laugh!

    Hope you have a wonderful year 🙂

  14. These are great goals and achievable.
    I can relate so much to the one to stop saying yes to everything, it is one of my goals too this year😊

  15. These are great achievable goals Kelly. I wish you luck with them, especially getting Andy back for that prank. 😂 If you like trains I’d recommend The Dean Forest Railway (Forest of Dean) or the Steam Museum (Swindon).

  16. Those are great goals! I especially relate to the first one – I need to start saying no to things I don’t want to do, as I’ve had a tendency to always say yes which ends up making my life stressful! (I wrote a post about that here: I want to read more books too – I am always buying books and intending to read them but other things keep getting in the way! I hope you achieve all your goals and hopes 🙂

  17. Great set of goals here. Totally use the airshows as and excuse to travel the UK! I also travel the UK and blog about it so always ask if you want some inspiration 🙂

    Georgia –

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