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Hey guys, WOKE Coffee sounds like a brilliant initiative, can you explain what made you want to start a new coffee subscription?

It started on our front door step not too long ago! During lockdown we’ve been sitting outside first thing in the morning, drinking our coffee and watching the world wake up before getting on with work. We started talking about how much we missed our morning coffees and wondered why it was so hard to easily find good coffee brands to brew at home. We could go to our local shop and peruse a minimal choice of uninteresting brands, or order online with a particular roaster and receive their coffee in bulk (1kg!). After a few days searching we could see there was very little in the way of subscriptions that send you a variety of coffees. We wanted to try all of the amazing coffees out there – and WOKE coffee box was born.
And how will your subscription work logistically?
It will start off as a monthly experience, with each WOKE subscriber receiving a WOKE coffee box containing 2x250g packs, from two hand-picked roasters, along with the story behind the chosen coffee. In the long term we hope to expand and make two deliveries per month, eventually delivering to coffee lovers weekly! Our box will also contain other surprises, from coffee based recipes to quirky gifts.
So, two bags per month, delivered through your letterbox, can you give any insight into the roasters you have on board already?
We have numerous roasters already on board who seem to love the brand and concept, which we were thrilled to hear! We can’t give too much away on who the roasters are just yet, but we are looking for partners who can provide unusual, sustainable and above all, seriously tasty coffee. Some of our roasters have great side stories, including one that’s brewed in a prison! Its all about finding exciting brands that you wouldn’t stumble across in your usual subscription or local shops.
You’re launching a Kickstarter this week – how can people get involved and what are your targets to get going?
People can sign up at to hear about the launch and jump on to Kickstarter where all will be revealed. There will be loads of rewards as part of our crowdfunding, including discounts on monthly and annual subscriptions, as well as fun WOKE related merch. Our target is Ā£4,000 which covers our cost of launch in regards to logistics and operations, as well as developing our branding. All of the money will go straight into making WOKE coffee the most exciting subscription service out there!
The name, where did the idea of being Woke come from?
For us, being WOKE is all about being alert and open minded to new and eclectic coffee, that’s sustainably sourced and made. WOKE also plays on the word wake up – once you drink your morning coffee you’re ready for anything life throws at you!
And as coffee lovers, what are your personal preferences in style when it comes to home brewing?
We both love our French press. Alice likes any coffee that tastes of chocolate, full-bodied and warming. Ben prefers the stronger stuff with a hint of spice, he needs that kick! WOKE is all about a journey through everyones’ tastes, so we will tailor the subscription to popular demand in flavours and strength.
The aim is of course to bring new roasters and origins to coffee lovers nationwide, if you had to pick, whose coffee has stood out most for you so far this year?
COVID-19 has unfortunately hindered our experience of going out for nice coffee and sampling different brands and flavours, but I think a few roasters have done an excellent job in promoting the home experience! Press Coffee, Perky Blenders and Grind are three that stand out, but we have also tried some really great coffee from Micro-Roasters such as Scarlett Coffee Roastery, and award winning Chapter!
And where is the best cup of coffee you’ve ever drank?
Before we met, we both lived in Oz. Although we lived in different states, it just so happens that we both discovered Allpress from New Zealand. It’s still our favourite brand to this day! You can now buy it in some boutique cafes in London, which is awesome and we can’t wait to have them on board in the future!
I for one can’t wait to get involved with Woke Coffee but for you, what’s the ambition, where do you see yourself in a year’s time?
We can’t wait for you to join us on the journey! In a years time, we would love to be a fully fledged subscription business with a fantastic group of roasters and customers across the UK loving our coffee box!
Good luck guys – what are your social media links so people can find you.
Insta: @wokecoffeebox
Twitter: @wokecoffeebox
Sign up: Click Here

8 thoughts on “Q & A With WOKE Coffee

  1. I love this post. Great idea doing a Q&A with them, most people just do reviews and the like!
    Al x

  2. Subscription boxes are saving me right now and a coffee subscription is something I already have but I think I might have to give Woke Coffee a go as well!
    Sarah x

  3. I’m not a coffee lover myself, but my boyfriend loves it and with everything going on at the moment it is difficult as we’ve just had to stick to buying coffee from the co-op to make at home which are okay but it’s definitely not the same as buying some from a coffee shop! I shall pass this along to him anyway as he might be interested to get a coffee subscription! Thanks for sharing

    Chloe xx

  4. I’m not a coffee drinker myself but this sounds like a fab brand and a great idea for coffee lovers! My mum would enjoy this, I think, as she drinks a lot of coffee!

    – Jenny xxx

  5. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I have plenty of people in my life who would love something like this! I’ll make sure to let them know about this company – thanks for sharing x

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