Wake ‘n’ Shake Dynamite Review

* Please note, this item was gifted to me in exchange for my review, however all thoughts stated are my honest opinions.

As I’ve briefly mentioned in my A time Z post, I have a moderate hearing loss of about 33% and as a result I have two sets of hearing aids which one set is programmed accordingly. The other set I use in certain situations as I feel the are better than the other ones, which I feel my hearing is even better than Andy’s and betters my daily life. Obviously I don’t sleep wearing my hearing aids, however sometimes in the morning, waking up has been a problem as I didn’t always hear my alarm and unfortunately very often, Andy woke up to my alarm where in truth he really needed sleep with his shift work. With that said, Andy came up with a good suggestion and after some research, decided to buy me a vibrating alarm clock which I could put under my pillow, thus no longer disturbing Andy and enabling me to wake up on time.

I was recently asked if I would like to try out the “Geemarc Wake ‘n’ Shake Dynamite” alarm clock. As mentioned above, I already owned a vibrating alarm clock and so I was intrigued to see how this compared between the two.

Upon receiving the alarm clock, I realised that it was much larger than my exsisting one which fits under my pillow or I can attach it to my wrist. I can’t fit this new alarm clock under my pillow however it does come with a vibrating pad to place there instead. I looked a little closer and realised that I could use it as a regular clock too.

When reading the instructions, I noticed that it has several different features to help you wake up in the morning. An extra loud alarm, shaker with a high vibration alarm, flashing alert or the option to use all three means that there should be something for everyone.

The clock can be powered by either the mains or a battery (for backup) which as advised in the instruction leaflet, is a great option if you get a power cut. An added bonus is that you can also plug your USB phone charger into the clock and charge your phone overnight.

I have been testing it out for a while now and feel ready to review it. Whilst I think it is a great concept, I am concerned that as I don’t know what I do in my sleep, having a wire so close to my face and neck could cause a serious accident. I will however continue to use the main alarm clock because it is loud enough that I can hear it.

For more information, visit the Geemarc website

11 thoughts on “Wake ‘n’ Shake Dynamite Review

  1. I’m glad you identified a potential safety concern and are heeding to it – you do never know what you do in your sleep.

  2. Thank you for writing about this! I never knew products like this existed. Though concerns about a wire close to your face at night are understandable, I know several people who could really benefit from owning one of these!

  3. This is a really interesting product. I had no idea they had vibrating alarm clocks because I have used my phone for years. Glad to know that you have found one that works for you and are able to hear it.

  4. I have heard about this but was curious how it works exactly. It’s not something I need because I’m a very light sleeper. Thanks for sharing your honest review. It’s helpful!

  5. This is such a great concept but I totally understand your concerns about the wire! It’s great that the regular alarm clock is loud enough for you to hear though x


  6. Oh god what you said about having a wire so close to your face during your sleep is concerning! I probably wouldn’t have thought about that but now you’ve mentioned it, I’d be worried about having an accident too!

  7. The amount I move about Id be terrified about that wire, not sure this would be for me šŸ˜¬

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