6 Tips for visiting a museum after lockdown

The last few months have been difficult for all of us in some way. Whether that’s not being able to see loved ones, not being able to travel, we have all had our struggles. Some of you reading this might not feel ready to start visiting more public places and that’s absolutely fine. However, if you are thinking about visiting a museum or other attraction, I thought I’d put together these tips to help you. Having recently visited a museum, here is some of the things you might want to consider.

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Check their website

This is something I always like to do beforehand anyway because I like to know what facilities there are. This is especially important now because there might be certain things you have to adhere to with the current restrictions. A lot of museums, even those that are free entry, require you to book an arrival time. This is so that they can manage the numbers on site at any one time. Another thing to check is whether everything is open and if not, how will this affect your visit. If there is one main thing you want to see, but its currently closed off, you might be better postponing.

Expect to queue

You should expect to queue not only at the entrance but to see some of the exhibits too so make sure you factor this in. As the weather starts to turn, you might want to think about taking an umbrella in case it starts to rain. If you go with the mindset that you will queue, it will be an added bonus if you end up not needing to.

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Take a drink

If the museum you want to visit is indoors, you will be required to wear a mask (unless exempt). With this in mind, you are probably going to be feeling quite hot a lot quicker than normal and with any queues you may have to stand in, you will almost certainly feel thirsty.

Allow extra time

One of my main tips is definitely to allow extra time. Everything takes so much longer these days and with social distancing in place, museums are not exempt. So try to research how long you need and add a bit more time onto that figure. We recently visited Eden Camp, which they recommended 3-4 hours, when in actual fact, you needed more like 4-5 hours.

Ask if you are unsure

If you are not sure about something, whether that is can you go back to something, even if there is a oneway system in place or is your time at the museum restricted, just ask a member of staff. They will be more than willing to answer your questions because they want you to enjoy your visit and want both themselves and their visitors to be safe too. If you want to ask in advance, try looking at their social media, as someone else might have raised the same question. If all else fails, give them a ring and I’m sure they will answer you when they can.

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Be conscious of children

There will no doubt be a few families at the museum and whilst parents will most likely have explained about covid and social distancing, if something catches their attention, they are likely to quickly forget. So its best to be conscious of any children around you and make sure that if they happen to be too close to you, as the adult, you move away slightly to comply with social distancing. We were all children once and can probably remember a time when safety went out of the window when you had suddenly seen that toy and automatically gone over to it, so just remember that.

So these are my tips for visiting museums post lockdown. You could probably apply them to other attractions too. A lot of it is down to common sense, but if you don’t feel ready to explore, add the museum to a bucket list instead.

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41 thoughts on “6 Tips for visiting a museum after lockdown

  1. Visiting my first musuem since lockdown next week and this has definitely helped me think about what to pack. I’ll definitely be taking an umbrella with me now as well as my mask!!! Xxx

  2. Hi Kelly. Very sensible tips for us all to consider. We haven’t been to a museum yet but we have been to some National Trust grounds – we had to book in advance, as is the norm now, but it was all very well organised and no hassle.

    1. Thank you for reading. Its great that so many places are really organised. I’m looking forward to going to some National Trust properties when it gets to Autumn.

      1. This is such a helpful post. I actually prefer the way things are now with booking, spacing etc, it feels more comfortable to not have everyone crowd you.

  3. These are some great tips! I visited London in Tuesday for the first time Corona virus hit and it was so different but actually quite nice? I visited the Tate and the booking system was lovely x

  4. I miss visiting museums. Most museum in Malaysia are having promotions now. But not many people want to visit museums during this pandemic. People are more into outdoor activities now like visiting parks.

  5. Been some time since I went to a museum, all the planning that’s now required for going out is stressing me out. I’m not an organised guy with a plan. I’m a do things on a win guy 😂

  6. Great advice! I also look online before heading out anywhere for 2 reasons. First, it allows me to find out about any new rules or regulations that I need to consider while planning my visit. Second, for me, it gives an indication on whether I’m going to be comfortable going somewhere at this point. I only visit places that are making an effort to prioritize health and safety. If a company can’t be bothered putting the necessary precautions in place, I can’t be bothered to go.

  7. I haven’t been out much since lockdown has been lifted but I would love to go to a museum. I know that things are going to be different for a long time now but it seems like a great place to go x

  8. these are some great tips. We went to the zoo a few weeks ago (luckily outside, making it easier) but we brought extra hand sanitizer, and yeah, we had to book an arrival time.

  9. It’s been years since I’ve visited a museum but I may have to find one near me! I’m a big fan of history and love learning new things! Great tips!

  10. Great post! I definitely agree with just asking if your unsure of how museums are handling COVID and social distancing. I like to look at the website of wherever I’m going just to make sure I’m aware of all the rules.

  11. I’ve already visited some museums after lockdown, so basically it’s “distance and dezinfect” requirements. And yes, the number of people is limited.

  12. Great post! I haven’t been to a museum in forever so even without the covid situation I would have to be looking up a lot of information about the place anyway. It’s good that certain things are now in place, like the booking a slot. I bet this makes the museum abit more enjoyable as there hopefully won’t be as many people in at one time.

    Thanks for sharing your tips!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  13. These are some great tips! I haven’t been to a museum in so long but I love going to the natural history museum. Something I would definitely like to do again soon ☺️

  14. Great tips! I absolutely agree that everything takes so much longer now with the covid-19 precautions. And good call about the water, that’s one thing I keep forgetting now, it’s easy to get hot and thirsty in masks. Thanks for the pointers!1

  15. This post has some really helpful information in it. I have not visited a museum since the lockdown and I probably would not have thought to bring a drink and to allow extra time, etc. Life changed quickly and we’re all still figuring out the new normal. Thanks for your advice.

  16. Great tips – I’m all about safety first right now. The only thing I would change is I wouldn’t take a drink because I don’t want to have to use the bathroom in public right now

  17. What great tips! I only really like the science museum in London when it comes to museums, but I’d love to visit it again. I am not ready to go out just yet, but I will be using these tips when it comes down to it!

    Em x

  18. These are all great tips, I think queuing is pretty much expected everywhere these days, and taking your own food/ drinks as many places still don’t have cafes and shops open. I’m still not really venturing out that much but would definitely look into these things if I were to decide to go x


  19. Kelly, these are great tips and thoughtful. You have pinpointed good ideas and precautions to be taken. These tips not only restrict to museums and helpful to places that we are visiting after lock-down. Thanks for sharing😍😍

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