Favourite Christmas Films

Now we are part way through December, I thought it would be the perfect time to mention some of the Christmas films I’ve been enjoying recently. I know they are nearly always cheesy but watching Christmas Films has become a bit of a tradition. I’ve managed to cut it down to 8 so that this post isn’t too long so lets get straight into it.

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  1. The Holiday. This is my favourite film and gets me feeling really festive. I’ve already watched it countless times this season.
  2. Four Christmases. This is something I can relate to since becoming an adult. Trying to figure out who you are going to see and when can be so difficult but I always see the funny side of it in this film.
  3. Home Alone. I always enjoy the first of these films because its hilarious, especially as its the first time Kevin has been left at home.
  4. Deck The Halls. I always really enjoy this film, especially the rivalry between the two neighbours. Its funny to see what lengths they will go to in order to outdo each other.
  5. Elf. If you love Christmas, you’ll love this film. Its so festive, bright and in your face, you can’t help but smile.
  6. Nativity! This is such a feel good film and reminds me so much of my childhood. I just wish our nativity plays had been as eventful as this one.
  7. Prancer. This is a film I’ve watched since I was a little girl and has such a lovely and magical story to it. Its definitely worth a watch if you haven’t already seen it.
  8. A Christmas Carol. This is such a great story and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed several remakes of this as well as the book.

What is your favourite Christmas film? I’d love to know in the comments below. Join me tomorrow for another festive feature!

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31 thoughts on “Favourite Christmas Films

  1. The first time I saw A Christmas Story was while visiting my daughter’s father when she was a baby. He didn’t have cable so he left it on that channel. I kind of paid attention to it the firsr time, and I watched it a second time and fell in love with Ralph and his plight for a bb gun. As a tradition now, I watch it ONLY on Christmas Day and I watch it twice. My daughter’s favorite scene is when the mom is bundling Ralphie’s little brother up before school and he complains he can’t put his arms down. My favorite scene is when the mom is embarrassed of the infamous leg lamp that the neighbors have gathered around to see.

  2. Elf will always be my fave Christmas movie – I just love everything about it! A few years ago, I watched all three Home Alones which I adore too, along with A Christmas Carol which is such a good classic <3 Haven't seen four Christmasses but really want too, great post 🙂 x

  3. Home Alone and Elf are such classic Christmas movies! I still haven’t watched Nativity but I’ll get to it soon 😅

    Taiwo |

  4. The holiday season never passes in this house without Home Alone. We have already sat down and watched it, Elf and a few others just to get into the holiday spirit. Nothing helps me embrace the season the way holiday movies do lol

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