Meet My January Advertisers

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Happy new year!

I don’t know about you but I love that feeling of freshness of the start of a new month and a new year. Its like a blank canvas where anything is possible. What better way to kick of the new year than with a meet the advertisers post. I have now been running advertising packages on my blog for three months. I can’t believe how quickly that time has gone!

Advertising is a great way of getting your blog out there, gaining a new audience as well as so many other benefits. If you would like to find out more information about how you can advertise on my blog, check out this post.

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This January, I’m so happy to have a returning blogger, who is one of my favourites…

Portable Guide

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If you are looking for reviews and buying guides for anything, you will almost certainly find it on the Portable Guide site. As well as this, they also have lots of tips and hacks that they share with you. Effectively, they are doing all the hard work, testing and trying things, so that you don’t have to.

Three posts you should definitely check out are:

How to make the ultimate smartphone mini projector under $5

What do I need for a home gym?

DIY Beach Weddings: Brilliant Tips

Make sure you check out these posts and subscribe to Portable Guide so that you don’t miss out on their great content.

Huge thank you to Portable Guide for advertising with me this month. Remember, if you’re a blogger and would like to take part, get in touch.

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52 thoughts on “Meet My January Advertisers

  1. I haven’t always been someone who pays much attention to new years, but this year I’m so happy for the fresh start! Last year was quite the year!

    Very cool to learn about your advertiser. I checked out the homemade projector post and that is such a neat DIY. I didn’t even know that was possible!

  2. Very rightly said Kelly, the new year, the new month is like a blank canvas and I feel we should fill it with more smiles and positivity. Wishing A very Happy New Year To you and your loved ones.❤️

  3. Happy New Year Kelly!

    I love reading blog advertiser posts as they’re a great way to find new blogs. I’m the type of person who always reads reviews online before making purchases, so your advertiser this month is a great find for me! Thank you for sharing x

  4. I discovered Portable Guide through one of your ‘meet my advertisers’ posts and I LOVE following along with the content there! As a camping lover, I have been enjoying going through all of their Outdoors & Sports posts such as the top hammock tents!

  5. I hope I can make 2021 my year, in all areas! I was so done with everything that I didn’t even wish in the new year, I need to work on lifting my spirits too x

    Emily |

  6. I actually really enjoy portable guide so it was so nice to see it here! Thanks for sharing your monthly advertiser’s x

  7. Year 2021 is definitely going to be a challenging one.
    And advertising is a key to reach to new and relevant readers.
    Thanks for providing a platform.

  8. I love the freshness of a new year as well! Portable guide looks neat! I’ll have a look at this website 🙂

  9. 100% agree with what you said about a blank canvas, it’s the perfect way to start the year! Also love these types of posts to discover new bloggers x

  10. Yes I completely agree with you, it’s been a rubbish 2020, yes we’ve all made memories but I’m sure we all wanted to do more. Here’s to 2021 and hoping we achieve all of our goals! 😁

  11. Happy New Year! I haven’t read this blog before but it sounds great! I love that you are helping other bloggers by advertising them on your blog! Have a great month!

  12. Portable Guide looks like a neat site with lots of different niches to check out. I’m hoping to do some advertising myself this year, once I get my blogging plans going forward in order 🙂

  13. Yes! I love the fresh feeling at the start of each month and especially the start of a new year – I hope you have an amazing January 🙂
    Sarah x

  14. i love this! nothing like a fresh start! i’ll look more into advertisers since i’m still new to blogging!

  15. Having a new year is always great where you feel like you have a fresh start. At the same time, you can always start new habits anytime! It is great you got to introduce a returning blogger in your advertisers for the month! Definitely will check out Portable Guide!

    Nancy ✨

  16. I always love reading blogger advertising posts, it’s great to find new blogs to read – I’m intrigued to check out the smartphone mini projector post, that could be very handy right now!

  17. I’ve never cared much about new year but I know a lot of people are really looking forward to that fresh start and new hope this year. It sounds like a great blog for reviews, I’ll have to check it out x

  18. Happy New Year to you too Kelly! I’m determined to make this year into a good one, even with everything that’s going on in the world x

  19. I love the feeling of a fresh start and a new year to me is the ultimate fresh start. A blank canvas filled with endless possibilities (except covid). I don’t think I have come across Portable Guide before, what a great place to visit if you are looking for hacks and reviews! Thank you for sharing Kelly. I hope you have a successful year. Hopefully it will be a lot safer and happier for everyone this year.


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