How to keep your home organised

Welcome back to another edition of my decluttering/organisation series. I have already spoken about how to declutter sustainably as well as an app I use that keeps me organised. For today’s post, I wanted to give you some more tips to help you keep your home organised.

A rule a like to follow is that everything should have a home. If you have bits placed on your kitchen side or another area of your home because there is nowhere to put them, the chances are you have too much stuff. If this is the case, I’d definitely recommend having a declutter first otherwise your home will never feel organised. You may find that you need to high a skip to help you. It’s a great motivator knowing you can fill it up ready for collection. If you are local, it’s worth searching for skip bins sydney to help you get the job done in an affordable and efficient way.

Once you feel that everything has its own home, sit down and think about why your home feels unorganised. Is it because things get put on the stairs to be taken up but everyone just walks past them? Or maybe its because you have letters coming in daily which are just cluttering up the side. Whatever it is, think about how you can improve the situation. In time cases, it might be a good idea to buy something extra. For example, buy a box folder for those letters so that they are all stored neatly, until you can work through them. Write down these problem areas and see if you can come up with any answers as to how you can break the cycle. The following tips may help you…

Invest in good storage

Investing in good storage can make such a difference to your home. For example, my kitchen cupboards used to be overflowing with open packets of pasta and rice, as was the same with the dog food in the conservatory. One day, I’d had enough and decided to get some plastic storage containers to store the food in. Not only did they look much better, they made me feel motivated to keep the cupboards tidy. This can work well with your wardrobes too. If you have all your clothes in there, try separating out the seasons and vac bag what is currently out of season. You will then have so much more room and your clothes with hang better too.

variety of spices organised in glass jars on wooden shelves
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Have a morning & evening routine

In my experience, I’ve found that having a good morning and evening routine can be so beneficial to keeping an organised home. Both routines can be completely different, but they are still working towards the same goal. In the morning you could vow to pack away the dishes and put a load of washing on. In the evening, you could make sure all dishes are washed, spray the sofa with Fabreeze and pack away the dry clothes. Its all about doing a few small tasks which will make the next day run more smoothly. Before I go to bed, I always try to have a little tidy up just so in the morning, there isn’t a mess to come down to.

5 minute tidy

Throughout the day, we have so many 5 minute slots available, we don’t even realise it. Whether its whilst your waiting for the kettle to boil or whilst tea is in the oven, there is always a little bit of time you can utilise. Picking an area and just giving it a quick tidy and clean is a much better use of your time than endlessly scrolling social media. The majority of people don’t want to feel like they need to slave away keep the house clean and tidy, so break it down into small chunks. If you boil the kettle 3 times a day, that’s 15 minutes and 3 areas that you could have worked on. By the end of the week, a huge portion of your home will be clean and tidy, so you have more time to relax at the weekend.

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Pick a room or a tool

Whilst this might sound odd, this is something I try to do each day. Each morning, I add a room or a tool to my routine that I will focus on. So for example, I might want to clean the bathroom or the living room. Its all about working logically and not wasting the time you have. Sometimes, its not ideal to go room by room and instead you can focus on the tool element. For this, I might choose the vacuum as my tool. Then all I need to do is vacuum each room in the house before packing it back away. Either way you choose, you are keeping your house clean and tidy without too much effort.

Ask for help

My last tip is to ask for help. It is not possible to do everything and sometimes you need a bit of support. If you live with people who are also making the place untidy, rope them in to help. Split the jobs down so that everybody knows what they have to do and enforce it. If the kids chores are to tidy their rooms, make sure they do it before they are allowed any treats. They will soon get it done.

I hope you have found these tips useful. Keeping an organised home can be really simple. It ultimately comes down to time utilisation and all working together. Do you have an extra tips for keeping an organised home? Leave them in the comments below because you might help someone who is struggling. Please remember that whilst it is lovely to have a clean and organised home, some days this just isn’t possible and that is ok. There is always tomorrow.

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  1. Although I don’t have my own home yet, I loved reading this and anything that will give me an idea of how to keep my space organised! Storage is definitely something I’ve been looking into recently and being more creative with storage and space! Though I never though of having a separate morning or evening routines to help keep my space organised and tidy! Such a clever idea and one I will definitely try implementing!

  2. These are all great ideas Kelly! Having an organized home is something I love and this post did come in handy. I find that investing in good storage always keeps my home looking more organized. I always have a cleaning morning routine but I’ll start to practice an evening cleaning routine. Also, the 5 minute tidy always comes in handy, I find that I can always put a few things in place here and there while I am maybe waiting for the water to boil or while the food is cooking lol. Asking for help is very important as you can’t do everything yourself and I really agree with asking the people you live with who contribute in making the home untidy to join in the process. Great post x!

  3. This is great advice. I am TERRIBLE for clutter and general disorganised stuff! More so now we are all at home all the time.

    I simply don’t make time for it which is not great. Me and my partner do a ‘hinch half hour’ most days and just today round and it is amazing how much we can achieve. But its these organisational jobs that I just don’t make time for.

    I am feeling inspired right now so thank you!

  4. OMG when I switched up my storage solutions, my life changed. Not even being dramatic. Having a place for everything to live was a dream! I hate clutter!


  5. Thanks for sharing these tips Kelly! Cleaning as you go and whenever you have some down time is always good to keep the house cleaned. I love having good storage options, they’re so important!

  6. This is a really helpful post to organise your home. I love having an organised place and everything having a place. I feel so much happier in a tidy and organised space. Thank you for sharing.


  7. I just moved and am surrounded by boxes so I’m thankful for the timely inspiration. I have always wanted my pantry to look like this so I am going to invest in some glass bottles this weekend. Thanks!

  8. I need to have a major tidy up and clean. I’m finding it too cold around the house to motivate myself, lol. So I end up being lazy. Your blog has given me a boost to do a bit at a time.

  9. I like to keep things as minimal as possible. Clutter just frustrates me hahaa. This post makes me happy and has inspired me to clean my room up tomorrow. Thanks.

    Tea in the Tub

  10. An untidy home and mess in general drives me unhealthily crazy . . . it has been a balance for me finding the time and place for cleaning in a frenzied state and doing it intentionally, so I love this post!
    Having dedicated storage areas and a home for everything in the home is so helpful; all things have a place where they belong and should stay.

    I think your tip on asking for help connected with me most! I need to do that more; one person cannot always do everything. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. It’s amazing how quickly the 5 min tidy can add up, isn’t it? I try to take some time during my lunch break each day to do a little something around the house – whether it’s just to run a load of dishes or throw on a load of laundry. It doesn’t take away from my lunch break much but it does leave me feeling that rush of energy that comes from knowing that you accomplished something.

  12. Those are some good ideas!! Love the jar organization…can’t wait to have more space to organize my stuff better one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. These are amazing ideas! I have been a hot mess all my life and it wasn’t until recently that I started being a little more tidy. I love how you wrote that we have so many 5 minute windows because it is sooo true! Thanks so much for sharing x

  14. This was such a good read. The most needed post. I do have a morning and Evening Routine to keep me stay organised. I liked the idea of 5 minute tidy slot. Will try to do it.

  15. Since I’ve been prepping to move into my new home organization has been really important to me. My current place is super chaotic, I’ve recently invested in some really nice jars for pasta and rice!

  16. I love a tidy home! I tidy a bit every evening and we also tidy together as a family. It’s now more important than ever because we are all at home all the time. I teach my little boys to take dirty clothes to the hamper, dishes to the kitchen, tidying up pens after drawing etc. Not having to manage a chaos releases a lot of time and energy to do more fun things!

  17. Asking for help is the best solution for me. Iโ€™m quite lazy when it comes household tasks. But I am making an effort to improve myself. Household task is a must for everyone. Thank you for sharing your tips.

  18. I love reading anything related to organizing things. I loved this post so much, I can’t even imagine how fun it would be to label the jars in the kitchen. These tips are awesome! Thank you.

  19. I so need this post right now! I’ve definitely let thing get a bit out of hand after the holidays. I need to get organized. I love your suggestion about the 5 minute tidy. I always think I have to sit down and do everything at once, but spending 5 minutes here and there throughout the day is a great way to accomplish a lot of work, without feeling overwhelmed. Thanks so much for this post! It is so helpful!

  20. These tips are so useful. I am terrible and keeping my spaces organised, so will definitley take on board some of your tips. I have to build myself up to go into the spare room where all my crafting goodies are ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsyโ€™s Antics

  21. Great tips! I definitely agree about the morning/evening routine. I like to do the dishes in the evening so thatโ€™s out the way and then in the morning I like to just clean/organise things around the home. I am a sucker for cleaning/organising I just love it! ๐Ÿ™ˆ xx

  22. Awesome suggestions! I pride myself on being very organized, though I think it’s just genetics haha. I love having a clean and tidy home with everything in its place. However, it’s been tough to take care of ALL of it lately with work. I gotta make sure I’m following these tips.

  23. Great tips. When things are unorganised I literally feel it in my bones haha! Although we know where everything is, our house is pretty unorganised at the moment and itโ€™s not fun!

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