Introducing Creative Nails

Welcome back to the latest edition of my small business week, where today I’m introducing Creative Nails. Before we get into this post, if you’ve missed Monday & Tuesday’s posts, feel free to catch up.

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Who Are Creative Nails?

I’ve mentioned Creative Nails in several posts on my blog over the last few years. What started as easy to follow nail tutorials, soon turned into a successful business. Creative Nails make affordable, hand painted nail sets in a range of beautiful designs and colours. They are press on and so easy to apply too. Each set can be entirely customised to your needs. From the size, length & shape, you have the control to make sure you are purchasing the correct set for you.

I have been buying nail sets from Creative Nails for the last few years and am always so in love with the designs. They even offer a custom made option, which is brilliant if you have something specific in mind. I actually used this option a while back and was so happy to see that they had been added to the shop afterwards for others to enjoy.

Purchasing false nail sets from Creative Nails has made me feel like I’m pampering myself without the expense of going to a nail technician. What I find even better is that I can use the sets again and again, saving me even more money.

Some Of My Favourite Designs

  1. 3D Love Heart Nails
  2. Cow Print Nails
  3. Elf Nails
  4. French Ombre With Glitter Nails
  5. Love Nails
  6. Pumpkin Nails

As well as their Etsy Shop, Creative Nails also have a great website which you can order from. By signing up to their newsletter, you will receive a 15% off discount code too. I hope you have enjoyed my Introducing Creative Nails post. Remember to check out the previous two posts linked above for my Small Business Week series if you missed them. I’ll be back tomorrow with another small business.

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  1. I love doing nail art, when I get time, I try to do it on my own nails but I need a lot of time!
    What an amazing store, they can make my favourite sets for me!


  2. These look amazing, I use to love getting my nails done so this sounds like a wonderful way to now do them at home safely! Thanks for sharing!

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