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I can’t believe we are nearing the end of my Small Business Week series already. However, we aren’t at the end yet and today I want to introduce you to Crosskey Avenue. This is another business that I have worked with previously, but this isn’t a sponsored post. In fact, I hope it will be a lovely surprise for owner Howard, who doesn’t even know I’m writing this feature yet!

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To give you a bit of background information, Crosskey Avenue was set up by Howard in 2020. The result of the pandemic and family bereavement saw him re-evaluate his life and this new and exciting business venture was born. Howard’s vision was to unlock sustainable luxury with his candle collection.

Each scent combines travel, nature and the world of horticulture. At a time when travelling the world feels non-existent, you can instead enjoy the aromas in the comfort of your own home. Haputale is a spicy, sweet and woody scent inspired by Sri Lanka. Langkawi is more of a tropical, floral and sultry scent, inspired by Malaysia. My personal favourite is Ischia. Inspired by Italy, it boosts scents that are floral, citrusy and Mediterranean.

Each soy-blended candle is packaged in a minimalistic matt white glass packaging, which also looks great as a decorative item. Each candle is presented in a stunning gift box, embossed with the signature Crosskey Avenue Keyhole. Added to this, with an approximate burn time of 38 hours and sustainable plastic free packaging, what’s not to love. They make the perfect gift for someone or you could just decide to treat yourself. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed because they smell divine.

Discover The Crosskey Avenue Collection For Yourself

  1. Haputale Candle
  2. Langkawi Candle
  3. Ischia Candle

As well as this beautiful candle collection, make sure you check out The Crosskey Avenue blog. Featuring important topics such as sustainability and helpful tips, you won’t want to miss out.

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12 thoughts on “Introducing Crosskey Avenue

  1. Honestly I can never say no to candles and these look great! I love all of them but the Ischia sound just up my alley reminding me of holidays back home! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Ah, candles! I’m obsessed! šŸ˜ This looks nice and elegant. I’d love to check them out as a gift for myself! Thank you so much for sharing šŸ˜Š

  3. I love giving candles as gifts as opposed to buying for myself, so these scents and amazingly simplistic and elegant packaging make hearts in my eyes! Almost no wrapping required.
    Delighted that you are sharing this as a supportive surprise too! I hope Howard was touched. <3

  4. I love candles! Being able to support a small business with sustainable packaging as well – how can you go wrong? Great feature, I’ll definitely be checking these out!

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