Introducing Field and Fabric

We are nearing the end of my small business week but today I’d like to jump straight in by introducing Field and Fabric. They make and sell handmade accessories, homeware and gifts for you to enjoy. Field and Fabric are conscious about their impact on the environment and work as sustainably as they possibly can.

From using and recycling materials and using natural ingredients for their soaps, they are thoughtful in how they work. Where possible, they support independent suppliers too which is great.

Each item is handmade and unique in its own way. Every item you purchase will have been lovingly made and so will have its own story. Nothing is mass produced so you get a very person feel to the items.

I’ve previously worked with Field and Fabric on one of my gift guides. The dinosaur soaps are the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They smell amazing too! Another thing I wanted to mention is how beautiful wrapped they arrived. Wrapped in tissue paper, followed by stamped paper with dinosaurs on. Every thought had gone into it and they would make the prettiest of gifts.

Items not to miss

  1. Upcycled cashmere felt pink rose hair clips
  2. Charcoal & Citrus Dinosaur Soap Set 
  3. Fairy “Belle” Citrus Burst Soap
  4. Silk hand dyed scarf, shawl or wrap

How pretty are these items? I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and will head over to Field & Fabric to see all of the other lovely items they sell. Subscribe to their newsletter too so that you don’t miss out on any product offers.

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13 thoughts on “Introducing Field and Fabric

  1. Visited Field and Fabric Website.
    The stuff mentioned in your post is so very true and the details are nicely captured.
    Thanks for Sharing 😊

  2. This sounds like a great small business. I didn’t see your other posts about the other businesses so I am going to go and check them out as well. It is great you are using your platform to support small businesses.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love this little series you have of highlighting small businesses! The soap and the shawl look heavenly! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post and I love how you are helping small businesses! These products look so nice and I love that they are environmentally friendly! Thank you for sharing this!!

  5. I absolutely loved the soap but most of all the dinosaurs ones! There’s nothing dinosaur shaped that it’s not cute, thanks for introducing this small business x

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