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People And Planet First

One of the things I really enjoy about owning this blog is being able to share great causes with my audience. I’ve worked with several charities and causes over the years, both on here and Instagram. Today I’d like to share another great cause with you who have chosen to put people and the planet first.

The Reclaimery logo putting people and planet first.

Introducing The Reclaimery

Introducing The Reclaimery , set up by Juliet. Her aim is to put people and the planet first within the fashion manufacturing industry. To achieve this, The Reclaimery re-uses, repurposes, upcycles and tailors items already made, to create one of a kind pieces. As a result, garments are given a new lease of life and prevented from being added to landfill.

How The Reclaimery supports people

Having touched briefly on what The Reclaimery do to help the planet, lets talk about how they help people. We don’t have to go far to see the effects the pandemic has had on our communities. So many people have lost jobs and livelihoods. Above all, people have lost that steady stream of income that comes with employment. The Reclaimery provides training to local, disadvantaged people. Thinking of the bigger picture, this training gives individuals the valuable skills they need to pursue a career within the industry.

Trainee’s are known as Reclaimers. They are taught how to sew and repurpose garments, both by hand and by machine. Think of the transformation challenges on The Sewing Bee for just how different a garment can look with the right skills used. Not only does The Reclaimery give individuals a great skill set, they also build confidence. In addition to this, it also gives purpose, meaning and stability to their lives. Above all, the Reclaimers feel part of a community. Once training has been completed, individuals are offered fair-paid London living wage job opportunities.

The Reclaimery putting people and planet first aims statement.

People and Planet First Campaign

The Reclaimery has recently launched their People and Planet First Crowdfunding campaign. With a goal of raising £5,000 to support further training for disadvantaged communities. There are several aims The Reclaimery would like to achieve with these donations.

Firstly creating more job opportunities. The ability to be able to create new products. Therefore creating over 400 hours of paid opportunities at London Living Wage rate. Added to this, The Reclaimery can run their next programme to up-skill more individuals from vulnerable communities.

The Reclaimery is offering rewards for pledges made towards their £5,000 target. Rewards include scrunchies and patches made by the Reclaimers. Added to this is alteration gift cards, one-to-one styling sessions and so much more. To pledge or find out more about The Reclaimery’s campaign, check out their Fundraising page.

Where else you can find The Reclaimery

Make sure you check out The Reclaimery on social media too – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For even more information and to access their Reclaiming services, head on over to The Reclaimery website.

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15 thoughts on “People And Planet First

  1. This is such a great project and cause, checking out more about them! It’s great that they offer not only training but also a new community x

  2. The training program that can help people from disadvantages areas in London is SUCH an amazing idea! Love the sound of Reclaimery. These are just the sort of campaigns and businesses we need right now!

  3. I love people who can creatively take old clothing, discarded picture frames, or simply household trinkets and weave them together into a new piece of clothing, useful item, or a meaningful piece of art, so The Reclaimery makes hearts in my eyes, both in name and in practice.
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. I absolutely love what Reclaimery is doing with their organization. The name just fits from saving the planet to helping people get back on their feet is awesome. Thanks for sharing

  5. This sounds wonderful – it sounds like they can make a real impact in a lot of lives which is wonderful! Thanks for sharing about Reclaimery 🙂

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