Simple Summer Make Up Look

As I sit and write this, it certainly doesn’t look like the time of year when I’d be showing you my simple summer make up look. However, it is the middle of August and I know that if I don’t do it soon, I just won’t get round to it.

During lockdown, I gave my skin the fresh air it needed and barely wore make up. As things started to reopen, I ordered a few products from Boots. If you missed what I picked up, I created a Reel showing you all of the items.

Would you believe me if I told you that my simple summer make up look can be done in less than five minutes. Amazingly it only includes five products, all of which I have chosen because of their durability.

Finished simple summer make up look

How to create this simple summer make up look

Once I have done my skincare routine, I head straight in with Clinique Even Better Glow light reflecting make up. Even in the summer months, I’m still pale and so I use the shade Ivory. Up until recently, I’d always use a brush or sponge to apply any foundation. However I’ve found for this product, I get the best results when I use my fingers to blend it in. Each application uses the smallest amount of product but gives a moderate coverage, natural finish.

As soon as that is applied, I pick up my bareMinerals Northern Lights palette. I apply the shade Woo Is Me all over my eyelids before adding a touch of shade Anticipation to add some more depth. I am obsessed with the blusher in this palette too. Its in the shade Pink Me Up and gives you a subtle rosy cheek.

I made it my mission this year to take more care and effort when it comes to my eyebrows. I have know got into a routine of keeping them in check and have been experimenting with different brow products. My current go to product is the Avon Ultra Precision brow pencil. I don’t want them to be too dark with my blonde hair so I opted for the shade light brown. This is honestly one of the best products I’ve tried and I even prefer it to the Benefit one.

Simple summer make up products as mentioned within the post.

Adding the finishing touches

To finish my eyes off, I have reverted back to my all time favourite mascara – the Clinique High Impact Mascara. This gives great volume without drying out my lashes. I don’t know about you but I hate that crunchie feeling you can get with some mascaras. A gamechanger for me though is the fact that I’m using a brown shade instead of black. It is only a subtle change but I’ve really noticed how much more my eyes stand out. I think brown is definitely the colour for me going forward.

The last product I like to apply in this simple summer make up look is a lip product. In the photo I’m wearing the MAC Fleur De Force lipstick which was limited edition. However, sometimes I’ll just add a lip balm which works just as well with this look.

I’d love to know what you think of this simple summer make up look. Have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned? I’ve got a very exciting beauty review coming up next week so make sure you’re subscribed so that you don’t miss when the post goes live.

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36 thoughts on “Simple Summer Make Up Look

  1. I love how simple it sounds but look totally amazing! I like makeup but don’t really apply it as I can’t manage much, but it sounds like something to try x

  2. Love this – this is such a simple yet effective look! The mascara sounds fab – I’ve only ever used black before – but after what you said I might give brown a try too! Thanks for sharing x

  3. this is such a beautiful & natural look! i’ll have to try that clinique foundation. 🙂 I haven’t yet considered using a brown mascara. i’ve moved onto brown eyeliner so i’m sure i would like that swap.

  4. I really love that your look is light and subtle and only uses five different products to create an elegant and finished appearance! The brow pencil sounds lovely, and the names of the shades in the eyeshadow palette make me happy.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a gorgeous look! You’ve really found one that suits you, for sure, and I love that it’s a quick one to put together so you’ll never be time restricted. I also stopped with make up and now trying to work out what my style is now I’m starting to get back into it. Great post!

  6. Ooo this simple look is so pretty! It makes you glow, and certainly goes well with the summer. I hate heavy makeup that runs in the heat, or god forbid crunchy mascara. They make globs on my eyelashes, and is a horrible look 🙁

    So, thank you for this guide, I always get confused on what to use for a more natural and simple look!

    Sejal |

  7. Simple makeup is the best. Since lockdown I’ve simplified my routine and only use 5 products too. Tinted moisturiser is my favourite, as I feel like my skin can still breathe. Like you I prefer to apply with my fingers, as it gives a much better finish. I love your makeup choices, you look gorgeous x

  8. It looks so beautiful! In recent years summer here has been absolutely awful and my lifestyle has me out walking for the most part of the day. That’s why I just can’t stand foundation on my face T_T It will NOT survive. Usually I go for a lipstick (love the color you’re wearing), eye shadow and maaaybe some mascara, depending on whether I’m feeling fancy that day haha.

  9. I’ve been trying to improve my eyebrows too and really struggle (I have such white blonde eyebrows they’re pretty much clear — ugh). I either find the colour/product I use is too dark or makes my brows a really odd colour. I’ll have to look into Avon brow pencil — thanks so much for this!

  10. I love a simple make up look for summer. I just want to be outside so don’t want to spend ages applying make up. I always go for less is more in the summer as I hate the feeling of make up when it’s hot and sweaty. Feels like the foundation clogs my pores. I usually opt for a tinted moisturiser or BB/CC cream instead of foundation. But otherwise our routine is very similar just different products.

  11. This is so pretty! I love the natural, simple make up look. I have not tried that Clinique Even Better Glow makeup, but it looks like something I would really like! Thanks for sharing this!

  12. Such a gorgeous look for summer! I love natural, simple yet flawless looking skin during the summer. I’ve never tried Clinique makeup before but I’m defo going to now. Thank you so much for sharing lovely Xo

    Elle –

  13. Even though it’s winter right now, I’ve started thinking about the summer sun coming in 2022. Probably because I’m so tired and fed up of these restrictions we’ve been living with.

    As part of that I think first how I’m going to get my health and skin in shape. Will be looking at the Clinique product you recommended

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