Snowfall In Burracombe & Weddings In Burracombe

Snowfall in Burracombe & Weddings In Burracombe are the next two books in my current review series. Written by Lillian Harry, the Burracombe series shares the ups and downs of village life over the years. The first review I did was of The Bells Of Burracombe and Stranger In Burracombe. Next in the series is Storm Over Burracombe and Springtime In Burracombe. After that it was time for my review of An Heir For Burracombe and Secrets In Burracombe. If you missed any of those reviews, I’d recommend giving them a quick read so that you can see how the series is progressing.

Snowfall In Burracombe

Snowfall in Burracombe book cover

The Blurb

It may be winter, but in the Devonshire village of Burracombe there is always warmth and friendship, no matter what troubles arise…

In the village of Burracombe, nothing stays secret for long and behind the peaceful, rural charm there’s always a scandal to uncover, a newcomer to the village to set tongues wagging, a happy occasion to celebrate or friends to help their neighbours through the tough times.

It’s December 1953 and for Stella Simmons, recovering from a car crash, the winter wedding that she and her sweetheart had planned seems impossible.

Elsewhere in the village, Jackie Tozer is dreaming of America and Hilary Napier, who thought the war had robbed her of her chance of happiness, has to ask herself if she could ever imagine leaving her life at the big house for the sake of love and adventure. The darkest time of the year finds everyone asking questions with no easy answer.

As snow falls softly on the village, Burracombe proves once again that there’s always a surprise just around the corner.

My Review

Secrets In Burracombe left it on such a cliffhanger that I had to almost instantly continue reading Snowfall In Burracombe. I think that is one of the things I’m really enjoying about such a long book series. Its the book equivalent of binging a Netflix series. There wasn’t much of a gap between the two books in terms of setting in the story. It was only a matter of weeks unlike the months later that the previous books have done.

So far, a lot of the books have been shown through Stella’s perspective and you knew what she was thinking. However, in this book, its told from the perspectives of other villagers. Its almost like Stella is a closed book and you just didn’t know which path she would choose. It definitely gave that extra dimension to the story and made it feel more real.

I still find it fascinating how the stories of each villagers lives has been woven into each other. Even with major events happened to specific people, it still shows that village life feeling of everyone pulling together. It reminds me of British soaps in a way where everybody knows each other.

The ending of Snowfall In Burracombe shows signs of promise and hope for the future of the characters. However it does still have an element of sadness and despair which made me want to pick up the next book straight away.

Weddings In Burracombe

Weddings in Burracombe book cover

The Blurb

A heart-warming visit to the village of Burracombe where, whatever life might throw at you – strangers, surprises, love, change – you can always rely upon your neighbours and friends…

Devon, 1954. The villages of Burracombe pull together to help each other through the tough times but now it’s summer, and a time to celebrate love and new life. Even so, there are still a few surprises to come…

At Burracombe Barton, Hilary Napier is doing her best to keep the estate ticking along, all the while longing for a man she cannot have. She welcomes help from young Patsy Shillabeer – but Pasty is more headstrong that she first appears, and there’s trouble brewing.

And all is not well in the village school, where a strict new teacher appears to be making the lives of the little ones a misery. And almost everyone is missing their beloved teacher Stella, still in hospital after the accident that nearly killed her.

As the first crocuses bring colour and promise of change back to Burracombe, the villages help each other through the hardships. For, while the course of true love never did run smooth for anyone, in Burracombe there are weddings to plan and it won’t be long before everyone in this very special village comes together in a joyful celebration of love, life and the things that matter most.

My Review

As with previous books, Weddings In Burracombe picks up where the last book left, on a cliffhanger. This book however starts off in a much more dramatic way. The drama builds and keeps you guessing right up to the middle of the book. You almost get a sense that the main wedding isn’t going to happen. Another couple also choose to get married which ends up being quite the surprise and I can safely say I didn’t see that one coming.

Overall I found Weddings In Burracombe more difficult to read than the others in the series. I think that was mainly because I wanted to scream at the book a few times. It was one of those troups where you had a good idea of what was going on but the other characters failed to notice it. Thankfully towards the end of the book, it finished in a lovely and sweet way which has made me regain my want to read on.

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  1. Great review! This sounds like such a fab series, I love that all the books are so closely linked and end on cliffhangers! Will have to check this series out. Thanks for sharing x

  2. You certainly know when you’re onto a good series when you find yourself binging it. These sound like really delightful reads, I love the sound of it. Thanks for the recommendations.

  3. With such a long series, I love that each book flows into the next one. The stories sound sweet and endearing and the little village setting makes my heart sing. I can understand how tropes could give one reason to skip ahead a little, but it is good that the ending of the Weddings in Burracombe made you feel like it was time well spent!
    Thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

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