Halloween Crafts For Your Home

Welcome back to my final instalment of Halloween crafts for you home. I will admit as a rule, I’m not usually that much of a fan of Halloween. I’d usually just pop up a pumpkin or two and leave a bowl of sweets outside for the kids. That was always as far as I went. However, it all changed when I started to see these beautifully decorated homes, with pumpkins and other decorations. I always love putting up Christmas decorations and so another excuse to decorate my home was just what I needed.

TK Maxx have some stunning home decor items for Halloween. Unfortunately, they are way out of my budget and so I decided I would get crafting and create my own. Hobbycraft had some really inexpensive decorations and I ended up spending £20 on various items, including some paint, wool and other craft accessories.

I have already posted about How To Make This Ceramic Pumpkin Dupe in which I used the two larger ceramic pumpkins I’d bought from Hobbycraft. I used the wool I bought to Create My Own Halloween Pompom Bunting but as I still have some wool left over, I thought I’d do something else with it today.

I hope that each of the crafts I’m about to show you might inspire you to do some crafting too. They are suitable to do with kids, right up through to adults and would be a great way of spending a wet and windy day.

Small Ceramic Pumpkins

These are the smaller ceramic pumpkins that I bought alongside the much larger ones. These were less than a fiver which is such a good price considering how much they can cost in other places. I decided to use the left over wool I had to wrap around the pumpkin, before tying it at the bottom. I think it looks really effective and will go nicely with the rest of my Halloween decor.

Whilst I like this design, I probably will take the wool off for next year and instead use some pouring paints. I’ve seen some beautiful designs and just need to work out what colours I’d like to use.

Ceramic Tealight Holder

Orange painted ceramic pumpkin tealight holder for Halloween crafts for your home.

I couldn’t resist these tealight holders when I saw them and so picked up two. How adorable are they? These are the same size as the pumpkins above and again came in the unpainted white. Originally, I wanted to use the airbrush to paint them but the paint I’d bought was just too thick for the job. Instead I hand painted them. I wasn’t too sure about the brush marks but when you look at pumpkins, they aren’t smooth anyway. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome. The only thing worth mentioning is that you can only use battery operated tealights in these holders.

Painted Mache Pumpkins

Finished painted Halloween decor for your home pumpkin and tealight holder.

The mache pumpkins came in a 4 pack for £4, which is great value. I already have some white pumpkins that I bought from Wish a few years ago and so I decided to paint these ones orange to add in with them. It was really therapeutic and didn’t take as long as I’d anticipated which is good. If I change my colour scheme for next year, I know that I can paint over the top of the orange.

Final Thoughts On Halloween Crafts For Your Home

Halloween crafts for your home featuring all of the items I've mentioned within the post.

Overall, I’m really happy with how everything has turned out. For a shop of £20, I was able to spend a few days enjoying doing some crafting. At the end of it, I’ve got some lovely items that I can display in my home. Have you been crafting anything for the Halloween/ Autumn season? Tag me over on Instagram, I’d love to see your creations. I will also be sharing some of my home décor over on there, so make sure you’re following me.

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13 thoughts on “Halloween Crafts For Your Home

  1. Ok but how cute are all of these?! I don’t usually decorate for Halloween but you’ve definitely tempted me. I really love the tealight ones in particular, they look super cool! Thanks for sharing x

  2. It is amazing what a couple of in-season decorations will do! Pumpkins are a big one for me too, though I do enjoy stringing up a little bit of webbing and putting cutout bats and cats on the windows.
    Thanks for sharing your Halloween crafts!

  3. These look so lovely! I went the easy route and bought a pre-decorated pumpkin from Poundland but now I’m wishing there was a hobbycraft nearby :/

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