Traditional Games With Jaques of London

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There is something so magical about giving traditional gifts. With children so obsessed with tablets and games consoles, they often miss out on so many of the fun games. Games that myself along with so many others have enjoyed over the years. Some of my best memories are of playing make believe or getting out the traditional games with my nan.

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During a recent trip to see family, I was shocked to find that the children had never played snakes & ladders. They certainly didn’t have a clue what Draughts or Tiddledy winks were. It gave me the perfect idea for gifts this Christmas. I would find some of those traditional games that I used to enjoy. My first destination of choice for these gifts were Jaques of London. Keep reading to find out why…

Who is Jaques of London?

Jaques of London, established in 1795, is the oldest games company and sports manufacturer in the world. The company has been passed down from father to son for eight generations. Many of the games you and I have enjoyed over the years such as Ludo, Croquet and many more are the brainchild of Jaques.

Choosing the perfect gift

When choosing a company for my traditional gifts, its a no brainer that I would choose Jaques of London. If a company has been able to grow and succeed through so many years, through two world wars, countless recessions and still be kept it in the family, they must be doing something right. Jaques of London believe in the power of play and good quality family time. After everything we have been through during the last couple of years, what better way to spend time together than with traditional games for all the family.

It was so difficult to decide just what games to choose because there are so many of my childhood favourites on their website. Games such as chess, backgammon and snakes and ladders bring back so many happy memories. In the end, I settled on Tiddledy Winks and Draughts.

My Thoughts

When the parcel arrived, I was amazed at just how beautifully packed they were. They were both housed in patterned cardboard boxes and wrapped with authentic Jaques of London ribbon. They looked so great, I didn’t feel I would need to wrap them up myself.

Jaques of London invented Tiddledy Winks way back in 1864 and generations ever since have been enjoying the game. This beautiful set comes with a wooden storage case, making it perfect for travelling as well as gifting. Just as amazing is the wooden draughts board and pieces set, which is perfect for those younger children who are unable to play chess yet.

One thing that is very clear with both items is just how much time and love goes into making each piece. Made from 100% sustainably sourced wood, these games will last for years and can be passed down through generations just as Jaques of London has. That is the beauty of wooden board games.

This Christmas, along with many more gatherings to come will be filled with fun and laughter thanks to these traditional games from Jaques of London. If you’re stuck for gift ideas for birthdays or Christmas, definitely head over to their website to see what might tempt you. There is something for all ages and are a great way of spending time together.

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  1. Love seeing the games you picked out! I love Snakes & Ladder, have heard of Tiddledy Winksm but have never played or heard of Draught. I look forward to checking out the game sets on Jaques of London as I always find their toys last and are impressive.

    Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  2. Aw these look absolutely beautiful! My family and I love playing games (particularly at Christmas) so I’ll have to check these out. Thanks for sharing, I hope your family enjoyed them x

  3. I’ve never heard of Jaques of London. I will have to check them out, for sure. This year, I bought my students board games as well. My kids got 3 to share too. Board games and family time are so important!

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