5 Essentials For Camping

I have been camping for many years which is why I thought I would share 5 essentials for camping with you today. Obviously, what everyone finds essentials will differ. However, these are the things that I think are really important.

Things to consider when deciding on your essentials:

  • The location you will be staying at
  • The activities you might be doing
  • The time of year (camping isn’t just for summer you know)
  • Who you are going with
  • How long you will be going for
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There is a whole host of other things that will also decide what your essentials will be so really think about the trip as a whole. Obviously, we can’t control the weather so its important that you think about all types of weather before packing too. Here is my 5 essentials for camping:

Somewhere to sleep

This is an obvious one right? But you need to think about where you will sleep. This could be a tent, caravan or something else. Depending on what it is will depend on what sleeping things you take. Personally, when I’ve stayed in a tent, I’ve taken a raiseable bed as well as a sleeping bag. I want to be as comfortable and warm as I can be at night. If I have stayed in a caravan, just a pillow and duvet have done me well.

Somewhere to cook

There are so many options when it comes to somewhere to cook. It also depends on how many you are cooking for. I personally have used a two ring mini gas hob, but I know some people prefer to use a barbeque. I can’t camp without having at least my morning and evening cup of tea (very British I know!) So an on the hob kettle is perfect for this.

A powersource

This is completely dependable on what you need to charge and how long you will be away. You might find that a basic powerbank will do. The kind that fits in your handbag, you know the ones. However, these won’t be any good if you have things like camera batteries to charge or if you are staying away for longer. Whilst some people like to go tech free when camping, for others, this just isn’t an option.

There are some great portable power stations available on Amazon, which can also be recharged through solar panels. I recently used one of these and honestly, its a game changer for me. I was able to recharge it during the day and charge things up at night.

Blankets, Blankets, Blankets

You can have the hottest summers day here in the UK, but we all know that the evenings can get cold quite quickly. There is nothing worse than feeling cold when your camping because it can be really difficult to warm yourself up. I always make sure I take a few blankets with me. You will find me wrapped up in one in the mornings and evenings. I also make sure I’ve got one near me in my sleeping area, because you never know when you might need it during the night.

Boredom Breakers

I think its essential to take a few things away to pass the time, especially in the evenings. Whether is a pack of cards, a quiz book or something else. I’ve mentioned a few games on my blog over the years that would be perfect to take away camping. Jaques Of London have some good travel games, whilst we can’t forget gamely games with their Frozen Unicorns and A Little More Conversation card games.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my 5 essentials for camping. I hope it has given you some inspiration on what to take too. Do you go camping? If so, I’d love to know what your essentials are. You can also follow more of my adventures on Instagram and YouTube so make sure you are following me on both.

23 thoughts on “5 Essentials For Camping

  1. Great tips! I wish I had the fortitude to “camp”… my camping includes a cabin and running water. My niece (11 and loves tent camping) agrees with the use of solar power! ☀️

  2. Ooh I love this! I went camping last summer and would love to go again soon. I think my number one camping essential would definitely be blankets! I used a powerbank when I went but it ran out quite quickly so I’m definitely going to look into the portable power stations! Thank you so much for sharing x

  3. totally agree that you need to bring some games to go camping, I find that the best part of camping is the games you can play when everyone’s away from their phones!

  4. You’ve shared some really great tips here which I’ll defiantly keep in mind for when I finally go camping. Can you believe I’m 23 and have never actually camped in a tent before! It’s defiantly on my list of things to do though as it always sound amazing when people tell me their stories. Thank you so much for sharing these tips with us lovely Xo

    Elle –

  5. I have never gone camping before, I am not sure it is something I would do. However these are some really good essentials to make your camping trip successful. Thank you for sharing.


  6. These are some very essential tips. A solar energy charger is a new must have when one goes camping. Boredom breakers are a great idea especially when with teenagers.

  7. Smart tips here. I have not camped in a long time but figure that boredom breakers are important. Even though spending time in nature is fun it helps to have something to pass the time here and there.

  8. Hi Kelly. I haven’t been camping for many years so this was a useful reminder of the essential things to consider. Do you have a destination in mind when you go camping or do you just pack your stuff and see where the mood takes you?

  9. I haven’t been camping in years! But it does look so fun, I definitely want to go camping again so I’ll defo be using these tips x

  10. Thanks Kelly for sharing. My one is blankets blankets-you can never go wrong. It gets cold so quickly before you know it, I can’t even sleep without one

  11. I’m allergic to nature, but my partner loves camping so I’ll pass these tips along. He complains of being bored sometimes.

  12. Boredom breakers is a great suggestion, people may not realize how slow time is when you’re out camping and relaxing. Bringing something to occupy your time when your not exploring is def a must.

  13. These are fantastic tips Kelly – I use to love camping in my early 20’s and always brought extra blankets (and always used them!). Extra socks, as well as water flavour additives I found to be so helpful with also keeping me warm and well hydrated!

  14. Your note about camping being more than a summer adventure made me laugh. My husband and I camped in February and didn’t have the proper gear. We didn’t freeze but we didn’t get much sleep either.

    Great post!

  15. I love camping, but have not gone as much as I would like to. Love that you highlight the absolute essentials for a fun camping trip, as well as include some fun boredom breaker ideas! 🙂

  16. I agree with all of these, but blankets are the most important! It gets so cold at night, even in the summer months. Many people don’t realize that! I grew up camping and so I am familiar with most of these tips. I prefer a propane stove or cooking over the fire. 🙂

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