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Happy International Women’s Day! The start of a new month and hopefully the start of some better weather. For me, March is always the start of spring, although officially its a few more weeks away. Daffodils are starting to open up and remind us that new life is always beginning. Everything always looks better when there is bright colours.

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Of course, not everything is looking bright and positive at the moment. I couldn’t write a new post without mentioning the horrors that are currently going on in Ukraine. Myself, like so many other people have been watching in disbelief, as events have unfolded these last two weeks.

As a blogger and as an aviation photographer, I’ve been able to engage with people from around the world. Whilst they are two vastly different hobbies, the people I have met through both have been amazing. Right now, I know that several of those people are involved in some way with the Ukrainian conflict. I can’t even begin to imagine what life is like for them. I have no words but my thoughts are with them. My thoughts especially go out to the family, friends and comrades of Colonel Oleksandr Oksanchenko who was sadly killed on Friday. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to him on several occasions and will carry those memories with me always. As we say in the aviation world, Blue Skies Sir.

One thing that I have always been told is that life goes on and so it brings me onto the point of today’s post and that is to introduce you to my March advertisers…

Snap Happy Spoonie

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Quite often, people think that once you are diagnosed with a chronic illness, that’s the end of travelling. Snap Happy Spoonie shows that this really doesn’t have to be the case. Combining her amazing travel guides, with tips on how to travel with a chronic illness, Vourneen is able to inspire others to enjoy travelling the world.

Three posts I would recommend reading:

How to plan your first solo trip: 13 important things to do

What it’s really like travelling with a chronic illness

1-Day Hanoi itinerary: How to spend an epic one day in Hanoi

If this wasn’t enough, you can also find Snap Happy Spoonie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tales Of Belle

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Run by Karalee, Tales Of Belle features all things beauty, books and lifestyle. In addition to this, Karalee also shares lots of blogging tips as well as delicious recipes. It means there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Three posts I’d recommend:

7 Ways to get a better nights sleep

Going self hosted and theme & plugins I use

Danish Brunsviger Cake Recipe

You can also find Tales Of Belle on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

That brings me to the end of my Meet My March Advertisers post. If you would like to advertise with me in the future, check out this page which shows what packages I currently offer. Don’t forget you can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter too.

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  1. Fab bloggers here! I love Tales Of Belle but I hadn’t heard of Snap Happy Spoonie before, so I’ll have to check their blog out. I love travel and Vourneen sounds super inspirational! Thanks for sharing x

  2. I’m intrigued by Snap Happy Spoonie as the content sounds incredible so I’ll definitely check that out! Tales of Belle I always enjoy 🙂 Thanks for sharing these awesome blogs.

  3. With everything going on in the world and the constant negativity that we are all faced with, reading blogs has easily been one of my favourite personal escapes. It gives us the chance to, even for a moment, leave everything behind and feel ‘normal’ for a brief moment. I’ll definitely dig into the blogs you’ve suggested here.

  4. Snap Happy Spoonie’s post about Hanoi is fantastic:))) Thank you for informing us about this, and thank Snap Happy Spoonie for sharing about our country

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