8 Things I’m letting go of

A little while ago I wrote a post all about things I’ve learnt so far this year and today I wanted to continue that theme with 8 things I’m letting go of. I feel like things are finally starting to settle down and I can look towards the future again. I was in quite a dark place last year and I don’t want to fall back into that trap. Therefore, I’ve taken some time to think about the things I’d like in my life and those that I don’t.

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I want to be more positive going forward and I feel like the only way to achieve that is to reflect on the negativity first. So here is 8 things I’m letting go of…


This is a big one for me. I have a lot of stuff, although I have been downsizing by decluttering sustainably. I no longer want to keep all those bits of tat because they are a memory. Neither do I want to keep those useful things or those used once but don’t really like things. But clutter is so much more than physical things. I also want to let go of digital clutter. Those 10 photos on my laptop of Trixie where 5 of them are blurry. Why do I keep those 5? I want to let go of them so I have space for future memories.


I am letting go of those people that use me for their own benefit. We all know the ones I’m talking about. Those “friends” that only get in touch when they are after something or when nobody “better” is available.

Self criticising my photography

As some of you may know, as well as my blog I do aviation photography. In the last couple of years, I have become so self critical of my own work that I often end up loosing confidence and am unable to post my content. I really need to let go of this and find that inner confidence that I once had.

Talking myself out of things

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to this. Rather than being positive about something, you can guarantee I’ll find every excuse under the sun about why I shouldn’t do something. Whether that’s applying for a new job, learning a new skill or just simply cooking a more complicated recipe.

Putting things off until the last minute

Ok, so I have got a bit better at this over the last couple of years but its still not great. Take today for example. I wrote a piece for a brand before writing this one. I had originally planned that I would write it up and send it for approval two weeks ago. Why? because the deadline is in 4 days time. So yes, I haven’t left it quite last minute but I want to train myself to get into the headspace of doing something straight away.

Worrying about the size of my clothes

This is a big one for me. We all know that sizes between brands vary. I wouldn’t expect to buy the same label size in New Look as I would Primark. There have been numerous articles showing for example, the size difference in jeans for each store. So why do I still let a number affect me? Going forward, I want to go by how an item of clothing feels rather than a number.

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Using my credit card as back up

I have had a credit card since I was 18. In fact, I have two. The initial idea was to have it to build up my credit score. In addition to this, it was so that I could buy higher price items or overseas items on it so that I had the extra level of protection. And that worked for quite a while. But then my circumstances changed and I’ve found myself dipping into that credit card more often. Its now at the point where I wouldn’t be able to clear the balance with one pay cheque. That is scary and it needs addressing. I’m thinking about documenting my journey with becoming debt free over on my YouTube channel, so if that is something you would be interested in, come over and subscribe.

Buying things for the sake of content

Sticking with the money theme, I am guilty of buying things for the sake of content. I’m not as bad as I used to be where I’d place on order just so I could create a haul video. However, I will still buy things “because it will look good on the gram”. Not because I really like the item. By letting go of buying things for the sake of content, I will also be helping towards letting go of the clutter and money worries too.

Final Thoughts

That brings me to the end of the 8 things I’m letting go of. Which was your favourite? Is there anything that you would like to let go of?

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7 thoughts on “8 Things I’m letting go of

  1. I can definitely relate to the notion of not using the credit card as a backup because I have a bad habit of doing so. Great post!

  2. Thanks for sharing, I did the buying thing for blog content, then it would go out of date or I did not have the bottle to cancel the subscription. I have learnt that I do not need to do that anymore it will save me money and I will have space again šŸ™‚

  3. Very interesting read, thanks for sharing your experience. Letting go of what no longer serves our highest good is life changing!

  4. These are great suggestions! With the move in December, I suddenly was distanced from everyone that I used to spend time with in the last town and the result shocked me… I didn’t realize how much drama and toxicity was in my life until it was gone. Since coming here, I have been focusing on stepping out of my comfort zone, chasing my dreams, and making time for the things that bring me joy.

  5. These are some great things to let go of and love past. I love the idea of the post, I would like to leave negative self-talk behind me, it is something I am working on. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren x

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