The Shipyard Girls by Nancy Revell

I first mentioned The Shipyard Girls by Nancy Revell over on my YouTube channel. Its part of a massive series, so far made up of over 9 books. I don’t know about you but I love reading a long series. After enjoying the Burracombe series last summer, I was ready to delve right in to this one. So far, I’m on book three but today I thought I’d share my thoughts on the start of this series. Here is my review of the first two books…

The Shipyard Girls

The Shipyard Girls By Nancy Revell front cover.

The Blurb

Sunderland, 1940, and the women go to the shipyards to do their bit for the war effort.

Polly never dreamed she would be able to work in the shipyards like the men in her family, but times are tough. And her new job ends up giving her more than she ever expected when she meets enigmatic dock diver Tommy Watts.

During the day, head welder Rosie teaches her fledgling flock of trainees their new trade, but at night she lives a secret life.

And mother hen Gloria signs up to escape her brutal husband, but finds she cannot run from her problems.

The Shipyard Girls start off strangers – but end up forging an unbreakable bond in the most difficult times.

Shipyard Girls At War

The Shipyard Girls At War by Nancy Revell front cover

The Blurb

1941. It takes strength to work on the docks, but the war demands all hands on deck and the women are doing their best to fill the gap.

Rosie is flourishing in her role as head welder while still keeping her double life a secret. But a dashing detective is forcing her to choose between love and duty.

Gloria is hiding her own little secret – one that, if found out, could threaten not only her job, but her life.

And the shipyards are proving tougher than Polly ever imagined, while she waits for her man to return home safely.

Join the shipyard girls as they journey through the hardships of life, love and war

My Review

I was lucky enough to receive the whole series for my birthday so it meant I could read each book one after the other. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, especially as Nancy Revell is a relatively new author for me.

I’d never read anything set in a shipyard before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect on that front. I have been to docks though so I had a little understanding about how noisy and dirty they can be. Nancy’s very descriptive in the first book when it comes to the sights, sounds and smells of the shipyard. It really gives a sense of what life is like there. Aside from the shipyard girls, very little is mentioned about the other workers there in the first book. However by book two, this starts to change.

I love that Nancy chooses to follow the lives of the girls at and outside of work. You get to know more about their families and home life, as well as their background. I love how involved Nancy makes you feel within Rosie’s family. Its that classic loving and welcoming family. However, when in book two this suddenly changes, it makes you worry as to whether it will change the whole family dynamic. I literally felt like I was there with the other family members.

This book might look like its set in a workplace but it is so much more than that. Its about a group of women, being thrown together at work, that bond and become closer than anyone could ever imagine. Each of their lives in entwined in some way and it gives this warm sense of happiness, even in the toughest of times.

Book two suddenly takes a turn into more of a crime/ thriller book half way through. Nancy keeps you gripped at this point because you are let into secrets that the main characters don’t know yet. It really builds the tension and gives you a sense of foreboding because you know something bad is going to happen. The big event itself had me almost not waiting to read it but at the same time, wanting to know what happened to the characters. I was completely hooked.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m loving reading these books so far. They really are showing all aspects of life through Nancy’s descriptive and detailed writing. As I mentioned above, I’m already part way through book three and I’m still loving this series just as much. I was worried that the exciting and enjoyment might decrease with each book but so far, that hasn’t been the case. I can’t wait to keep on reading these books. I’ll keep you updated on what I think of them as I work my way through the series this summer.

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  1. I love when you find a series you enjoy and look forward to each book! It’s even better when you already have the next book in the series and don’t have to wait a year to have the author write the next book and publish it. This sounds like a lovely series so thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.

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