The Perfect Cleanser Device For Travelling

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PMD is a brand that I’ve heard so many people talking about over the last couple of years. From bloggers to beauty gurus, it felt like PMD was taking the world by storm. I was intrigued as to whether it would work well with my skin, so I jumped at the chance to test out the PMD Clean Mini. But first…

Who is PMD?

PMD Beauty offers smart beauty tools and skincare products with them aim of helping you to feel confident in your own skin. Looking after our skin is so important and using research and technology, PMD Beauty have been able to create products that help our skin to look and feel its best.

The perfect cleanser device for travelling PMD Clean Mini on sink side.

Introducing The PMD Clean Mini

The PMD Clean Mini aims to cleanse, firm and tone the skin daily. With sonic glow technology, it breaks down dirty and oil from within your pores. This is with the help of the 7,000 vibrations per minute the device has. Whilst at the same time, operating at a perfect frequency to lift, firm and tone the skin too. It is like two in one. With 4 modes to choose from, as well as an antibacterial head, the PMD Clean Mini really does offer so much. But why do I think it is the perfect cleanser device for travelling?

My Thoughts

I have been testing out the PMD Clean Mini for a number of weeks now because I really wanted to put it through its paces before giving you my review. In that time, I feel like my skin has also been put through the test because I’ve also been dealing with a hormonal breakout as well as sun and windburn at one point too. The thing that pleasantly surprised me was that I was able to use this device throughout all of that. It wasn’t too harsh on my skin that it made it sore. Instead, it cleansed it with just the right about of pressure. I actually think it aided my skin recovery too.

In recent months, I have noticed the appearance of a few blackheads which is something I’ve never suffered from before. However since using the PMD Clean Mini, I have definitely noticed that these are a lot less. I wouldn’t say that I’ve noticed a huge improvement when it comes to the anti-aging side of things. That’s not to say that its not doing something. However the summer months are always very full on anyway and I find my skin starts to look tired around this time.

The title of this post suggests that I believe this is the perfect cleanser device for travelling and I’m happy to say I really do. Not only is the PMD Clean Mini travel sized, fitting perfectly into your luggage, but with it taking just one AAA battery to power it for a long time, I don’t have to take a charger with me either.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend the PMD Clean Mini? Yes I would, both as your everyday cleansing device and your travel one too. The 4 modes available mean that you can find one that you feel comfortable with. I love how I can now have a deep yet gentle cleansing of my face every single day. With each device you get a years guarantee too so I know its built to last.

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  1. I love that this one is easy to travel with. I have a competitor brand but it is heavy and larger. I’ll look to see if I can find this device here in Canada. Thanks for sharing about it Kelly Diane.

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