Outfit of the day – VE Day Special

Yesterday was VE Day, the day when the second world war officially ended in Europe, 75 years ago. There was meant to be celebrations all over the country but with the current situation, these were cancelled. I still wanted to do something special to mark the occasion, so I put on my handmade vintage inspired dress from Buttontin Retro and styled my hair and make up in a way that would have fitted the 1940s. I then sat in the garden with a cocktail and listened to the 1940s extravaganza live concert.

So here is my outfit. I love this dress because the style is so classic and it also has two of my favourite things on the print – vintage aircraft and poppies. I’ve paired it with my red high heels from Marks and Spencer and am wearing a petticoat from a local dressmaker to puff out the dress. What do you think?

34 thoughts on “Outfit of the day – VE Day Special

  1. I’m no dress expert…but that looks better than I’d expert it to look, if you said to me VE Day themed dress.

  2. You look amazing! This is such a great look, I love the dress. And so great that you were still able so celebrate such an important day in history in your own way.

  3. This is so lovely!! Your hair looks amazing also – I wish I could do my hair like that!!
    Sarah x

  4. Cute! I’ve always loved dressing and decorating to historical or seasonal themes, but I never have the motivation to take it all the way. Love that hair!

  5. Oh, Kelly, you look absolutely stunning! That dress is simply gorgeous and your hair, make up and shoes all add up to the perfect VE Day outfit. Thank you so much for sharing with us 🙂 Lisa x

  6. I love your outfit! Even before reading the post, I thought it was retro to the 40’s. The material and the style! Love it & the red high heels too!

  7. I love it!!! The dress is amazing and I love how you did your hair. I want to bring back some of those styles

  8. I”m not sure I”m crazy about the plane theme but I love the dress and hte colors. THe dress is gorgeous!

  9. This dress reminds me of the movie ”Pearl Harbor”… such a beautiful and tragic movie! ♥ If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch it! I am sure, you will love it!

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