Christmas Gift Guide – What to buy the dog

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I can’t believe I’m writing this but this is the last of my planned Christmas gift guides for this year. I have got some more gift ideas that I will share with you next month though so make sure you are subscribed to my blog so that you don’t miss out. As you will be able to tell from the title, today is all about what to buy the dog this Christmas. I have got some great brands to show you today, so lets jump straight into it.

Miracle’s Mission

Miracle’s Mission is an animal welfare charity set up by Victoria Bryceson, to work with sick, injured and difficult animals. Victoria is trying to provide a place of safety for animals in danger. As well as this, she is also educating people on the need for neutering both pets and strays to help prevent the birth of animals onto the street. Miracle was a dog who was rescued from the streets of Borneo at just one week old. She was weak and had several injuries, but thanks to Victoria, she is now able to live a healthy and happy life.

This year, why not gift a cat or dog a Christmas dinner or even a toy to play with. Priced at just £5 each, you can make a real difference and you will get a certificate to say thank you too. Miracles Mission is also currently fundraising to build the UK’s first centre for disabled animals. It will be a place where Victoria and her team can rehabilitate the most vulnerable, before finding them the forever homes they deserve. To donate, click here.

Dog Bandana’s from Peach Perfect

Gift guide option, Peach Perfect white & white spotted bandana on black dog.

I was lucky enough to work with Peach Perfect and their bandana’s earlier in the year on this post. I won’t go into too much detail here because you can read all about them in that post. What I will say is they have the prettiest of designs to choose from and are such great quality too.

Dog Treats from Top Collar

Gift guide option, Top Collar Dog Treats subscription box.

I first wrote about Top Collar in this post, which was shortly after I had discovered them. That was over a year ago and Trixie still enjoys them, so much so that we still get a monthly subscription. Each subscription box contains one large bag of heart-shaped biscuits, smaller bite sized training treats and a novelty cookie. As well as the Treat Subscription Box, Top Collar also do birthday boxes, advent calendars and Christmas hampers. All of the treats are freshly baked and are gluten and wheat free. For more information, check out their website.

Drying Robe from Harbour Hounds

Gift guide option, Harbour Hounds drying robe.

Harbour Hounds offers practical and naturally stylish products for dogs. Inspired by the fun and beauty of coastal living, they have everything you and your dog needs. Whether that is for a great day out at the beach, on the water or just for life in general. Ensuring your dog is warm and dry after exercise, reduces muscle stress, tension and injury. The Harbour Hounds Drying Robe is made from 100% Portuguese Cotton. This quickly wicks away moisture and trapping air body heat to keep your dog warm.

In Your Dog House Gifts

Gift guide option, In Your Dog House Gifts logo,

In Your Dog House is an online marketplace representing small independent British designers of dog themed products and gifts. From dog accessories to gifts for dog lovers, there is something for everyone. All profits go towards supporting the Great Dog Walk Together initiative which aims at finding more ways for people to enjoy the company of dogs to promote wellbeing.

That wraps up the last of my 2020 Christmas Gift Guide series. I hope you have found inspiration from these posts and I hope you will join me next month for lots of festive content!

35 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide – What to buy the dog

  1. Omg I can’t get over the robe!! How adorable! There are so many great pet gifts and I wish I had a dog to spoil!

  2. Wow great ideas Kelly. I think my pup would love the drying robe! I live in Hawaii and she loves to play fetch in the water, but she doesn’t have a lot of hair and gets cold even when it’s 80 degrees out if she’s wet. This might be just the fix, thanks!

  3. Ooohhh, I super can’t wait to give my dog his first christmas present! And I’d love some doggo badanas and collars with customized dog tags. 💕 Thanks so much for sharing this post, Kelly! 😊

  4. Can I buy them all? I just gave our golden doodle a bath yesterday and he could have definitely used that doggie robe. I didn’t even know it was a thing, but definitely a great and practical doggie gift idea!

  5. Fab ideas! My dog literally has everything he needs so we found it really hard to decide what to get him this year. I’ve already donated to Miracle’s Mission but I might donate again this month for “the dog” xxx

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