25 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

It will soon be that time again for little boys and girls to start looking for the Elf On The Shelf. Here is 25 ideas to help you in getting your elf into mischief, without too much stress. If you don’t know what the Elf On The Shelf is, check out this website.

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  1. Arrives with a personalised naughty or nice list
  2. Makes a snow angel using flour
  3. Is going for a ride in the car with seatbelt on
  4. Is doing some colouring
  5. Leaves a Christmas message out of sweets
  6. Is eating cheese from the fridge
  7. Is stealing a chocolate from the advent calendar
  8. Is asleep in a stocking on the mantle
  9. Is in the washing machine
  10. Is ziplining on a candy cane
  11. Delivers a note from the North Pole
  12. Makes a trail of shoes to the Christmas tree
  13. Washes the dishes
  14. Takes a nap in a tissue box
  15. Unravels the toilet paper
  16. Watches Elf on tv
  17. Is eating out of the cereal box
  18. Is riding on a toy car
  19. Decorates a mini Christmas tree
  20. Is on the sofa with a “Christmas is in 5 days” note
  21. Is fishing in the sink
  22. Writes a cute message on the bathroom mirror in lipstick
  23. Wraps a present
  24. Reads “The Night Before Christmas”
  25. Is hiding in the Christmas tree with a note – Merry Christmas

Do you have another elf on the shelf idea? Leave it in the comments below.

Merry Christmas

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25 thoughts on “25 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

  1. These are some great ideas for families to use. My niece and nephew both have little elves. I think it is a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing your ideas.


  2. These are cute elf on the shelf ideas!
    In Denmark you have nisse (which is like a elf) & they will do small pranks & leave a present for kids every day.

  3. I like your list because it doesn’t include a bunch of huge messes for the parents to clean up later. I never understood why some people go so over the top trashing their own house.

  4. You have some great ideas! We’ve vowed never to do it – it’s one “tradition” I just can’t get on board with haha xx

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