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How Reading Can Improve Your Mental Health

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Did you know that reading can improve your mental health? Looking for a good excuse to read more?

I have always loved reading books but due to having a busy schedule, working long hours. This meant I lose the love of reading. However, I found my love for reading during the first lockdown. The UK experienced beautiful hot and sunny days. This just made me want to sit in the sun and read all day.

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How reading can improve your mental health

There are several benefits that reading can improve your mental health.

Reading can help to reduce your stress levels

There have been a few studies that stated reading for a few minutes can help to reduce stress levels. To feel the effect of this, all you need is at least 6 minutes. Some people say that reading to better than going a yoga session.

It is suggested that reading is similar to meditating for the brain. Where it enters a state of calm and can relax from everything.

Reading allows you to escape from all your real-world issues

This is my personal favourite reason to read a book. I love opening a good book and read about someone else and someone else’s problems. I can imagine that is most people reason to read a book.

Reading helps to improve your literacy skills

I know some people thought that once you have left school you won’t need to learn anymore words. For me, reading is a great way to test myself. I am constantly learning new words, ways to spell them and interesting facts and figures. Every time I learn something new, I feel slightly proud of myself, which in turn helps to boost my mood.

Reading is great for a good nights sleep

Reading is a great way to get some sleep at night. It allows the brain to relax and ready itself to go to sleep quickly. If you are suffering from sleep issues, why not, try reading a book before going to sleep. Allow yourself some time to turn off the T.V. and read. For the best results, read from a paperback book and not a screen, it will help your eyes.

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46 thoughts on “How Reading Can Improve Your Mental Health

  1. Reading has been so great for my mental health over the months. I love reading, and when I was an anxious teenager it gave me something to distract myself. Thank you for sharing x

  2. I’m trying to read more before bed. I do find it creates that gap in the day where I can escape my thoughts or feelings. Put aside any worries. It definitely improves my sleep, because it’s so calming

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. After Christmas I wanted to take steps to get away from mindlessly scrolling on my phone and swapped it out for reading. I set myself a page goal each day and immediately found that I felt better all round! Now I’m reading far more than I ever did and my phone is usually in another room


  4. Yesss as an avid reader who reads every day, I can totally relate to this. I love reading and the benefits that come from it. It can really helps me get out of my own head when I’m stressed and need to switch off x

  5. I can only agree with this post! Reading has been such a great tool for me during the years and it’s been great to relax and wander different worlds. It’s my go to when going to bed and helps me get better sleep! x

  6. Reading does wonders for my mental health and it has always been a way for me to distract myself from the ongoings around me. I love it. Great post.

  7. Oo, I can really relate to this post! Reading can be so beneficial for mental health, I love the escapism element of reading – how you can be so absorbed in the story, that you forget the world around you x

  8. This is so interesting, I’ve got out of the habit from reading as I always find myself reaching for my phone. Although when I had really bad anxiety at the start of the year my husband bought me a book and I was hooked, finished it within the week xx

  9. Unfortunately in todays world, people do not read anymore. Some prefer to mindlessly scroll through posts and watch video clips. Yes, these have its place. The downside is that people do not associate excessive social media usage with it’s negative impact on mental health. Reading is fundamental for better mental and intellectual health.

  10. I love when I can really get into a good book especially when sat out in the sunshine on a summers day

  11. I know when I stop reading and can’t seem to do it/find joy from it that it’s a sign I’m struggling. I get a lot out of reading but it’s one of the first things I stop doing when things get tough. Finding a way to stay connected to it though (audiobooks) did help and it’s amazing how beneficial reading can be to our overall health.

  12. I just got back into the habit of doing a bit of reading each day and it’s been so lovely, I really like to do it before bed as you mentioned I find it helps my sleep be more restful. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Love this! Reading has always been such an escape for me but I still feel like I should be reading more regularly. I used to read a lot before going to bed but stopped, but perhaps that’s something I should pick up again. Thanks for sharing x

  14. I always feel so much more settled in the evenings when I’ve gotten my own reading in. Llama Llama just doesn’t quite satisfy my inner bookworm so I have to eek out time throughout the day to read for my own sanity this summer. It’s either that or I’m literally sitting up at one AM because mama needs her quiet time!

  15. Reading has always been so helpful in regards with my mental health. So i can only agree with you there! It helps me to relax, to travel and to stop being a total introvert for once.

    Thank you for this post!

  16. Reading definitely helps me relax. Sometimes what I need is simply to leave my world and busy head for a while and live life through others. I love to revisit my favorite murder mysteries and classics for this kind of R&R, but I love reading new books for a little escapism before bed!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  17. Something I like about reading is that it take us in the imagination world and relax while reading. I haven’t had any mental issue but it definitely help a lot.

  18. A great guest post from Charlotte! I had no idea that reading could improve mental health. I’m awful atm for putting off reading. Think I’ll have to pick up a book tonight and have a wee read before bed. I do love escaping to a new world.

  19. I always feel better when I spend time reading! It’s one of my favorite activities and so relaxing. Especially before bed!

  20. Hi Kelly, what a great post! I totally agree that reading does take me to a different place! I always feel like I’m in a different world. Thanks for sharing this, Alicia

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