Frozen Unicorns Game

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Frozen Unicorns is the hilariously funny game of silly statues made by Gamely Ltd. It is suitable for everyone and challenges you to transform your body into various frozen animals or people. Compete in Frozen Uniforms to see who is the best statue maker and smartest guesser. Or work together to make ridiculously funny co-operative human statues.

Frozen Unicorns Game Box

Who are Gamely Ltd?

What started as creating a game to get a sibling away from screen-time has now turned into a collection of great games for all the family. Gamely have several family-friendly card games that will help people spend more quality time laughing with family and friends. You can find out about the other games they have available on their website.

Gamely give 10% of all profits and 1000s of games to good causes so that everyone has the opportunity to have fun. They also plant 10 trees for every 1 they use making the game which is great.

Frozen Unicorns Game Box and Cards

The Game

The aim of the game is to pose like statues to give the best clues. While everyone else freezes, all posing as the same animal or person, one unfrozen player guesses what you are. The “guesser” sets the difficulty level, choosing from easy, medium or hard, before a card is picked from the relevant pile. One everyone is frozen, the guesser gets three chances to work out what animal or person it is. You can play just for fun or you can add a points system to determine who wins.

Frozen Unicorns Game Box and Cards

My Thoughts

We had great fun playing this game and it really got you thinking just how to create the pose. I really liked the fact that there were several variations that you could play depending on who you was playing the game. For little ones, we used the “unfreeze” option which meant that we had 3 seconds to move about to try to give them a clue. In the current situation, you can even adapt it to play via Zoom, with the guesser not being able to see the prompt card. I’m looking forward to the next family gathering where we can get into two teams to compete against each other!

Overall I think this is such a lovely idea for getting people to interact with each other and can even be used as an ice breaker. The game arrives in a small compact box, making it perfect to give as a gift too. You can pick your copy up here.

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29 thoughts on “Frozen Unicorns Game

  1. My husband and I love playing games and we even get together with friends for a regular game night – so we’re always looking for new and creative games to try out! I’ll have to give this a go. It sounds hilarious and fun!

  2. Such a fun and simple game! We always play lots of games together as a family around the holidays and I could definitely see everyone of all ages having a laugh over this one!

  3. I love this idea, it sounds like the perfect game that all the family can play, even over Zoom. What a perfect way to spend time and celebrate with loved ones even if you can’t be together in person! x

  4. This sounds like a really cute game for the whole family. When I first saw the title I thought the game might be related to “Unstable Unicorns” (another hilariously fun card game for ages 14+) but was surprised to find something very different. My kids would love this!

  5. I haven’t heard of this game before but it sounds so fun! I need to look into it. I like the packaging and colours. It looks simple enough but fun and challenging too!

  6. This sounds like a fun game to play with the whole family together (whenever that happens next). It seems like it would be a great one for Christmas under normal circumstances x


  7. I always look for some good options to play indoor games with my kid. Thanks for sharing such nice options.

  8. I saw someone sharing this game on TikTok a little while ago and it looked like SO much fun (although they didn’t mention anything about where to get it lol). I think I need to pick this up for my nieces. They would go CRAZY for it lol

  9. Oh this would be so fab for Christmas although maybe next year when we’re allowed to be around family! xx

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