Have A little More Conversation This Christmas

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Christmas is such a magical time of year. Its a time for family, laughter and food. For playing games and for catching up with people you don’t always see. One of the things I like to do is play board games and quiz games. I’m excited to review a new game called A Little More Conversation. It is brought to you by Gamely Games, who I worked with a couple of months ago on this Frozen Unicorns game review.

A Little More Conversation game box with category cards.

A little more conversation

A Little More Conversation lets you create the feel-good conversations that you want to have. With hundreds of questions across five categories and choices on every card, there’s space for conversations that are as big or as small as you like. You can enjoy these cards with anyone of any age – family, friends, partners, colleagues or complete strangers! Whoever you open this box with, be ready to laugh, share and experience some of the most enjoyable conversations you’ve ever had.

You can choose between the following categories – warm up, what if, back in the day, right here right now and tomorrow and beyond. Ultimately, the aim of the game is create a relaxed and comfortable space for great conversations.

My Thoughts

When Gamely offered to send me A Little More Conversation, I immediately jumped at the chance. Frozen Unicorns has become a firm favourite in our house and I was excited to try another game. Before even playing the game, the first thing I noticed and wanted to mention is that it comes in a compact box, making it perfect for travelling with. Not just for Christmas, you could play A Little More Conversation from anywhere around the world. I think it would make a great game to play when in the car too.

I sat down with my family to play A Little More Conversation, thinking that it would pass an hour or so. Three hours later, after lots of laughter, we finally stopped. This doesn’t mean you have to play the game for ages. Instead, its because we were having so much fun! You can make this game last as long as you want it too, which is great.

One thing that Gamely Games do really well is make a game that is suitable for all ages. Any age will find their attention is captured whether asking or answering the question. Its such a great way of getting to know other people too. I found out things about my mum that I’d never thought to ask before. I can’t wait until the world is back to normal so I can play A Little More Conversation with other people too.

If you’d like to get your hands on A Little More Conversation, check out the Gamely Games website. Make sure you check out their other games too because there are lots of fun ones to choose from.

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  1. This sounds like it would make for great conversations! There are often awkward lulls and that would be a great time to pull this game out. Amazing post, Kelly!

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