8 Benefits To Having A Life Coach

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Sometimes we get to certain points in our lives, especially after the pandemic, where we feel a bit lost and we start to wonder how to move forward. This is where a life coach can be helpful. Today I wanted to share with you 8 amazing benefits to having a life coach and how it can really impact your life.

8 reasons why you might benefit from having a life coach

  • It gives you that clarity and direction you might feel you are lacking in certain areas of your life
  • It can help you to set achievable goals, so that you can get what you really want in life
  • Having a life coach to talk to can really make you feel accountable and keeps you motivated
  • Having a life coach can really help you to overcome your fears
  • It provides you with unbiased feedback and support where you need it most
  • A life coach can add a new dynamic to your life, therefore allowing you to see things from another perspective. In turn, this can broaden your mind
  • It can help you to find the right balance within your life and can highlight when you need to step back
  • Having a life coach can allow you to discover your best version of you, making way for a healthy and happy life

If you think this might be an avenue you’d like to explore, let me introduce you to life coach Andrea Hunt. Andrea has already secured her ANIMAS- ICF- accredited coaching diploma. She is currently working towards her second level of accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). In addition to this, she is also a level 2 EFT Tapping Practitioner and does EFT upon request with the coaching sessions as add ons. 

Personal growth is really important. A life coach helps you get there. So I offer personal growth for a better life.

Andrea Hunt, Life Coach

Here is what you can expect from Andrea:

Each coaching session we can either work on one goal or challenge that you have or if it’s more complex, we can span it out over several sessions. If you feel more comfortable with me suggesting exercises or guiding topics to explore based on what clients have found helpful regarding self-awareness, value and life alignment, emotional needs, limiting and empowering beliefs, etc., please let me know!

You can expect that I might gently challenge your assumptions or perspectives, help you explore how your beliefs shape your world or limit you, or push you a bit to look for ideas and solutions even when you don’t see them. Lastly, coaching is not advice, therapy, or consulting and you’re in charge of your results but I’m here to help you get out of your own way. 

For more information about Andrea, check out this link where you’ll find her website, social media and so much more.

19 thoughts on “8 Benefits To Having A Life Coach

  1. My boss uses a business coach and he raves about him. I’d be really interested in chatting to a life coach about my next steps, my progression and what I want out of life


  2. I absolutely LOVED working with Andrea! I had an hour EFT session with her and it was incredible. I’ve worked with a few coaches over the last year and it’s been life-changing. I’d highly recommend it if you have the means to do so!

  3. Great information regarding a life coach. A life coach can be beneficial in a lot of ways and keeps you accountable. Thank you for sharing this post.

    Pastor Natalie

  4. This is a wonderful post, it sounds like there’s a lot of wonderful reasons that a life coach can benefit you! I didn’t know a lot about life coaches so this post helped, it sounds like Andrea has some wonderful services she offers! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. A year ago my mother called to tell me she had been gifted with a few sessions with a life coach – She doesn’t quite realize it but she has changed massively since then – taking initiative, learning new things ALL the time, studying and stepping into accidental Entrepreneurship effortlessly. I think, just from seeing that – there is something incredibly valuable by having even just a few sessions

  6. I have heard some amazing stories of how life coaches have helped friends of mine focus and narrow down what they need out of life and help them start to achieve their goals a step at a time. Andrea sounds like an inspiring help and her blog is packed with handy information too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Kelly.

    It looks as though life coaching can offer many advantages to people.

    One quick question: What is EFT?

    OK, two quick questions!: What is tapping?

  8. I find them so intriguing, tbh I could do with someone organising my life right about now! I’m so busy and I just want to nap xx

  9. Great post, and some great insight into why a coach may benifit some people!

    I havent ever used a life coach however I have used many accountability coaches for things like weight loss etc as I find it more motivating when I know I have to answer to someone at the end of the week about my actions

    Something I would love to do to help others too

  10. I’ve never really understood much of what a life coach does, but I appreciated reading this to give me more insight on the process of working with one. This was so helpful!

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